Top 10 Reasons Why you should never skip a Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal taken after getting up from sleep in the night. It is the meal which we eat in the morning. Breakfast is very important because when we get up in the morning our body needs energy to start the day. It is very important part of the meal because it can effect our body concentration, metabolism and weight. So never skip the breakfast.

10.Breakfast makes you machine

People who eat breakfast, they are always active and energetic, because through breakfast we can give our body various types of nutrients like fiber, milk and folic acid which makes us run whole day like a machine without any stress.

9. Don’t eat deserts for breakfast

Never eat desserts in breakfast because it causes blood sugar loss later in the body. As a result you will be tempted to have food again and again expressly something is high in sugar.

8. Skipping breakfast can make you grumpy

Study shows that people who skip breakfast are always in a bad mood. Not having breakfast will make you lazy, irritated, and cranky and you will not able to give proper attention in your work but having breakfast will give energy to your body and you will have better mood to start the day.

7. A more nutritious diet

There are some food which a person can have only in the breakfast rather in some another meal and they are cereals, fruits and milk. If you skip breakfast you may skip those nutriants which contain fiber, folic acid and calcium which is good for health.

6. Helps in setting a good example

If you have kids never skip breakfast in front of them because they will think that it is not essential for them to have it frequently. Never take this question lightly always make it a habit and you will find your children a step head

5. Burns those calories early

Breakfast is necessary as it burns calories early and easily. People who skip breakfast get desperate to have something in lunch which is full of calories and have very less time to burn those huge quantities of calories in the body but people who eat breakfast have enough time to burn those calories.

4. Do better at work/school


Breakfast helps you to wake up and become active in the morning. It has been researched that people who eat breakfast become more attentive and alert rather than who skip breakfast. People who eat breakfast they have good memory which automatically affect on their task and assignments. on the opposite side if people are hungry they can become irritable and can show disinterest in office task and school activities.

3. Helps to maintain insulin in the body

Breakfast helps to maintain insulin in our body. Insulin is the harmony that carries blood sugar around in the body as energy cells and convert them into fat metabolism for storage. So if we skip breakfast our body cells become less sensitive to insulin and increase sugar level in our body which results in weight gain and ultimately diabetes.

 2. Provides better body weight

Doctors have researched that people who eat breakfast does not gain weight because the blood sugar level remain constant in the body and our body does not feel greedy later in the afternoon but the people who skip breakfast have a tendency to eat more or even choose unhealthy food which results into weight gain.

1. Breakfast improves your metabolism

Food gives us energy to keep going for the whole day. It is very essential to have Breakfast because their will be long break in the night and our body sugar level tends to low down in the morning so it is very important to eat something in the morning in order to boost the metabolism in the body.

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