Top 10 Reasons why Fried Food is Bad for Health

Food makes us who we are. If we talk about physical strength, presence of mind, our height, weight etc all these things depend on the type of food we eat. Food provides us nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are required for our growth and wellbeing. It helps us grow into adults and it affects the shape of our body in a large manner. But sadly, not all food is good for us and for our health. The foods that are not good for our health are fast foods or junk foods (generally fried food). Most fried foods are processed food; thus are not in their natural state. Fried food is generally high in calories. Burger alone contained over 1,200 calories. Eating food which is high in calories will increase your risk of being obese. Because your body will use the desired number of calories (energy) for work and then it will store the excessive calories as fat making you obese.

So, following is the list of top 10 reasons why fried food is bad for health:

10) Radiation or synthetic chemicals

Some fried foods are sterilized with radiation or artificial chemicals. They generally use cheap sterilization methods. As these methods are cheap, thus are profitable for the food industry but are unsafe for consumer’s wellbeing.

9) Contamination with Growth hormones

It is found that most of the fried meat in restaurants are polluted or infected with growth hormones. Growth hormones are very famous in this field and are frequently used to increase the growth tempo of livestock. The people who ate fried meat are more vulnerable to certain cancer and infertility. Many people have developed these diseases according to a research.

8) Contaminated vegetables

The vegetable used in fried foods are generally contaminated with pesticides. They are depleted of minerals and vitamins. So think twice before eating any fried item from any shop or restaurants because you are simply wasting your money as the vegetables use are conventionally grown. So, these fried items will increase your immunity to diseases. Thus, if you are health conscious then fried food is not your thing.

7) Contains hydrogenated fats

To deep fry their food, people use hydrogenated fats for frying the food. Hydrogenated fat is commonly used for frying the food as it is cheap, plentiful and has a long shelf life. All you need is hot fried food, that’s why you kept it in oven at high temperature. But when for a certain amount of time fat is heated in high temperature, it undergoes chemical conversions and becomes carcinogenic. This implies that you are actually consuming unhealthy and carcinogenic food while eating deep fried food.

6) Genetically modified

High level of genetically customized foodstuff is there in fried foods. The vegetable oil in which the fried food is cooked is obtained from genetically modified vegetables. One of the top 5 genetically modified food used is ‘soy’. Soy is used in burger meat patties in the Unites States. Use of genetically modified food increases the profit. The negative effects of genetically modified food are not much known because these are not studied enough. But some studies or researches showed that it can cause digestive problems and birth defects.

5) High refined sugar

Refined sugar is bad for our healthiness and strength. Certain nutrients which are important for our body are reduced by refined sugar. Refined sugar lowers your immune system and makes us immune to diseases. Some restaurants have fried food which is rich in refined sugar. Refined sugar doesn’t contain any nutrients and synergistic components. As these components are missing in our body, our body can’t efficiently metabolize sugar.  It can lead to the formation of toxic metabolite which can interfere with our respiration process and can destroy cells of our body.

4) Rich in saturated fats

Fried foods are deep fried and are high in saturated fat. Eating fried food will definitely increase the risk of heart diseases and can cause heart stroke.  You can also suffer from obesity. You can consume saturated fats which are from animals grown on field farms. They are not harmful for health.

3) Extra calories

Most of the fried fast food contains calories.  They are usually processed and have chemical additives. To increase the shelf life of the food, they are injected with chemical additives and are uncovered of nutrients. So, fried food does no good to us and doesn’t increase our life span.

2) Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are added to many fried sweets. Equal and Sweet’N Low are also artificial sweeteners. These artificial sweeteners can cause death as they can stimulate the brain cells. Thus, they are classified as neurotoxins by the researchers. Avoid adding artificial sweeteners into your coffee even if you like it with them.

1)      Extra virgin olive oil

Oil contains unsaturated fatty acids. Under normal conditions, these fatty acids are in ‘cis’ form. But when placed in high temperature (heating temperature), it change into ‘trans’ form when undergoes isomerism. Due to catalytic hydrogenation this kind of fatty acids are formed and can be found in cookies, candies and some other fried foods but they are definitely present in French fries. When these acids are ingested by a human being in spite of accumulating in our body, they circulate in our blood and infect our system rapidly. It infects our liver dreadfully. Thus it is advisable to use oils with high saturated fatty acids as these acids will be in ‘cis’ form and will not cause any danger. Always discard or change oil already used to fry some items. To cook another set of food use new oil.


In the modern era, most of the people choose junk food or fried food because it saves their money. They have to realize that taking junk food in small amounts is also dangerous to our health and lead to major health problems later in life like organ failure (especially liver failure), infertility and cancer. For being safe from these things, avoid eating junk food or fried food; do keep this thing in mind.

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