Top 10 Most Healthy Fruits for Humans

Mother Nature is always sweet and she has given us so many things. Fruits are also the natural gifts to the human beings. Of so many gifts from nature, fruits are the best. There are many fruits which are tasty, sweet, and sour and many of them are so healthy and delicious that are helpful in curing diseases and many dangerous problems. They are useful with a sense of flavor as well, They are in variety available to us. Here in the following section of article, I have brought the best fruits from the nature and their best aspects to us. A brief introduction of fruits which are in the list have been mentioned as well. The list is continued as :-

1.) Apples

This reddish fruit from the lap of the nature is the healthiest of all the fruits available to us. The apple with its reddish skin provide many nutritious things to us which include pectin, flavonoid antioxidants which helps to regulate the glow of face and the most important, the fiber from the fruit helps to regulate cholesterol and keeps it balanced. It is the best remedy to reduce and minimize the heart disease, strokes and cancer. A normal apple has 80 calories. Other than rich contents of such necessary things in it, they are the rich source of natural iron which helps in boosting the immunity. The fruit is at number 1 in the list.

2.) Apricots

The best source of Vitamins A, C and E with huge amount of potassium, carotenoids and iron. One of the vital thing in the fruit is lycopene, which helps to protect eyes and helps to reduce heart diseases and cancers. The best remedy for preventing skin cancer is apricots. The fiber found in it, helps to relieve constipation. One apricot contains 19 calories. It has been always the favorite of people from all ages and it is delicious to eat. The fruit is at number 2.

3.) Bananas

The greatest source of potassium in the fruits is in Banana. It helps to regulate blood pressure and helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases and strokes. One of the delicious fruits found in the nature. It is a better substitute for sugar. Often it is considered a heavy food when mixed with milk and eaten up. One of the best natural energy source and 1 banana has about 110 calories. A profitable fruit after all is at number 3 in the list.

4.) Berries

There are many kinds of berries found in nature and all of them are healthy and considered the best for humans. They are the best source of rich vitamins, antioxidants and some of the varieties of them are “blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. Strawberries are even used in chocolates and sweetened flavored delicious foods. Blackberries are the best flavoring agent used in making delicious things for all.

5.) Cantaloupes

The fruit packed with the most amount of vitamin C, potassium and carotenoid antioxidants. It is helpful in reducing inflammation, and prevents cancer. It helps in boosting immunity and fights against sunburns. One average piece has about 200 calories and 4 grams of fiber. The 6th best fruits in the list is Cantaloupes. Considered to be a rich source of natural water, it is undoubtedly a best fruits from Mother Nature.

6.) Cherries

The high source of iron and flavonoids are cherries. Available in very high amount in nature, it is the best gift from Mother Nature. They are the mixed content of magnesium, vitamin C and E, folate and carotenoids. They are helpful in inflammations, arthritic pains and it helps to reduce cholesterol and reduces cancer risks as well. A cup of cherries has about 90 calories.

7.) Citrus Fruits from Nature

There are many citrus fruits, it means the fruits having abundance of Vitamin C in it. It includes grapes, Oranges and Lemons. They are helpful in reducing cholesterols and risks of many types of cancer altogether. Considering their content, A grapefruit contains a scant of 47 calories while oranges are rich source of 50 to 80 mg of Vitamin C and Lemons are helpful in many things containing about 17 calories in one piece. It helps in regulating the blood pressure as well.

8.) Kiwi Fruits

One of the best source of Vitamin C, it the best fruit. If compared on the size, the fruits will leave oranges in the source of Vitamin C. They are the best natural source of potassium, magnesium and vitamins. They helps to boost the immune system and helps to reduce respiratory diseases as well. Kiwifruits are at number 8 in the list.

9.) Papayas

The heavy fruits from the nature is a rich source of vitamin C, folate and carotenoids which helps in reducing cancers and many other effects of diseases. It contains high amount of digestive enzymes and this is the reason why, they are preferred while in bad stomach. They are estimated to have 55 calories in 1 average cup. They are considered to be a heavy fruits and often eaten to avoid sunburn and strokes as well.

10.) Red Grapes

The fruit is kept at number 10th in the list since it is a high source of iron, fiber, potassium and so many different antioxidants helpful in glow of face and making it shine always. They are the favorite in making wines and many other delicious things. The content of resveratrol, flavonoids and anthocyanin makes in the best in use for the cancer patients which helps to reduce the risks of attacks. 1 cup of grapes are estimated to have 60 calories.

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