Top 10 Foods that Must be Avoided, they can harm your Health

It is advisable that a female should not consume more than 2000 calories in a day and the number is 2400 calories for a grown up man. And from these calories only 30 percent should be delivered by fats. The sodium intake for a grown up man should be 1500 to 2400 per day. Everyone must have heard the saying that a man who eats healthy lives healthy. In today’s busy life no one has time to care about their health and they usually consume unprocessed baked foods available in markets. These foods contain high amount of fats, calories, trans fat, sodium and chemically changed ingredients. A daily intake of such a food should be avoided as much as possible. They can lead to severe diseases and major health problems. So here we have the list of the top 10 food products you should not include in your diet if you want to live a healthy life.

10. Packaged Baked Foods

Who don’t love cookies, rolls, biscuits, muffins, and many other such things??? But do you know these packed baked foods contain high level of fats that are partially hydrogenated. To increase their usage the fats in these foods are modified chemically.  These foods are very harmful for human body and causes diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, reproductive problems and problem in immune system. So from next time if you are buying any such product and you find partially hydrogenated fats as one of the ingredients in the list just avoid buying that food.

9. Fast Food burgers

Reading the name of burgers must have brought water in your mouth. But beware these tasty fast food burgers are all full of calories and fat. The calorie that a small hamburger contains is around 200 calories and a large hamburger has about 500 to 600 calorie content. Fat is something that provides the good taste in a food. And fat grams in fast food accumulate fats faster in your body.


8. Canned Juices

You think you are actually drinking juice when you consume canned juice?? The reality is that it contains only a little amount of juice and the rest packet is full of water, preservatives and a lot of sugar.  Obviously the taste of a freshly made juice is far much better than canned juices. but drinking canned juices can make you diabetic.


7. Doughnuts

A piece of it which is simply made of up carbohydrates is an unhealthy choice to have .Only a single piece contains in a round of 300 calories in it, including trans fat, sugar which can easily create hub of many health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, and even heart diseases. Without consuming any nutrient we can only gain wholesome amount of fat and i guess nobody stops just having only one so an easy advice “if you don’t want to look fat eat doughnuts accordingly” .

6. Potato Chips

Potato Chips – A small bag of chips has an amount of 260 calories in it having high amount of sodium, trans fat, calories. People easily fall for having fried food without considering the fact that they are fooling themselves. It does not count in your daily high nutrient vegetables. The better choice can be made by having a variety of baked ones.

5. Microwave cooked Diet Foods

We all know that it is easier and faster to cook in a microwave, but there are many disadvantages of microwave cooking like the food cooked in microwave suffers from molecular damage. There is a small piece of information for the one following their diet charts having all kind of diet foods that is low in fat but if they still consume these pre- packaged food and any frozen meals they intake a heavy amount of fat and calories .A considerable amount  of sodium is there in macaroni and many other sausages.

4. Canned Soup

Sodium in all is harmful to our body containing a major part of canned soups. Least attention is paid by the producers on the amount they are using and also not displaying the right one. 770 milligrams of sodium is contained in one half cup of Campbell’s tomato rice soup, if people intent to eat more, then it’s simply harming our health.

3. Raman Noodles

Are you the noodle lover?? Who doesn’t know about the most famous Raman noodles and every one must have tried it ones an affordable one but unhealthy one. And in our daily busy life people prefer eating these noodles as they are easy to cook in a very less time. Sodium which has a negative impact on our health is contained in heavy amount in it. The daily intake of sodium is about 1200 mg.

2.Frozen Pot Pies

Marie calendars pot pies are most famous having many flavours inside it but a high amount of sodium fat and calories in it. A single pot pies consist of 667 calories, 41 grams of fat, Trans fat. So if you are really in love with these pot pies consider again what is more important eating a delicious pot pie or your health.

1.Hot Dogs

An all time favourite choice “hot dog” who does not prefer to have one if offered. High in calories and fat are the Processed and other packaged lunch meats which include these hot dogs bologna, —many of these stuff increases the risk of kidney, stomach cancers and many more .

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