Top 10 Reasons to Drink Lemon Juice

With the fast-paced lifestyle, health is one of the important aspects of life we need to take care of nowadays. Being health conscious is one of the trending lifestyle. By means of homemade remedies that are not only easy to make but also cheap, your health may be saved from all sorts of illnesses and diseases. Little do we know the facts and benefits that a simple glass of lemon juice everyday could do to improve our health. Read this reasons on why you should start drinking lemon juice.

10. Helps you to lose weight

You need not to spend a fortune buying those slimming drinks because lemon juice is your answer. Yes, you could lose a couple of pounds faster with a glass of lemon juice every day. Lemons have a soluble fiber, known as pectin which aids in preventing food cravings.

9. Loaded with potassium

Yes, it’s lemons not bananas. Lemons contain high levels of potassium, too. Potassium is needed by the human body to avoid diseases such as kidney stones and osteoporosis.

Lemon Juice

8. Morning booster

Let go of your coffee mug and grab a glass of lemon juice instead. No doubt that lemon is good source of vitamin C and antioxidants that gives you a boost before you go to work or school. Feel fresh and ready to go after drinking a glass of lemon juice.

7. Speed up healing process

As stated that lemons are rich in vitamin C which is vital for your immune system. With vitamin C in your body, faster recovery from injuries, operation, or even simple wounds would be noticeable.

6. Crystal clear skin

Lemons have high levels of antioxidants that prevent you from having wrinkles and pimples and all those unwanted skin dilemmas. Antioxidants also give you a lighter, relaxed feeling since it detoxifies your body.

5. Mood Enhancer

Before slicing or squeezing the fruit and making it as juice, try grabbing one and give it a few sniffs, especially when you are stressed. Lemons increase your levels of serotonin making you feel much better. Serotonin is known as the ‘happy hormones’ in our body

4. Sore throat soother

When you feel like you’re starting to have a sore throat, a glass of lemon juice will do the trick and away with that uncomfortable coarse feeling in your throat.

3. Anticancer agent

Studies show that lemon can prevent cancer diseases. With the presence of citrus limonoids in lemons, this reduces the cancer activity in our body. Thus, strengthening and protecting the cells preventing from development of cancer cells.

2. balances pH level

Lemon is part of the citrus fruit family. However, it has a remarkably low level of acidity and distinguishingly a good source of alkaline. With the right amount of alkaline in your body, there is a lesser chance of acquiring inflammation and joint pains.

1. Detoxify

One way to have a healthy body is through detoxifying. Citric acid present in lemons facilitate in making the enzymes in your liver function properly, keeping you clean and detoxified. The toxins in your body are flushed out through urination which also helps in your bladder function well.

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