Top 10 Low Calorie Foods for Every Day Meal

Are you trying to observe a strict low calorie diet plan? If so, then you must educate yourself with some low calorie foods that can be eaten every day without having to worry about its effect to your body. Here are the top 10 low calorie foods to take every day. These are healthy and surprisingly come with low calories.

Top 10 Low Calorie Foods for Every Day Meal


According to experts, 1 cup of broccoli will only give you 31 calories which is quite low yet will make you feel full. Broccoli is a good anti-oxidant food which is rich in different minerals often handy when it comes to fighting different types of cancer.


A cup of carrots only has 52 calories. This food is perfect for everyday consumption too, it’s not that expensive yet it is healthy for it comes with good amount of vitamin A. This can also be eaten in any way; you can cook it or simply eat it raw.

Egg White

If you want to ensure your protein needs are not being neglected, you can eat one egg white in your meal for it only contains 17 calories. Aside from its low calories, egg white can make you feel fuller and lessens the feeling of hunger. It comes with lots of amino acids too.


Asparagus can be your snack for the day as it is crunchy and it only contains 27 calories per cup. This is also an anti-oxidant food which comes with good amount of minerals and vitamins. Eating asparagus will give you good amount of amino acids, iron, protein, folate and a lot more of healthy contents for your body.


Are you a fan of lettuce? If so then a cup of this vegetable will give you only 5 calories. In other words, eating lettuce in massive amount will give you nothing. You won’t gain any harmful pounds but it will provide you vitamin B, manganese and other vitamins and minerals which are healthy for the body.


Mushrooms can also be eaten every day, aside from it is a known aphrodisiac it is also perfect if you want to go on a diet. A cup of mushroom will only give you 15 calories. Mushrooms are good too for it is kind of meaty yet healthy, it’s rich in fiber and potassium too.


If you’re tired of eating the same foods over and over, you can give a little twist and try eating shrimp! This sea food is not that bad, in fact a small shrimp contains only 5 calories, a medium one comes with 6 calories and if you want to eat 4 large shrimps, you’ll be happy to know you’ll only gain 30 calories.

Chicken Breast without Skin

Enough with the vegetables, you can also eat chicken breast as long as it doesn’t have a skin on it. Three ounces of chicken breast contains only 138 calories. You can either bake it, broil or grill. You can create your own salad with chicken breast, yummy and totally healthy!

Raw Cabbage

If you feel like having a salad snack, you can make use of a raw cabbage. A cup of raw cabbage will only provide you 22.25 calories. It also contains proteins, fiber, copper, zinc, iron, potassium and dozens of vitamins!


If you want something sweet yet with low calorie content, you can try eating berries. Any type of berries is healthy for you; it is even known to be a potent anti-oxidant. Making a fruit shake out of berries is surely healthy and it only contains 32 calories per half serving of cup.

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