Top 10 Fast Food items that you Must Avoid

We people are fond of fast-foods. If someone get a hot and juicy burger with some chilled coke then a person on diet even can’t let it go. These fast food items are may be delicious in taste but we don’t know how much calories it holds. There are many fast food brands which offering us many delicious food items but all that fast food cuisines are full of an unhealthy ingredients such as cheese, butter, oil, sodium and along with a lot of an unhygenic sauces. This is one of the reasons that the cases of food poisoning are increasing day by day. These fast food items are holding many diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and of course extra weight. In order to stay healthy we should stay away from these unhealthy fast foods.

Here are the top 10 unhealthy fast food items that you must avoid.

10. Soda/Soft Drink’s with Extra Ice

Calories content – 151

There is no doubt adding some extra ice into the fountain drink make it better in taste which we call as chilled drink but don’t forget it is harmful for your health too. An excessive use of soda/soft drink can increases the amount of phosphorus in our body that may lead us to blood clotting, weakening of muscles and it is also affects you teeth. Use diet coke instead of fountain drinks or soda drinks.

9. Qdoba Mexican Grill Beef Taco Salad

Calories content – 1280

I know its shocking! where all the doctors are recommending us to eat salad but here i put salad in the top most an unhealthiest fast food list. No one can believe that the salads can also be an unhealthy fast food item. A ”Qdoba Mexican Grill’s Beef Taco Salad” contains high percentage of calories which is not good for health. After looking at its high calorie content we can easily imagine how it would be an unhealthy for our health. Don’t look at the presence of  some green veges but also check the rest ingredients which may contain high calories like cheese, meat and a big taco shell.

8. Dairy Queen Chicken Strip Basket

Calories content – 1410

Mostly people thinks that chicken is good for our health because it strengthen the bone and make us strong but this is only possible if it is cooked well. Dairy Queen’s six piece chicken basket is the worst food item which contain high calories. It is not possible to eat six pieces of chiken strip for one person. It is availble with six beaf strips along with  fries and toast added with sauce and bunch of cheese You can image how much calories this basket holds for you.

6. Domino’s 3 cheese Mac-n-cheese Breadbowl Pasta

Calories content – 1460

It may be a one of your favorite food item, but you can’t neglect its calories. A combination of pasta and melted cheese make it more delicious but unhealthy too. The extra topping of pasta may looks good but contain high fats which leads to high cholesterol, high blood pressure and of course extra weight.

5. KFC’S Grilled Chicken and Shredded Chicken Snackers

Calories content – 1460

KFC’s chicken items are the world famous. But what is present inside these juicy grilled chicken snackers which make it so tasty that no body knows. Let me tell you! 3 or more squirts of liquid margarine make it tasty but unhealthy too. It contains a high amount of calories which may affect your health badly.

7. French Fries

Calories content – 1464

According to the report of ”Health Magazine” for Men’s, ”Five guys” (large) french fries are the worst fries that you can ever eat from any restaurant. They may use freshly cut potatoes but these are cooked in peanut oil which is a worst combination.

3. Carl’s Jr. Double Six Dollar Burger 

Calories content – 1520

One more worst fast food item which contain rich beef and a bunch of cheese. Apart from high calories it contains a rich percentage of sodium. Layers of onion rings makes it worst.The most surprising thing about this burger is that it doesn’t contain anything which may good for health. This is the reason that it is at 4th place of unhealthiest fast food item.

3. Fish n Chips

Calories content – 1537

When we think of classic meal then fish and chips comes into our mind first. You may get water into your mouth while thinking of it. I am not sure how better it is cook but when it is serve with cheese and fries then it becomes the unhealthiest combination. It is also one of the meals which may lead you to a high cholesterol and high blood pressure. My advice to you is not to eat this meal and by this way you can maintain you health.

2. White Castle Chocolate Shake

Calories content – 1680

Fats – 21 gram

White castle chocolate shake is present in the top of the list of an unhealthy fast food items. The presence of a high amount of calories, fats and sodium which is 700 gm more than the average for all fast food desert. It is the most unhealthiest desert which may lead you to high cholesterol and can affect your heart badly.

1. Large Tuna Melt – Sandwich

Calories content – 1760

Seafood is always consider as best and healthiest food but this Tuna is not so worthy. It is cooked in high amount of oil which make it unhealthy. Tuna comes in plastic packs which is  harmful for our health. It’s extra layer of dressing increase the percentage of calories. This delicious Tuna Melt-Sandwich may cause food poisoning. That’s why i put it on the top of the list.

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