Top 10 Indian Restaurants in America

Indian cuisines and heritage are famous throughout the world. Indian food is admired not just in India but all around the world. In America also people love to eat Indian dishes. For such people who are not a part of India but still aspire for Indian food , restaurants offering Indian food are set up in America also. So here we have the list of top 10 best Indian restaurant of America.


10. Indian Restaurant

Indian restaurant is another place in America which deals with the cuisines which belong to India.  The restaurant is majorly known for its incredible food and delightful service. The unique thing about the restaurant is that the place never offers a 24 hour service to the customers rather it just offers evening meal courses to the customer. The restaurants has strange working hours it opens from the timing of evening dinner and remains open till 1’o clock in the morning. Since the food here is offered at a very reasonable price so the customers are not required to worry about the prices. The restaurant is basically in California. In their cooking method they make use of many different kinds of herbs and also the large variety of spices to give taste and fragrance to the food prepared.

9. Tamarind Bay

Tamarind Bay is another restaurant which is counted in the list of top places when the thing comes to Indian restaurants in America. The restaurant not only provides tasty cuisines but also maintain the quality of the food being served in the restaurant. The Tamarind Bay restaurant is located in a substantiate atmosphere of Cambridge. The place was established in the year 2004. The restaurant encompasses all the food of different cultures in India. The special variety which is highly rated among the people is the sea food cuisines, which basically consist of fish. Also the cocktails provided along are also very unique. The owners of the place are Vikas Kapoor and B S Ajai Kumar.

8. Bukhara Indian Bistro

The Bukhara Indian Bistro restaurants are located in center street Boston which is in Massachusetts. The place has encompassed so many varieties of Indian cuisines that one will find it quite difficult to take a try of each and every cuisine in a single life span. The place has a unique style of cooking. The flavors playing in the cuisines are incredible. They mix many different varieties of flavors to invent a new taste. Their style of cooking is quite experimental. The special dishes of the restaurant are Vegetable Samosas, Lamb Shahi-korma and Chicken Palak which were not just tasty but were also garnished greatly.

7. Nirvana

Nirvana is another famous Indian restaurant in North America. The best thing about the place is that the cuisines offered here are much cheaper in comparison to the cuisines of other restaurants of the local area. The place is located on 15th floor and offers an incredible scenario of the central parks around the building. The interior of the place is also very different. The walls of the place are covered with glass so as to amplify the grace of the parks around the area. The restaurant was started in 1970 and is now going around with 42 years of experience. This is the oldest restaurant of America and was established by Shamsher Wadud.

6. Tadka Indian Cuisine

Tadka Indian cuisine is an Indian restaurant which is located in New York. The unique feature about the place is that it not just provides Indian cuisines but also provides the related Pakistani dishes. The menu encompasses a large variety of dishes. The interior of the restaurant are finely designed. The flooring of the place are designed with an optimum combination of wood and marble. Also the Indian music being played at the place fills the restaurant with the tint of Indian culture and hence let their customer to experience a new culture. They play Indian classical music during dinner timings.

5. Amma

Amma restaurant is also an Indian restaurant located in New York. The restaurant basically offers south Indian cuisines. Also they keep some Indo Chinese dishes in their menu. The menu has all southern Indian dishes like idli, dosa, sambhar etc which are worth trying. This place stands out among thousands of places as it focuses on a great culture of India. People there prefer mostly south Indian dishes over the Chinese cuisines. The cooking style of the restaurant is quite neat. They support cleanliness. The place is a bit expensive or we can say that it is not cheap but the price is worth the quality and taste of the food. The restaurant is strictly vegetarian.

4. Bukhara

Bukhara is another Indian restaurant located in New York. The lace was started in 1999. Raj Jhanjee is the one who started the place. The flavors in the dishes used are incredible and unforgettable. The food offered at the place basically belongs to the northern Indian culture. The interior of the place is highly sophisticated. The walls of the restaurant are made by stone which gives them a primitive look. Also the decoration of the restaurants has done using handmade carpets and curtains. The cooking promotes absolute perfection in the dishes. The dishes are not just tasty but are also very pleasing. Indian spices are used to enhance the flavor of the dishes. Also the method of serving is quite different; they make use of stoneware utensils to serve. The uniform of the staff is also traditional.

3. Shalimar India

Shalimar India is another Indian restaurant with an experience of around 20 years. Shalimar India is a family oriented restaurant.  The restaurant, Shalimar India is an ideal restaurant for special occasions. The place encompasses special arrangements of dinner and lunch for special occasions. Additionally they have a variety of Indian wines and beer to serve. The menu is basically inclined for Northern Indian dishes. Tandoori dishes are the specialty of this respective restaurant. The service, food and hospitality of the place showcase the tint of Indian culture. The place is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Also they make use of imported vegetables and fruits which are not known by American culture. The food is well served with different varieties of chutneys.

2. India Palace

Indian palace is an Indian restaurant which is located in California. The restaurant is not cheap but the food of the place is worth its price. The service of the food is quite well. Customers are not required to wait for the food. They use of exotic flavours to make the dish more delicious.  They have Indian buffets for the customers
1. Shiva Indian Restaurant

Shiva Indian restaurant is counted among the list of top 10 Indian restaurants which are famous in America. The Shiva Indian restaurant has completed more than twenty years successfully in America. The restaurant offers great variety in its menu. Also along with the great variety you are not required to deal with the prices as the prices of the restaurant is quite reasonable and affordable. The Shiva Indian restaurant was started in 1990. The restaurant succeeded in offering an incredible experience of Indian food to the people of America. The restaurant has also been awarded for its great service and food. The restaurant provides with its service throughout the day, no matter day or night.



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