Top 10 Mouth Watering Dessert Recipes

There are so many dessert recipes that are present over the internet, cooking magazine, food blogs and at other places that teaches us to prepare different mouth-watering dessert recipes. These dessert if served will make your get together even more memorable and lavish. Serving a delicious dessert is a perfect way to end the celebration that you have started on a sweet note. There are many dessert options that are available to you such as cakes, cookies, puddings, frozen desserts, pie and ice cream. So here are the top ten mouth-watering dessert recipes that are surly going to help you in making your moments memorable.

10. Fried Ice Cream

The tenth spot in our list is for Fried Ice Cream. This is one of the most amazing desserts which are something very new to many people. A fried ice cream is prepared by deep frying the scoop of ice cream. Om frying the ice cream, a crispy shell is formed around the ice cream which is just amazing to have as a dessert. The real ice cream is still cold and is inside the shell which makes this dessert a perfect combination of hot and cold both served at the same time. On frying the ice cream with the layer is quickly drained on a paper towel is immediately served to the guest making it is a perfect dessert recipe.

9. Salted Caramel Thumbprint Cookies

These salted caramel thumbprint cookies are another awesome dessert that we have in our list. The preparation time of this dessert is not very large and it is a perfect dessert recipe to be served. This dessert is made with the help of flour, butter, egg, sugar, chopped pecans and the caramel flavoured toppings as per the requirements. Just make a mixture keeping the type of cookie that you like and then heat the mixture in the oven. Prior to heating give it a proper shape and size. One the heating is complete, take it out and decorate it with the topping that you have collected to give it a wonderful look. Serve it and you are surly going to be praised.

8. Persimmon Bundt Cakes

Persimmon Bundt Cakes are another delicious dessert that we have in our list. This amazing dessert is made up of persimmon, lemon juice, unsweetened applesauce, coconut oil, agave nectar, wheat flour, baking soda, baking powder, nutmeg, resins and salt as per the requirements. All these are the items that are necessary in making this Persimmon Bundt Cakes. Just mix it and form a paste. Then bake it in oven or something with the kind of shape and size that you want to give to your cake. People to whom you will serve this delicious dessert will be pleased and you will surely be applauded.

7. Chocolate Melting Cakes

Chocolate Melting Cakes are also known by the name of Lava Cake in various parts of the world. These cakes are a perfect dessert option if you are thinking to serve some unique and amazing dessert to the person who have visited your place and if you want to make this get together a memorable experience for everyone.  This is a very simple dessert option in front of you. You just have to arrange chocolate cake, caramel sauce and ice cream to prepare this. Just serve the chocolate cake with the caramel sauce and of course with the ice cream. People will just love each and every bite of it.

6. Slovak Berry Dessert

Slovak Berry Dessert is another amazing mouth-watering dessert recipe that we have in our list. Only few people are aware with this delicious dessert that is made and loved by the people having it. This is one such dessert that is an English classic is very new to the people living elsewhere in the world. To make this dessert you just need biscuits, melted butter, cream, rinsed berries, cornstarch, sugar and salt. You just have to beat the mixture and then final have to freeze the desert to make it a wonderful and incredible dessert.

5. Apple Cake with Caramel Glaze

Another delicious dessert option that you have is to sever the apple cake with caramel glaze. This is one such dessert that does not require you to make very large effort in its preparation. You just have to arrange a freshly baked apple cake and the caramel sauce. Just cut the cake in a perfect cake and decorate it with the caramel sauce which should be warm at the time of serving. The people eating this amazing dessert will love each and every bite of it. This is one of the best desserts serving option that you have in front of you.

4. Pumpkin Pie

The number fourth place into our list of the top ten mouth-watering dessert recipes is for the pumpkin pie. Actually this is one of such dessert which is loved by almost all the people all over the world. Due to its large popularity it has managed to find a place in our list. This dessert is made of the ingredients that are easily available in our homes and moreover it takes only minutes to prepare it. You just need pumpkin puree, white eggs, sweetener and pumpkin pie sauce to prepare it. Mix all the items that we have listed above and then heat it in the microwave for just two minutes. Serve this amazing dessert with the toasted pecans and people will love it.

3. Chocolate and Hazelnut Brownies

Chocolate brownie is something that is loved by thousands of people all over the world. When chocolate and Hazelnut brownies are mixed and served together, they just make one of the most incredible desserts that you will ever have. To make this dessert you will be needing Hazel nuts, grapeseed oil, brown sugar, vanilla essence, salt, egg, baking powder, cocoa and flour. Prepare the chocolate brownie and then topped it with the hazelnuts which should be baked for around 10 minutes. Serve it and the ones who will be having it will just love it.

2. Cornflake Turtles

The second place in our list of the top ten mouth-watering desserts is for Cornflake Turtles. This is another dessert that can be prepared without any difficult and will be a perfect opton for you to serve as a dessert. Just serve this dessert with the little caramel clusters dipped into the cornflakes. They will together make a crunchy and sweet dish which will be loved by the ones who will be eating it and you will be applauded for this wonderful dessert.

1. Caramel Almond Ice Cream Torte

This is one of the simplest but the best dessert that can be served. Its preparation can be done in minutes and the number of people praising it will be very large. To prepare this amazing dessert you just need ice cream, caramel sauce and almonds, due to its popularity it tops our list of the top ten mouth-watering dessert recipes. On the vanilla flavoured ice cream, apply the caramel topping and almonds according to your taste and need. Then freeze the incredible dish that you have created. When you will serve it, people will just love it.


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