Top 10 Healthiest Cereals for Weight Loss

Going for a cereal shopping can be much confusing because of the most variety. A healthy cereal should be a bowl full of high nutrition with low calories, high protein and with lots of vitamins and even with the nutritional benefits one must also care that it tastes good. So here I am with few of the best cereals, but before I start I would inform to all that it is only for those persons who are trying to loose their weight without affecting their health and want to spend a healthy life.  While these cereals may not be much effective in lowering your cholesterol, these are just chosen for a proper diet. I am sure now with this article you could be sure that the next bowl for you is going to be good.

10)      Quick oats

It is a cereal which takes the least in cooking time and is a variety of oat meals. It has it’s own nutritional value.  It helps in lowering cholesterol.  It is low in sugar and sodium with an added flavour. It provides 150 calorie, 5g of protein and 4g of fiber .

9)      Total corn flakes

It is great looking cereal and it taste delicious, unlike other cereals it has several vitamins and it is a massive serving size. It has 100 calorie, 0g of fat and 25g of carbohydrate. It can be a perfect choice for those who wants to eat plain and simple with a proper diet.

8)      Rice chex

It is a cereal made with rice and is very healthy. It is a high fiber product. Even though it is not too tasty yet it is too healthy that you can ignore for it. It provides 100 calorie, with 26g of carbohydrate and 0g fat in a full bowl serving.

7)      General mills fiber one

If you are after a high fiber product then General mills fiber one is one of the best for you, it contains 28g of fiber in a full bowl serving. It is low in calorie, fat and sodium. It is a sugar free cereal and tastes awesome as a fresh fruit. It just provides 60 calorie, 24g of fiber  in a full serving.

6)      Quaker Puffed wheat

It is considered to be the best of the best and is named as the cream of the crop. Even though it is hard to find in the market yet you can find it at some places and in a reasonable price it is a low calorie cereal with just 50 calorie and low fat with 0g of fat. This a complete diet and has 11g of carbohydrate. it is a large serving dish.

5)   Kellogg’s Special k protein plus

It is one of the most preffered cereals by the people specially women, it is too helpful in maintaining  your weight. It is something which can be useful to the atheletes as it is contains much protein. It is a solid snacks for those who are in a need of extra protein. It is a low calorie cereal and carry high protein. It contains vitamin a and vitamin b12. It is a lightly toasted sweetened rice which are an excellent source for vitamins and minerals.

4)      Grape nuts

It is a half cup serving grain, though it may seem small but it covers all the essential proteins. It has a impressive nutrition’s. even a half cup of this grape nut can be enough for you to eat. It is too good for your health. It is an excellent source of fiber and is a full grain cereal. It also has several vitamins. It is crunchy and can be taken even with yogurt. it  also provides iron which can pass your morning easily. It provides 210 calories, 6g of protein, 1g of fat and 46g of carbohydrate.

3)    Go lean Crunch

It is one of the healthiest as it is also approved by USDA. It is a complete mixture of grain. The most important feature of this cereal is that it is health conscious, it contains soy which is helpful in decreasing testosterone level. it is too good for your health. it also has several vitamins so a complete bowl of Go lean will provide you all the essential multi vitamins. It provides you around 200 calories, 36g of carbohydrate 5g of sugar and 3g of fat.

2)      Kix

Kix is something you can really try. It is a heavy hitter. You may need a full serving size or bit more here, yet it taste yummy. It has a delicious taste of sweetness with just 3g of suger. It is made with corn and grain. It provides you 110 calories, 25g of carbohydrate 1g of fat and just 3g of fiber. it is too good for your health.

1)      Cheerios

This is commonly given to children’s who are learning to eat food. This cereal is considered as the best because it has low suger just 1g per bowl. While this cereal has a benefit of lowering cholesterol . It is too good for your health. It is also verified by several  doctors and are preferred by several  family. Per bowl serving it has just 100 calories, 1g of suger,2g of fat and just 20g of carbohydrate.


With this information you may be able to purchase a good and healthy choice for your breakfast cereals which contains all your vitamins and nutritions. All of these are awesome for your diet to keep you fit and healthy with your physique and body.

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