Top 10 Healthiest Fast Foods you can have

Delicacy is the thing which will always attract anyone. This is the only thing in the world, for which anyone can fall. There are many varieties of delicacies in the world and of which, the fast foods are the tastiest. Generally, there is a concept that fast foods are harmful in diet. Although, many might not be knowing that there are many fast foods which are delicious and healthy as well. There is a great misconception about fast food being the worst kind of diet value plan included in our diet list, but only to their awareness, this is a list of such fast foods which are healthy in diet with only nominal changes in it configurationally making and avoiding a few toppings in it  and then on adding some of the nutritional changes in it. Here is the list of such fast foods which are healthy as well as nutritious to our body. The list is continued as:-


10.) Burger without Mayonnaise

This is the healthiest of all the fast foods available to us and the tastiest as well. A trolled :), and rolled broiled burger is the famous fast food coming with toppings of ketchup, onion and toasted buns. Within the nutritional limits, this is the most nutritious of all with a 10g fat in 290 calories and over all very less cholesterol and sugar with sodium. Just to increase the diet value add a slice of apple to it and I guess the value will be whopping 360 calories.


9.) 6 ” Veggie Delite (Subway Product)

Generally, this product is loved by youngsters who love cheese and fat fillings of the diet. Although, this diet of fast food is healthy to body only when comes without cheese and fat filling. A simple packed veggie piece will be enough for 250 calories only 2.6g fat, with some saturations. The sodium content is almost nil and carbohydrates are almost in 44g weigh to make it fulfilled with diet mode and included full vitamin range of A and C with some elemental value of Iron (Fe) and Calcium (Ca).


8.) Chicken Breast (KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken)

From the credits of Colonel Kentucky, :P, this fast food piece is full of diet. It is the best nutritional value bargain in this range. With a full of 180 calories in one piece, and no added trans-fat, it is the best in use with 585 mg of sodium.


7.) Southwest Salad (Non-Chicken) – McDonald’s Product

It is the healthiest fast food product from McDonald’s House. Coming with a 140 calories range, it is the best salad to consume. But one thing to be kept in mind is that there should be included chicken pieces in it. Total of 5g fat and a few little grams of saturated fats, along with 180mg of Sodium(Na). The creamy choice would be much better to go with it.


6.) Crab Sandwich (Sonic)

Veggies are the best substitute but there are other things of fast foods which are included in the list with full diet value and that too healthy for the body. The crab sandwich of Sonic provides 430 calories with 18g fat which is although much but can be neglected for such a high calorie value. The best in digestion and taste. This is the 5th best and healthiest fast food.


5.) Grilled Chicken Wrap (Dairy Queen)

Grilled chicken is obviously the healthiest diet but chicken wrap of Dairy Queen is somewhat different. It offers a total of 260 calories, 15g fat and no added trans-fat in it. The only alarming conclusive is 450mg of sodium in it. Better luck with it and a healthy choosy diet.


4.) Chicken Salad (Quizno)

The Quizno’s harvest Chicken salad is the best option while having the fast food range. Only a little slice of it will provide one with a 111 calories range and 4g of fat with total of 215mg of sodium in it. One thing to be taken in consideration is to avoid the dressings over it. Although, it is fat free but sodium is the alarming tone in it. So keep it in mind.


3.) Fresco Crunchy Taco

The product from Taco Bell, this fast food offers a total of 180 calories range in it, with 10g of fat and 3g of added saturated fat. The only additive alarm is the range of value of sodium which is 300mg in it. Toppings can be selected from fire-roasting to fiesta salsa. Delicacy as per choice.  🙂 🙂 🙂 .


2.) Baked Potato and Garden Salad

Wendy is the famous fast food provider chain all over the country. Once you are the shop, just order for baked potato and for salad go for Garden Salad, without any hesitation. The total of diet value with give one 350 calories and 5g of fat with 149 mg of sodium content in it. One can choose for fat free toppings and dressings over it as well.


1.) Chicken Salad (Garden Chargrilled)

The most complete piece of fast food is Chicken Salad. Mixed up with ha variety of veg products in it, it comes with carrots, cabbages, few amount of cheese, all trending for 200 calories and 5g of fat, inclusive of 4g of saturated fat and only with 650mg of Sodium (Na). One thing is to be kept in mind is to avoid its dressings and one can go for without any hesitation of fat free mustard toned with honey.


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