Top 10 Highest Calorie Foods That We Must Avoid

The calorie is a unit of energy that is found in all foods. These calories are necessary for a body to maintain a constant state of energy. The amount of calories a person must intake is based largely on their age, their gender, overall shape, and their metabolic rate. Eating too few calories can lead to muscle atrophy, breakdown of internal organs and irreversible illnesses like anorexia. However, having too many calories can lead to obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure. Keeping your caloric intake to a healthy medium means you must be aware of the foods you eat. Here is a list of the top 10 highest calories foods that we must all avoid.

1. Animal Fats

While many people will attribute animal fats to great cooking, it is essential that this type of high calorie food be eaten in severe moderation. Foods like steak and pork are especially high in animal fat. That bacon grease that so many people use in their cooking has over 800 calories per 100g. That is among the highest in the fat kingdom. Attributed to the clogging of arteries and intestines, these fats must be limited in a diet.

2. Salad Dressings

For anyone who is eating salads to try and lose weight, they can tell you that the first thing to lose is the salad dressing. Many people do not realize this condiment is made up of different types of fats and oils. They blend together to give the creaminess and a lot of the flavor. These oils also hold the other ingredients together. Besides the oils there are also sugars that are a product within some of the ingredients. It is best to hold any dressing while eating that salad.

3. Junk Foods

Most often times reaching for a bag of chips, a pastry cake, or a candy bar is what we do when we are bored. The need to do something brings us to eat those things which are ready to consume. However, junk foods like these contain around 600 calories per 100g and have no nutritional value. Many people refer to junk food as “empty calories” for the fact that there is no nutritional value, but they are loaded with calories.

4. Fried Foods

The easily enticing fried foods has caused many people to consume way too many calories in one sitting. The irony of this is that many of the foods that are fried are healthy for you. It is the flour and the oil that it the food is fried in that carry the load as far as calories go. As the food cooks, the oil soaks into the food. That juiciness of that fried chicken, or fried onions, is not the natural juices, but the oils.

5. Pizza

If there was one food that nobody wants to see on a list of the top 10 highest calorie foods that we must avoid it has to be pizza. This incredible food has everything that a person loves to have in food. It has cheese, pepperoni, dough, sauce, and cooked to a crunchy perfection. But, with all the ingredients pizza carries a tremendous calorie load. Even just one slice can blow a diet for the day with calories from fats, dairy, and starch.

6. Cheese

Cheese products are a great source of calcium for many who are deficient in that nutrient. However, they are also high in calories. The best cheeses, the harder cheeses, are very rich in calories. Many carry up to 500 per 100g. Other cheeses like Parmesan and cheddar follow closely behind in high caloric count. For many recipes it is better to use softer cheeses or simply avoid it altogether.

7. Breads

One of the most loved smells in the world is that of freshly baked bread. Around the world, no other food is eaten more often that that of bread. Bread has long been a staple of mealtime that many people simply take it for granted that it is going to be there. However, bread is a highly starchy food that is also very high in calories. The fast sugars of bread is, on one hand, great for someone looking for energy, but for those who are not as active, it is a calorie that is easily transferred into fat.

8. Guacamole

A very simple Mexican dip that is made out of avocado, guacamole is loved around the world. It has a great taste from the avocado fruit that carries into all kinds of foods that are dipped. Mostly used with tortillas, guacamole is also used as a filler for tacos, burritos, or a favorite party dip. The fat content comes from the fruit it is made out of. While being quite healthy, it is best used in moderation.

9. Processed Meats

One of the more memorable comfort foods, processed meats are also very high in animal fats. This leads to a higher caloric count. Foods like sausages, hot dogs, packaged sandwich meats, and canned meats are all processed through meat grinders of specific cuts of meat with a few other things thrown in. As people bite into these foods they are unwittingly eating a tremendous amount of calories that are not so easily burned off.

10. Breakfast Cereals

Everyone loves a good dose of sugar in the morning. And getting it in their favorite cereal is a plus to start the day out right. However, those beloved cereals of our childhood are also full of sugar. Empty calories that cause a tremendous amount of problems with weight, heart, and blood pressure. Many of these cereals have gotten healthier with the addition of minerals and vitamins. But, the fact remains that they continue to be high in calories. Best to skip this item and have some fresh fruit instead.

Keeping a watch on your weight is always a fight against the tempting high calorie foods. Many of the foods that are high in calories are so ingrained within our lives that it is not easy to rebel against them and find healthier alternatives. However, if you avoid these top 10 highest calorie foods that we must avoid you will see a great difference in your waist line and your health.

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