Top 10 Most Popular Fast Food Franchise List 2012

We live in an era where everything happens very fast and jobs are on the first place. Everybody ate from a fast food restaurant once in his life because he didn`t have any time to eat home or just because he likes the food from there. Fast food restaurants make big sales because of their very tasty food that is sometimes improved with some chemical substances. Those substances deceive our taste buds and make us desire more and more food. For example some fast food fried potatoes can last a few years without starting to rot. Even though eating from fast food restaurants is not healthy, these stores are very popular and make big profits. The most popular fast food franchises in 2012 are:

10. Arby`s

Arby`s is a fast food restaurant that has the roast beef as a specialty. The name comes from R.B., an abbreviation for roast beef or Raffel Brothers.  In 1964, Arby`s was founded in Ohio by Leroy and Forest Raffel, also known as the Raffel Brothers.  This is the first fast food restaurant that introduced a light menu by adding in 1991 four salads and three sandwiches. It was some of the healthiest fast food because it had less than 400 calories. More than 82.000 people work at 3.500 stores held by Arby`s.

9. Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-In is one of the quickest fast food restaurants and its most appreciate item is the Junior Deluxe Burger. It owns 3.561 restaurants in the USA and it`s headquartered in Oklahoma City. Sonic Drive-In is very famous for his roller skates and delicious burgers. More than 3 million Americans eat from this fast food restaurant every day because they can choose from a wide variety of tasty foods, milkshakes and deserts. At Sonic you can even mix combine your drinks to create a big number of flavors.

8. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is another fast food restaurant headquartered in USA. It is mainly operated from Irvine, California and people can buy some of the most delicious tacos from Taco Bell.  This restaurant is very famous for the Mexican menus that contain quesadillas, nachos, tacos and burritos. Taco Bell owns nowadays 6.000 worldwide restaurants and has 143.000 employers. After a long day at work some tacos or burritos are the best treats that will help you get full.

7. Domino`s Pizza

Domino`s Pizza dates from 1960 when James and Tom Monaghan bought with 500$ a pizza store called DomiNick`s. James decided to trade his shares for a VW Beetle a year later, so Tom became the owner of the store and renamed it to Domino`s Pizza. It is between the world leading pizza restaurants and owns 8.000 stores in 50 countries. More than 140.000 employers serve delicious food for over a million customers every day. Pizza is the food suitable for people of any age and a lot of people use to eat pizza few times per week. It is also much profitable to buy pizza from a fast food restaurant than to cook it.

 6. Wendy`s

Wendy`s is one of the first fast food restaurants that invented the fastest serving method for drivers. Here drivers didn`t have to leave their cars because they were served through a window and they were able to pay from their seat. Good food and this option led Wendy`s into big profit and nowadays it owns 9.900 restaurants and has 58.000 employees. Dave Thomas opened this business in 1969 and named it the same as his daughter. In 1970 he invented the drive-thru window system and this brought him a big number of clients.

5. KFC

KFC is one of the most popular fast food franchises that own more than 11.000 restaurants among 80 countries. Colonel Sanders founded this restaurant in 1930 and sold it in 1964 for 2 million $. KFC is an abbreviation of Kentucky Fried Chicken and it is named like that because Colonel Sanders opened the first restaurant in a gas station from Kentucky. This man created a sauce made of 11 spices and herbs which was kept secret until he decided to reveal the recipe. Each year, more than a million extremely tasty menus are served by 750.000 employees to the customers.

4. Burger King

Burger King is a restaurant inspired by the hamburger stand that McDonald brothers have owned. This restaurant is well known for its onion rings and various tasty burgers. Many people think that there is a constant battle between McDonald`s and Burger King but I think those restaurants deliver different type of food and menus so there can not be any competition. Burger King owns 11.000 restaurants in 65 countries and 11 million customers are served by 340.000 employees every day.

3. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is the most powerful fast food pizza based restaurant and its incomes are bigger than the competitors` incomes combined. Dan and Frank Carney from Wichita, Kansas decided to found Pizza Hut in 1958. Pizza Hut is now based in Dallas and has more than 12.500 stores in 100 countries and 140.000 employers. This restaurant serves some delicious thin and thick pizzas that will satisfy you taste buds.

2. Subway

Subway is the healthiest fast food restaurant of all. Fred DeLuca founded Subway in 1965 when he was 17 years and now it is the 2nd most known fast food franchise. Every 60 seconds, there are served 2.800 salads and sandwiches by 150.000 employees from Subway. Jared Fogle lost almost 250 pounds by walking and eating only 2 Subway sandwiches every day. Subway owns more than 27.000 restaurants in 85 countries.

1. McDonald`s

McDonald is the most popular fast food franchise in 2012. It makes 21 billion $ profit per year and it trains more employees than U.S army soldiers. This business started in 1940 when Mac and Dick McDonald created a barbecue drive in. A study sais that from 8 eight Americans, at least one has worked at McDonald`s. Even though McDonald`s doesn`t provide some of the healthiest foods, it has more than 31.000 restaurants around the world and a huge annually profit.

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