Top 10 Foods that Nutrition Experts Would Not Feed Their Kids

You probably hear about many different foods that you should feed your kids, every day. However, wouldn’t life have been easier if you had known what NOT to feed them instead? Many experts agree on certain types of foods that are unhealthy for kids and for humans in general and they should be avoided.

Below is a list of the foods that nutrition experts would not let their kids near.

10. Packaged desserts

The cookies, muffins and cupcakes that you find wrapped in plastic at the bakery look quite tasty and any kid upon laying eyes on them would want to try them out. However, those baked goods are very high in sugar content and should therefore be avoided.

9. Hot dogs

There are a couple of reasons that this meat product should be avoided. First of all, it increases the probability of kids choking on it. Secondly, hot dogs are loaded with fat and sodium contents. For both these reasons, keep hot dogs out of your home.

Top 10 Foods that Nutrition Experts Would Allow Hot Dog

8. Chips

Whether they are fried or puffed, you should keep yourself away from chips because of the empty calories that you would be taking in and also because of how easy it is to overeat them. Admittedly, it is quite difficult to keep off of them; you will encounter them at one party or the other.

7. Canned meats

Once again the high fat and sodium contents are the culprits here. A healthy alternative is canned tuna or sardines packed in water.

6. Fruit cups in syrup

The experts are unanimous on their verdict of fruit cups in syrup. What is acceptable, however, is these items packaged in plain water or fruit juice.

5. Canned pasta meals

Do you really think taking in pure white flour with tomatoes and preservatives is good for your health? Instead of canned pasta, try your own spaghetti with meatballs, mixed in some vegetables.

4. Sweetened and artificially colored cereals

It is natural for kids to pick rainbow colored cereals with marshmallows and sprinkles over whole-grain cereal. For this reason, don’t give your kids an option and stick with the whole-grain.

3. Packaged breakfast pastries

These items contain a very high amount of sugar, and very little fiber that is actually good for your health. It is however, better than having nothing in the morning as breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Convenient alternative items include granola bars made of whole grain oats.

2. Prepackaged lunches

These items have made this list because of high fat, a high amount of sodium content, and very little ingredients of any nutritional value, like vitamins, minerals and whole grains).

Top 10 Baddest Foods Sugar Sweetened Beverages

1. Sugar sweetened beverages

This is the number one thing to avoid, no matter of what age you are, or how thirsty you are. The best thing to have when thirsty is water, as most people would agree. Beverages like soda, juice drinks, iced tea and lemonade provide very little energy and is in most cases the number one cause of excess calories in teenagers.

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