Top 10 Healthy Foods your Dogs would Love

On the basis of the opinions of the veterinarians and canine-diet experts, here are the top ten foods for the dogs which consists of examined and analyzed ingredient list to hone in on foods thus eliminating the ingredients which are not required and bad for dog’s health.


Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul is one those innovative formulas which emphasize to meet dog’s unique and changing nutritional needs and as a result promotes lifelong health of the dog. Diamond Pet food produces seven different this type of dog food formulas, the major ingredient in which are grains, turkey and turkey meal, chicken and chicken meal. Generally vitamin E is used to preserve chicken fat in dog food but sometimes ascorbic acid and rosemary extracts is also used as preservatives. Tomato pomace is the only controversial by-product formed during processing but raw meat diets, meat meals, probiotics, chelated minerals, etc. make it one of the best food for dogs.


A private animal care industry called Nutro Products, Inc. produces dog food made up of natural ingredients plus added vitamins and minerals. The three different diet formulations manufactured by it are Natural Choice dog Food, Max Dog Food and Ultra Holistic Food for Dog. Basically an extrusion process is used to prepare respective formulations. Healthy skin, coat and strong healthy joints are maintained by high quality Natural Choice, while Max dog food 100 percent balanced nutrition for all ages. Ultra dog food has been considered as a holistic dog food because of its ultra-essential super food blend. It is a leading brand because of his high quality and exclusive food safety.


Canidae dog food is a highly rated and reviewed holistic dog food premium brand. It consists of four high quality meat meals turkey, lamb, chicken and fish which when further processed in the human grade facilities result in a nutrient-dense meal product. It is available in seven different formulas which are tuned for the suitability of all life stages. Rice bran, brown rice, peas, potatoes, barley, oatmeal, chicken fat, etc. combines to make it a good source of natural-dietary fiber, digestible carbohydrates, vitamin B, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids plus amino acid chelated minerals. It is naturally preserved herbal formulation and excellent palatability makes it the most lovable food of dogs.


As evidenced by the processing standards and ingredients, Blue Buffalo takes a holistic approach to dog nutrition. The finest natural ingredient for superior nutrition includes deboned fish or chicken while their exclusive Life Source Bits for ultimate protection adds a mixture of minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, fibers and anti-oxidants. None of its dog food formula contains animal by-products, corn-wheat-soy, nor any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. The ingredients undergo superior processing at high temperatures with nutritive additives. A variety of formulas are offered by Blue Buffalo but the Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food is often considered as the best of the bunch.


Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company founded in 1935 manufactures the Evanger’s dog formula which satisfies all the AAFCO nutrient standards for all life stages. This dog food formula has become so famous due to pheasant, chicken and whitefish which are its primary fresh meat based protein sources. Including the above contents and brown rice, barley, potato, salmon meal, etc. make this product rich in vitamins, omega six fatty acid and omega three fatty acids. Evanger’s dog food is a human grade dog food which contains no artificial chemical preservatives or by-products and is antibiotic free. Evanger’s dog food is available in many different formulas.


As the name ‘natural balance’ suggests that this dog food is full of raw and original ingredients which are vital for the purpose of growth of a dog. A very famous American private company called Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods is manufacturing this product since 1989. The dog food contains all the ingredients which are necessarily required in exact limit or say it includes Limited Ingredient Diets with original ultra. Dry, canned or treat forms are formulated after considering zoological and pet food formulas. The laboratories and testing protocols claim at providing 100 percent safety food and good health.



The Petcurean Pet Nutrition Company manufactures this dog food while aiming at minimal use of natural resources. Go! Natural is a superior pet food made from fresh salmon, juicy cuts of de-boned chicken meat and many more fresh meat protein sources accomplishing thee standards of holistic veterinarians and pet owners. It is a perfect formula for the dogs suffering from allergies, over weightiness, under weightiness or if it is a finicky eater. Go! Natural nutrition rations have both canned and dry products. These rations benefits dogs by providing high energy levels, improved coat and skin conditions as well as good sleep.


Innova Evo is an excellent top quality dog food which is available in the form of canned food as well as small bites dry dog food. Natura Pet Products Company is the only one which produces and markets this dog food. This food is incorporated with the ingredients from all five food groups that is the fruits, dairy, grains, meat and vegetables without any amount harmful additives, chemical preservatives and artificial colors. This product is a rich source of chelated minerals, omega six and three fatty acids along with vitamins. Its price is not one of the lowest but still the high quality proteins in it results in positive feedback.


Nature’s variety includes a variety of complete and balanced nutritious choices like Instinct grain-free kibble and cans, Raw frozen diets and Prairie holistic kibble and cans. Basically this dog food is non-preservative and non-additive in nature because the contents present in it are 100 percent naturally preserved with herbal extracts and vitamins. Nature’s variety Instinct canned dog food is also gluten free and is formulated with proteins and omega fatty acids. 50 trace minerals are provided by Nature’s variety kibble. The design of Nature’s variety Prairies is as such that it can be rotated freely for optimal nutrition as it meets AAFCO established nutritional levels.


Orijen is the best food liked by dogs all over the world. Orijen is a biologically appropriate protein-rich, carbohydrate-limited, grain-free and a very high-grade food for dogs. Well potatoes are its source of carbohydrates, vitamin B and minerals. The research study by experts has found that it contains 70 percent of meat, 20 percent is covered by fruits and vegetables and the remaining 10 percent is formed by a good mixture of botanicals, herbs and probiotic micro-organisms. It is one of those dog foods which contain the highest amount of free range red meats, free run chicken and boneless salmon-turkey meal as well. Purity of Orijen expands its use worldwide and makes it number one.

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