Top 10 Exotic Dishes in Philippines

Philippines is not just known for its world-class Underground River in Palawan and the famous White beaches in Boracay but it is also known for some of its bizarre foods that will surely delight your taste buds. These foods come in the different regions of the country so be sure to taste any of these for an exotic food Pinoy experience.

10. Pinikpikan in Cordillera Region

If you visit the Philippines, you will surely be offered to taste “tinolang manok” or chicken cooked in broth and with vegetables. This dish is similar to that, however in Cordillera region, this dish is prepared while doing a ritual so they will know their tribe’s fate based on the course of action. The name of the dish came from the word “pikpik”, which means to beat slightly. This is the way the chicken is prepared

9. Etag in Cordillera Region

This is another exotic dish in Cordillera, which is actually a salted pork placed in an earthened jar and then kept underground to age. This dish is not served alone but it is mixed with other types of dishes such as meat and vegetable dishes to enhance its flavor.

Top 10 Exotic Dishes in Philippines

8. Abuos in Ilocos.

This dish may come from a small insect but wait; it’s not your average insect dish because the price is a bit of expensive here. Abuos is ant-egg caviar that is very tasty. The dish looks like legumes; some people eat this raw while others prefer this to be saute’d. You can find them in public markets at Ilocos and they placed on leaves.

7. Adobong Kamaru in Pampanga

Lots of restaurants in Pampanga serve this dish, which is a very popular Kapampangan delicacy. Kamaru are actually mole crickets that are abundant in Pampanga and because of that the locals made a very good job in serving this as a dish. The mole crickets are prepared by deep-frying or cooking it “adobo style”.

6. Adobong Salagubang in Nueva Ecija

This dish is not crickets this time, but this are June bugs, which is very common in Nueva Ecija. This is prepared in adobo if meant to be eaten as a viand or an appetizer if it is fried. It is also best paired with beer if you plan to have a beer drinking session with your friends.

5. Soup no. 5 in Cebu and Manila

If you will have a look at this soup, it actually looks like a regular meat but behold, this dish is made with bull testicles or penis of the ox or a bull. The dish is believed to be a great and effective aphrodisiac for people who have tried it.

4. Adobong Uok in Rizal

This is another exotic adobo dish that you can try in the Philippines; Uok is a beetle larva, which is an exotic dish in Angono, Rizal. This is served with rice and tomatoes and will surely fill in your hungry stomach once you taste it.

3. Betute Tugak (Stuffed frogs) in Pampanga

Frog legs are very common in some parts of the world, however what makes this dish different in Pampanga is how they prepare it. Betute tugak consist of deep fried frogs that are stuffed with minced or ground pork.

2. Kinilaw na Tamilok in Palawan

Tamilok are mollusks, which is known as woodworms. This is served raw or in kinilaw-style (soaked in vinegar with onions, garlic, chili peppers, and calamansi juice). This gives you an oyster type of taste and texture.

1. Balut in any Region of the Philippines

This is very popular to the locals and as well as the tourists of the country. Every night you will hear vendors on the street shouting, “balut” for its customers. Balut is a fertilized egg of a duck that ranges from 16 to 18 days old. This is eaten with salt and vinegar.


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