Top 10 Healthiest Breakfasts to Remain Healthy and Happy

More the nutritious is your breakfast; more the enthusiast is the following day. Breakfast plays a very important role in all the meals of the day. Eating healthy breakfast gives a healthy start off in all the works throughout your day. But as it comes to healthy you may be disappointed because these may or may not be as yum as your saliva wants, as healthy breakfast does not include cheese, cream, bagels or muffins. Mostly people do breakfast in a rush as they don’t have time for it, these must remember that a diet not chewed or digested properly might not nourish your body if it may be a very healthy one also. So when it comes to your health specify proper time for all the meals in your daily routine. Here are the 10 most healthy breakfast for lasting energetic all the day:

10. Oatmeal and Almonds:

Oatmeal is considered as the healthiest breakfast by lots of people. Steel-cut oatmeal is the most perfect choice added with sliced almonds, frozen blue berries and ground flaxseeds. To supply to taste to your breakfast add a few drops of honey and a little cinnamon. The final food is a combination of fibre, protein, nutrients, good fat and most importantly it tastes very well. Almonds must be dipped in water for 5 to 6 hours before eating and a handful of almonds with a hot glass of milk will be a great start of a day.

9. Yogurt:

Low fat yogurt along with nut and raisins, and also with your favourite fruit can make a healthy and satisfying breakfast. Yogurt is prepared by adding bacteria to milk or by fermentation of milk which increases its nutrients and serves a healthy breakfast to the body. On the basis of nutrients, yogurt is particularly rich in proteins, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, calcium and riboflavin and also all the nutritional benefits of milk.

8. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Salad:

A fruit salad of apples, melon, grapes, banana, cherry, carrot and all the seasonal fruits sprinkled with some drops of lemon and salt is a full of flavour, healthy and perfect breakfast. Various other fruits such as water melon, papaya, raspberry, mango, orange and pineapple contribute to the taste of the fruit salad. Also one can make a vegetable salad of tomato, cauliflower and cucumber with lemon and salt is also very healthy and tasty breakfast. Vegetable salads can also be eaten with a grained bread to increase the nutrients like fibre and proteins of the meal.

7. Upma:

Upma is a salted halwa of sooji with tomato, chilli, onion, capsicum, groundnut and various types of dry fruits. It digests very easily and is rich in minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins.

6. Stuffed Paranthas:

Stuffed paranthas if made without oil provide a nutritious and complete breakfast to your body. The parantha can vary from a variety of anti-oxidant rich vegetable mixtures for example potato, cabbage, spinach, and broccoli and also with various cereals such as methi, moth etc. A very less amount of oil must be used if using cooking oil is mandatory for the preparation of the stuffed paranthas.

5.  Egg white Omelette:

Eating an egg white omelette gives a nutritious start of the day. Egg white is rich in proteins, potassium, amounts of calcium, vitamin B and calcium. People having lack of cholesterol in their body can also eat egg yolk to increase its level. On a health scale various types of egg white omelettes such as Egg white Omelette with Spinach and Cheese, egg white and Asparagus Omelette and Egg white with Ham and Peas, adds to the nutritional value and flavour to your breakfast.

4. Whole Grain Breads:

A vital source of energy and a nutritious start of the day are provided by eating whole grain breads in the breakfast. Whole grain contains the Bran and the Germ of the grain, which has more nutritional value than the grain’s endosperm. The body digests whole grain more easily than any other enriched or bleached flour foods. Whole grain breads can be eaten by jam, sauce or a little amount of butter. Whole grain provides the essential vitamins and proteins needed for the proper functioning of body.

3. Sprouts:

Sprouts contain all the complete nutrients that are needed by a plant for life and its growth. Sprouting of seeds must be done before 6 to 7 hours for better nutritional aspects. The endosperm of the seed contains carbohydrates, oil and proteins. The germinated seed contains the nutrients food of embryo such as amino acids and natural sugars. Sprouts are also rich in minerals and vitamin content which are necessary for a balanced diet. Furthermore, sprouts are very efficient meal on the basis of cost and storage factors.

2. Muesli with Orange Juice:

Muesli is a breakfast meal prepared by the mixture of uncooked rolled oats and cornflakes with various types of fruits, seeds and nuts. Mostly it contains cereal grains such as wheat and rye flakes as well. Usually muesli is eaten with orange juice or milk, but it can also be taken with hot water.  It is a very tasty, healthy and heavy meal of your day.

1. Milk with Corn flakes:

A combination of milk and corn flakes is a complete and healthy breakfast. Cornflakes are rich in proteins, fat and fibre, and when accompanied with milk it manifolds its nutritional values several times. Eating corn flakes maintains the blood pressure level of the human body and supplements a healthy life ahead.


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