Top 10 Best Food Delicacies of India

India is famous for its food delicacies  so whether it is punjabi food, marathi food, gujarti or rajasthani. Every state has its own regional taste as well as its own particular staple food. It differs from state to state depending upon the culture, taste and liking of the people. Indian cuisine cannot be compared even with each other as every state has its own flavour and method no doubt spces used are identical. So food delicacies in India are not countable whether it is vegetarian food or non- vegetarian. Here are some best known delicacies of India which should be tasted by everyone.

10. Dhokla

Dhokla is a vegetatian dish of gujarati cuisine for festive meals which can be consumed during breakfast or during evening snack time. This dish has sweet and salty flavour prepared with rice and urad dal as its main ingredients. This dish has great variety as it is prepared by using different ingredients on the other hand it is also quick to prepare so this can be called as home made recipe. Dhokla can be prepared in various flavours as well as distinct sizes also. For eg. Idli dhokla, Cheese and Khandavi Dhokla.

9.Mirchi Bada

Rajasthani cuisine is somewhat different from others depending on the scarcity of water and fresh green vegetables. Even though the scarcity, the taste and variety doesn’t lack behind the delicacies  of the state. Mirchi Bada is one such delicacy which is famous in Rajasthan and Jodhpur. This delicacy is prepared by long green chilly with filling of potatoes having sweet and spicy taste as rajasthan is famous for spicy food also. This Bada is given alone without chutney due to its sweet taste.

8. Sattu

Sattu is one of the part of the Bihari cuisine which is very popular. Sattu is basically a powdered baked gram which is highly energy product mixed with water or milk. This sattu is also mixed  with different spices to be used for the filling and finally  it is used as a stuffed material. This is also known as ” Makuni Roti”.

7. Biryanis

This dish in India is derived from persian culture which include rice and the spices of respective region or state. This cuisine is famous in every state as it is available in distinct varieties from vegetarian to non vegetarian. In vegetarian, this include rice and various spices and vegetables on the other hand non vegetarian include rice and meat, fish and eggs.

6. Panipuri

This dish is the part of marathi food and considered to be one of the most popular street food in Mumbai and Kolkata. This food is commonly referred as GolGappe in Punjab and other states. The name Gol Gappa is derived from its shape as it is a hollow crisp  sphere and eaten one at a time. It is available in various flavours and got its various different names. One of the most common and famous one is ”Puchka” from Kolkata.

5. Kadhi Pakora

Kadhi Pakora is one of the most popular and famous food dish of Haryana. Haryana is one of the richest state and its occupation is Agriculture so it produces one of the best growing food products. This Kadhi is yellow liquid which include strong regional spices and curd on the other hand Pakoras are made up of besan and these small besani pakoras are dipped in yellow kadhi and served by adding oil tadka on top.

4. Chaat

This dish is one of the most savoury  relishing food available at the roadside at vendor for snack time. This dish is so much tasty that one cannot lack behind to taste it. It’s origin is from Uttar Pradesh but famous all over India. There is a great variety for this food as this include essential elements without them this dish is not complete. This dish is prepared of simple dough fried which is known as papri, Dahi and green and Imli ki chutney keeping these things in mind this simple dish is also known as Papri chaat. Chaat at some places is also served with bhala instead of just dahi just to give more flavour to the dish.

3.  Rajma Chaawal 

Rajma Chaawal is one of the most famous delicacy of North India. This dish is considered to be one most richest in flavour, easy to prepare and most comfortable food also. This simple dish just contain Kidney shaped beans known as Rajma which is served with hot steamed rice known as Chaawal. This food is considered complete as it is consumed during relaxing time on the other hand it is rich in Iron and Protein plus carbohydrates in rice. This is also considered to be the best food to serve to our guests as this food gives full satisfaction not only to stomach but diet wise also.

2. Puri Aloo

This dish is again considered to be one of the most important of Punjab of North India. Apart from this, Aloo Puri is not only a part of favourites but it also add ceremonial rituals. This mainly include a fried dough of Wheat or maida served with dry chick peas which we usually termed as chole. Sometimes puri is also served with aloo laungi this include khatte meethe potatoes. This dish is always on the top list during special or ceremonial functions accompanied with other vegetarian dishes like Halwa.

1. Kulchas

This food is typically Punjab originated as it is famous in Amritsar and known as Amritsari Kulchas. This is the part of the Indian breads prepared from maida. This dish is easy to prepare as simple dough is rolled round and filling is done and baked in earthen clay oven known as chulha till golden brown. This is commonly served with dry masala chick peas known as chane.

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