Top 10 Most Delicious Chicken Dishes & Snacks

Chicken dishes are very famous all over the world and mouthwatering too. There are lots of dishes prepared by chicken. Non vegetarian love to have chicken in each and every relation. Some chicken dishes are served as a stater, main course or an accompaniment. Here are some delicious chicken dishes:

10. Chicken Tikka:

Chicken Tikka is very popular Indian dish as Tikka means “bits” so boneless chicken bits are used to prepare this dish. This is easy to cook this dish. It needs special Indian spices and yogurt in which bits of chicken are marinated for at least 24 hours and than grilled in a tan-door ( a sort of oven made up of clay). It is also prepared into chicken tikka masala having very tasty gravy. In Punjab this dish is baked with boned chicken on hot-coal. It is served with green chilly chutney, lemon and onion rings. This is really superb dish and will loved by those who are very found of Punjabi food or spicy food. This dish is very famous and generally seen in each and every occasion like marriage, party etc. This dish is also famous in Afghanistan which is prepared kinda less spicy. You can prepare with any meat but chicken is popular other than chicken lamb and mutton can be used in some parts of world. You can serve with butter naan or rice as your wish. It can also act as a main meal or as an appetizer.

9. Bourbon Chicken:

Bourbon chicken is a Chinese dish. The name of the dish is after a street called Bourbon street. This is best idea for dinner and it is served with special sauce which contain Dijon mustard, dark brown sugar,bourbon whiskey( which will add smokey taste) , Worcestershire sauce, low sodium soy sauce,  chilled unsalted butter or you can use clarified butter also known as Ghee. It will took 5 hours to cook this bourbon chicken. Some people add some vegetables according to their tastes.

8. Buffalo wings:

Chicken wings were made in Buffalo,New York that is by it is known with the name of Buffalo Wings. Chicken wings are deep fried and then coated with sauce ( having vinegar in it). It is served with served with celery sticks( special plant sticks)  and blue cheese dressing. People used to have chicken wings with drinks or an appetizer very much famous as bar’s food. It only take 10 minutes for preparation after refrigerated them for some hours. If you have ever had Buffalo Wings, I am sure you will love them.  Best Buffalo wings are served in the National Buffalo Wings Festival.

The history behind Buffalo wings:

Chicken wings were first prepared by Teressa at the Anchor Bar. Teressa needed a fast and easy snack to serve her son’s college friends who arrived at late night. That time she came up with an idea of buffalo wings by deep frying those chicken wings which was thrown away and sauce.

 7. Mama’s chicken soup:

All dishes are fail in front of chicken soup directly made up in mama’s kitchen. Due to some climatic change people become sick and than many people suggest number of home remedies to cure from it. Whenever I was sick my Mom always made me chicken soup which is very nutritious, it will always work for me. You will need: chicken, large carrots which should be thinly sliced, celery stalks with leave, parsnips, sliced,large onion and turnip perfectly chopped, garlic cloves,some sprigs of fresh parsley and fresh dill, salt, freshly ground black pepper and the main thing MUM’S love. 🙂 🙂 It will probably take 30 min for preparation.

6. Chicken Pot Pie:

Want to eat some YUMMY!! YUMMY !! food??? Then you make go with delicious Chicken pot pie. If you are going to organize any get together, or kitty party then Chicken pot pie will gonna rock your party. All you need are: potato, chopped onion, celery, some chopped carrot, melted margarine,  all-purpose flour, chicken broth, salt, pepper, chopped cooked chicken,pie crusts . It will hardly take 20 min to prepare them. It is fairly simple and all time favorite. If you want to add flavor twist, add 1 tablespoon chopped rosemary leaves to the chicken mixture.

5. Fried Chicken Chimichangas:

Making Chicken Chimichangas is not a hard task, it is very easy the only problem occur is that the tortilla comes apart during the frying so, to tackle this problem we should use flour and water to stick the tortilla together. Tortillas are filled with chicken, rice, beans,  machaca and cheese.It is a  mouthwatering dish. This is very popular in southwestern U.S. It is also known by the name of  chivichanga or chimmy chonga. It is not good for your diet plan because of rich fat and calories.

4. Chicken Pasta:

It is very easy to prepare Chicken Pasta. It budget-friendly and versatile cheesy recipe having awesome combination of cheese and pasta. Pasta is kid’s all time favorite, and always asked by them. Every mum want to give healthy food to her kid so to make it healthier add some vegetables in it like beans, pea, carrot etc. There are number of ways to make pasta. Chicken & Vegetable Cheesy Pasta, Creamy Chicken, Bacon & Tomato Pasta, Creamy Lemon-Chicken Pasta, Italian Chicken-Pasta Skillet are the different types of pasta dishes. Approximate time for preparation is 20 min. To make it more attractive serve it with green chilly sauce and tomato sauce.

3. Chicken pizza:

Today in our busy schedule people want to have something which can be easily prepared and can fill your tummy. There are lots of people who love pizza. Chicken pizza is something which is very much loved by chicken lovers. The leftovers of chicken can be used in pizza. Homemade pizza is very easy to made. You can use tomato sauce or chilly sauce on its top to enhance the taste of pizza. Teenager prefer pizza as their dinner sometime in lunch too. The exotic tastes of the spices and the chicken paired beautifully in Chicken Tikka Masala. The people who are very found of spices and all will love to eat Chicken Tikka Masala.

2. Tandoori chicken:

This Tandoori chicken or Tandoori murgh is very famous in Bangladesh,Pakistan and India. Tandoori chicken is prepared by marinating in yogurt and with tandoori masala( made up of special masala). The name tandoori chicken is derived from a cylindrical oven made up of clay known as tandoor. The main thing about this dish is it is very easy to prepare. The tandoori chicken is very famous in some countries, it is considered as a main dish of parities and marriages in those countries. It should be served with green chilly sauce and onion rings.

1. Chicken Sub / Sandwich:

Chicken sandwich is very popular food for lunch and people usually take them to picnics,work place, schools etc. Breads are stuffed with chicken, cheese, different sauces which is considered as healthy food. It can be prepared by frying,grilling, battering the chicken. You can eat it with your favorite flavor of sauce.


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