Top 10 Delicious and Tasty Ice Cream Flavours

Now a day’s ice cream has become a most preferred deserted food. It is famous in all age group of people and can be made and serve easily.  Ice cream can be classified as a great starter. They are not just tasty but also healthy. They have ingredients like milk, cream, fruits etc which are very healthy for body. Ice creams also contain good quantity of iron that is very good for a healthy body. Ice creams are more eaten in summers and works as one of the body chillers. These ice creams are also helpful in increasing your weight.

Now let’s have a look on top 10 ice cream flavours available:


10 . Mango Ice cream Flavour

Mango also popularly known as king of fruits is one of the most preferred fruit in sunny season and so is the mango ice cream. Not only kids even adults are big time fan of mango ice cream. This light creamy flavour can be made very easily. One of the best thing about this flavour is its sweet smell. It adds a juicy taste to this wonderful ice cream. Serving it in a chocolate cup also make them more graceful. Frozen mango pulp can be used in the season when mango is not present but one thing is that the ice cream will not be as delicious as that of made by fresh mangos.

9. Lemon Ice Cream Flavour

Lemon ice cream is also counted in one of the tastiest ice creams. The colour of the ice cream is yellow. it is bit sour in taste and also have sweet touch in it. It is frequently known to have heavenly taste and an awesome flavour that satisfies everybody’s requirements. It has fresh n breezy smell. Milk, sugar, mint, cream and grated lemons are the most important constituents of this ice cream.

8. Coffee Ice Cream Flavour

These ice creams are known for their whole season demand. Throughout the year they are very much in demand as compared to other ice-creams. The reason behind the demand is its scrumptious taste. Besides having such a good taste, it is not hard to prepare these ice-creams, one can easily prepare them. The ingredients required for making these are Vanilla, eggs, sugar, cream which is whipped and milk. The coffee bean add up with a delicious flavour in the ice-cream

7. Rocky Road Ice Cream Flavour

It is one among the most popular ice cream across the world. Its essence is chocolaty. It make uses of a rough chocolate matter which not only gives it a fine taste but also is a reason behind its popularity. Apart from this the ice cream is garnished with marshmallows which are present in chocolate and also nuts .mostly this ice cream is used as a starter. The lovely taste of the ice cream makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

6. Strawberry Ice Cream Flavour

One of the best thing about this ice cream is its colour. it is pink in colour and pink is considered to be a girly colour. But this ice cream is just not limited to females and when it is the time to eat these delicious ice cream men are no where far from it. Males equally like this ice cream. The appearance of this fresh strawberry creates a cold touch in summer and the fragrance of the mint makes a person cool and fresh. Vanilla crunches are sometimes use to make it more peperry. And the use of ice cream with chocolates can also be used in different dishes.

5. Mint Ice Cream Flavour

Mint ice cream is also a famous flavour among all the varieties of ice cream. This delicate and clear ice cream is tastes awesome after having meals and when you are in a hot place and feeling the need of water this can be used as one of the best way to remove your thirst. Mint ice cream comprises of pieces of eggs, creme fraise and also mint. It is one among the hot favourite choices of kids and they feel very happy after eating hem.

4. Cookie Dough Ice Cream Flavour

Cookie dough is alike vanilla ice cream only the addition of the components like cheese cake and peanut butter creates a difference between the two ice creams. Cookie dough is a crunchy ice cream and it also creates one of the differences from vanilla as vanilla is not crunchy and this adds to quality of this ice cream and it improves its taste. Brown flour, vanilla, sugar, little crunch pieces, cream and a little butter makes it more and more yummy.

3. Cookies N Cream Ice Cream Flavour

Cookies and Creams is a excellent mixture of milk shakes, powder superb ice creams and Oreo Cookies. The collection of number of ice creams has put in with a great flavour with a wonderful taste. This ice cream was first time made in the year 1970. It can be used in variety of ways. It can be used as deserted, frozen as well as in the baked form also. All the varieties are truly yummy in taste.

2. Vanilla Ice Cream Flavour

Vanilla ice cream is globally very popular. It is light white in colour and looks very clear n yummy in taste. It is a rich creamy chocolate ice cream. There are varieties of flavours available in vanilla till date and all the flavours are liked by the people all over the world. Vanilla flavours are popularly used in different types of ice cream to make them tastier.

1. Chocolate Ice Cream Flavour

Chocolate is one of the most preferred flavour for the people of every age group. Due to its increasing demand and huge fame different different variety of chocolate flavour is made. Dark chocolate, sweet chocolate milk chocolate are some of the varieties of the chocolate flavour. Various variety of this chocolate flavour can be made my modifying the amount of components of the ice cream. Like the amount of powder, milk, cream, vanilla can be varied in accordance to form a new variety that improves the quality and taste of the ice cream.

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