Top 10 Biggest Food Products Companies in the World

Food is the perennial source of energy. The entire human life runs so as good food to eat can be obtained. Thus, to cater this need of human beings there are endless multinational companies which run night and day so that the hunger of hundreds can be met. Amongst them here are the top ten brands or food companies that have worked in their name from a long time to make people eat and live healthy. 


10. Hormel Foods:

Hormel Food Corporation is the best known producer of SPAM luncheon meat. It was founded as George A. Hormel & Company in 1891. The firm later changed its name to Hormel Foods Corporation about 102 years later. It sells food under various brand name namely Chi-Chi’s. The firm enjoyed overall revenue of $7,895 million in the year 2011 and profit of 19.9%.


9. H. J. Heinz:

The H. J. Heinz is commonly known as Heinz is famous for its ketchup and is centred with its headquarters in Pennsylvania. The firm enjoyed overall revenue of $10,706 million in year 2011 and a profit of 14.4%. The firm manufactures thousands of products in plants scattered across the six continents and markets these products in more than 200 countries. Heinz is ranked number one ketchup in US market. There are endless numbers of brands that run under the name of this firm. 


8. Sara Lee:

Sara Lee is an American company based in Illinois. The firm enjoyed overall revenue of $12,103 million which made its profits sprang up to profit 154.3%. Its products are manufacture in more than 40 countries and sold in over 180 nations. It is also a brand name of frozen and packaged food. Its products include hot dogs, meats and bakery products.  In segment of beverages it produces butter nut cappuccino and other café items. 


7. ConAgra Foods:

ConAgra Foods is an American company which has its headquarters in Nebraska. The firm manufactures and sells products under various brand names in supermarkets, restaurants and food courts. The products of the firm include cooking oil, frozen dinners, peanut butter and many others. Some of the major brands of ConAgra are Hunt’s, Healthy Choice and Slim Jim. The firm enjoyed overall revenue of $12,395 million in the year 2011 and thereby successfully a profit of 12.6%.


6. Land O’Lakes:

Land O’ Lakes is an agricultural cooperative based in Minnesota. The products of the firm basically focus on dairy industry. The firm says that its employs handle about 12 billion pounds of milk annually. It is the largest producer of butter and cheese in the United States.  The overall revenue of the firm in year 2011 was $12,849 million and this made it touch the profit of 2.3%.


5. Dean Foods:

Dean Food is an American food and beverage company. Its products are mostly sold throughout the USA. It deals with two divisions which are Fresh Dairy Direct and Morningstar. Its product includes fluid milk, frozen vegetables and processed pickles. Also ice cream and frozen desserts are amongst the list of their products. The overall revenue enjoyed by the firm in year 2011 was $13,055 million and this was responsible for an overall revenue profit of  7.5%.


4. Kellogg:

Kellogg, a multinational firm, is a successful producer of cereal and routine  foods which includes cookies, crackers, toaster, pastries, cereal bars, waffles and vegetarian foods.   The overall revenue of the firm in 2011 is $ 13,198 million and it has enjoyed a profit of 1.3%. The very popular brand of the firm is the worldwide selling Corn flakes. The products of the firm are produced in 18 countries and sold over 180 countries. The firm is headquartered in Michigan.


3. General Mills:

Under the leadership of CEO, Mr Kendall J. Powell, General mills have emerged as a new leader amongst the food market. The overall revenue of the firm was $14,880 million in the year 2011 and the firm has enjoyed a percentage profit of 17.5.


2. Kraft Foods:

The name behind Oreo cookies, trident gum and Cadbury chocolates is what we call Kraft foods. Soon the firm is looking to expand its products to grocery items. Thus the years of hard work has made this company to turn to second number. The overall revenue turn up for this firm has been $ 54,365 million in the year 2011 and an overall profit of 14.3% is being enjoyed by the firm. Thus it can be said that Kraft Foods is spreading a chocolate happiness across the world.

1. PepsiCo:

PepsiCo Inc. is an American Multinational giant. The basic interest of the firm makes it indulge in the production and manufacturing of variety of grain based snacks. With this the company has its hand in beverages. The company has more than two lac people coverage, which in itself is a high sale indicator, in entire globe and in 2010 its profits was $ 6,443 million. The company has faithfully understood the needs of the people and this has led it to rule the market and made it the top this list. Over the past few decades the company’s products were distributed across more than 200 countries, resulting in annual net revenues of $43.3 billion.  


Thus, these aare the few top companies amongst the list of hundreds which have homemade taste and variety of products has made people feel relied and attach to food market for better enjoyment of life and we do expect them to cater to us for coming generation with their healthy food items.


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