Top 10 Most Weird Chinese Food Items-Dare to Eat

We all love Chinese food and enjoy them. Chinese recipes are very famous all over the world and chinese food items are eaten everywhere in the world. Noodles, soup, pasta and momos are the main Chinese food that are eaten all over the world. Many Chinese restaurants are opened widely to made the Chinese food famous all over the world. But many of these Chinese items are intolerable to eat because of their taste and contents. Many of the Chinese items are made up of animals like rats, cockroaches, lizards, bats, snakes and dogs. These animals are fried and are roasted and then are made to eat. So if you are chinese food lover then have a prior look to your menu before making a order.

Here is the list of most weird Chinese food items that you would’t be able to eat :

10. Balut

Balut is made from boiled duck embryos is a Chinese dish which is known as maodan. Fertilized duck  eggs are left for 17 days and then are boiled. The embryo is developed and is consumed in a shell. It is considered to be a high protein and hearty snack dish. The flavor of the dish is very delicious and juicy despite the fact that its structure and looks are very weird that you would be not be able to eat. The ducks eggs are very difficult to break but does’t look great while eating because of the liquid that comes out of it when we break it. Its horrible structure and shape also make to fear of this Chinese dish.

9. Worm-Filled Lollipops

Worm filled lollipops are filled with oatmeal worms and grasshoppers that you can simply suck it and eat them. The worms and grasshoppers are first fired and roasted and after that they are mix with the lollipop mixture. You can also take out grasshoppers and worms and can eat them separately. They are a great source of nutrition and protein and helps in preventing the risk of heart attack but they are very weird that you can’t eat them. The look of the worm filled lollipops is also very intolerable.

8. Snake Blood

In all over the world snake blood is considered as the most poisonous thing but in china snake curls are whips it body in a handler and are stretched and the blood came out the body. The droplets of red blood of the snake are filled with the water. This alcoholic beverage is not only famous in china but also in South east Asia. The snake poison is mixed in many wines are drink in many parts of the world. Snakes,turtles, birds and insects are mixed in the rice wine and are left to ferment for many months. This wine is considered as wine that can cure many diseases like hair loss and can increase your sexual performance but its taste is very bad that you ca’t even smell it.

7. Nest Soup

Bird nest soup is also one of the wired Chinese dish that you can’t eat. It is made from nest of species of swift also known as cave swifts. These are also known as saliva nests. The saliva of these nests are mixed in water and are a great source of nutrition but they can’t be drink because of their fouling smell.

6. Dog Meat

Dog meat is also another most wired dish of china. Even the cat meat is also available but they can’t be eat because of their hygienic deformities, but Chinese have no problem with it. According, to the recent scientific research SARS epidemics are caused because of the consume of the dog meat and the virus was transmitted to the humans. In china it is a very common disease and is eaten by people on large scale but in other countries it is not eaten.

5. Chicken Testicles

Chicken Testicles are the top menu dish in China. The testicles are boiled and are fried and look like a  chipolata sausages and are very soft from inside. They are served with rice and noodles. They can also be eaten as the dry dish. This dish has high protein value and is a very popular dish in china but can’t be eaten because of its foul smell and texture.

4. Shark Fin Soup

Shark Fin Soup is a very popular dish in the Chinese marriages. The shark fin is a tasteless and flavorless cartilage. Every year 7.3 million sharks are killed in the china in a year for making shark fin soup and its demand is increasing by 5 % every year. This dish is only famous in china and can’t be eaten in other parts of world because of its weird taste and flavor so there think twice before  trying it in any of your visit to china.

3. Bats Dish

The popularity of the bats dish has increased from the last 2 -3 years. According to the recent scientific research the intake  bats were responsible for the the SARS epidemic that has causes many deaths. In china Bats are also eaten in their raw form but this is not at all healthy for your body.

2. Snake Powder And Snake

Snake Powder and Snake also one of the most famous dish of the china which is the most wired and dangerous and can’t be eaten. China is very famous for the snake dish. The snake is just roasted and its poison is taken out and is presented with its powder which is very difficult to see even.

1.  Seahorses on skewers

We all know that china is famous for its sea food. Seahorses are deep fried and are put on skewers for the sale. It is one of the most costliest dish in china because seahorses are rare to find.

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