Top 10 Best Restaurants of Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most visited places rather can be termed as tourist place. Being a tourist place Mumbai offers a large range of food which is available with street vendors to small residential areas till some of the best dining restaurants which serves special food delicacies varied between vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. These restaurants offer some of the aromatic cuisines from the taste of nearby countries mixed with local taste and preferences . In Mumbai there are some best restaurants whose taste and flavor is simply delicious.

10. Joss

Joss, a fine dining restaurant is the establishment of famous chef Farrokh Khambata in the latter years of 2004. With wide variety of Japanese,Malaysian, Indonesian and Balinese cuisines, Chef take the challenge for Indian food and make some of the different and never tasted dishes such as water chestnuts stuffed in corn curd. The Sushi of this restaurant is very popular as it is made with freshest ingredients. So, relishing food and ethnic ambience make this restaurant at great heights.

9. Jamavar

This restaurant derives its name when we combine two woollen fabrics together  in the same way Jamavar offers the palette of two distinct tastes and flavor of northern and southern India keeping in mind regional speciality  Ambiance and setting are two important aspects of dining, Jamavar offers this true combination and reflects special aspects of the Leela group being a part of this hotel.Besides northern spices and southern curries Jamavar also offers Malabar and Awadhi specialities which make the menu more rich.

8. Mahesh Lunch Home

This Manglorean restaurant was established in 1977 by Mr. S. C Karkare. This restaurant is the first which give homely flavor food and relish true home style food which attracts more and more visitors and its guests again and again. This restaurant has celebrated  its silver jubilee i.e 25 years of serving its guests with local people and some special celebs to celebrate their some special occasions and serve them with different flavours of food. Restaurant was opened in Fort Mumbai and invited many celebrity guest like Kapoor Family, Sunil Gavaskar, Jaya Bacchan and many more.

7. Pan Asian

 This restaurant is the part of five star Hotel Sahara Star which offers satisfactory hospitality to the customers thus same goes with the dining experience with this restaurant. This restaurant give out some of the best cuisines of Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, Asian and Mongolian dishes. Some of the most delicious and ravishing dishes are its Sushi and Sashimi which is served with great authenticity and love being prepared with that affection only. This restaurant has been ranked four among ITC Grand Maratha.

 6. Dakshin

Dakshin is one of the best south Indian restaurant which is award winning restaurant at ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton. This restaurant serves some of the common delicacies of South India mainly of four states Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka with unique seafood taste. The ambiance of the restaurant typically focuses on the south Indian temple as on the entrance we are welcomed with brass lamp and the vessel full of water with floating flowers. This is something important part of south india. This restaurant take care of every intricate and delicate elements of south India to make this restaurant special and best.

5. Indigo

With the hard work and passion of Malini and Rahul Akerkar this restaurant was established in 1999 at south Mumbai and achieved great success in the short period. With proper structure of mumbaiya style with matching quality of food and warm hospitality make guest evening highly delightful. Being popular in western and European food this restaurant is rated in 100 best restaurants in the world on the other hand having stand-alone wine list. Its different dining rooms with ethnic environment make this place relevant for various events and parties.

4. Peshawari

This is one of the most famous North west frontier restaurant attracts some  famous personalities with the aroma of Tandoori dishes. This restaurants have some of the best trained chefs which have experience of making  only on clay oven or Tandoor which prepare delicious flavours or dishes of roasted meat. Chefs are not only famous for their preparation but their speed and serving consider or rank them best on the other hand make this restaurant number one in serving north west cuisine.

3. Leopold Café

It is one restaurant which offers different type of food from Indian till Irani dishes as this restaurant is famous for providing variety of flavours and dishes with speciality. From Indian, Chinese, continental, Tandoori and Irani dishes, it gives a wide choice to the visitor or guest to make a choice on the other hand which is very foodie can also try this restaurant where a huge variety of taste and cuisines are available. Apart from these dishes it also offers small time snacks with western tastes which attract Bollywood casting agents.

2. Golden Dragon

This restaurant has been one of the most famous  restaurant of Taj Mahal Palace since 1973 which offers chinese food on the other hand is considered to be first restaurant to serve Sichuan dishes from that point only. The most fascinating and attracting element of this restaurant is the live Kitchen which attracts its guests through its aroma on tge other hand its serving also. This restaurant has undergone contemporary style reopening which attracts more visitors as its contemporary look is far more authentic and intricate which make this more beautiful in modern look. This restaurant offers a fine blend of chinese and cantonese cuisine.

1. Khyber

Nostalgia, Ambrosia are some of the words which we can use for this restaurant as this restaurant gives the look of ancient mughals and attract visitors or guests to have something with royalty. No doubt its look welcomes you to some mughal ambience but its flavour of the food plus variety in the dishes make you realize about indo-western comfort. Keeping in mind the demand for the flavour of spices and its perfection, Khyber restaurant offers some of the authentic delicacies of northern terrains and gourmet food of mughal era. A wide variety of cocktails and wines consumed with soft music make the appetite more ravishing.


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