Top 10 Best Red Wine Brands

Wines has always known to be the most popular drinks from many ages. Almost every gathering and celebration in western countries remains incomplete without the servings of most exotic wines available throughout the planet. There are many different types of wines available in different flavors manufactured n different parts of the world. Red and white Wines are not only have good taste but they are also known for many medicinal purposes which even medicines lack. Some people prefer to collect beautiful wine bottle and others love its tastes. There are many different types of wines available throughout the world and to choose the best wine brand among them is a bit difficult and experience is required. The most expensive wines may not necessarily be the best wine so do not get taken away by the price tag. It is an alcoholic drink made from different fermented grapes. They are produced from fermenting the grapes that are crushed with the help of different kinds of yeast.


10.) German Spatburgunder: priced between $9-33,552

Associated with Burgundy province of France, it is also known as Pinot Noir. It  is considered as one of the very good quality of red wines all over the globe. The pinot noir grapes are grown all over the world, and the wine’s fruity and fresh taste is more relished with lamb, salmon and chicken. It is produced all over the world and is considered as one of the cheapest wines red grape wine. The wine is named after the grapes it is produced from and the word is derived from the French word which means black and pine.


9.) French Beaujolais: priced between $12-15

It is mainly produced in a small region of Burgundy known as Beaujolias and is named after this historical province. French Beaujolias is a kind of wine which is manufactured from variety of gamay grapes. Gamay grapes have thin skin and have a lower content of tannins. It is one of the known light bodied wines.

8.) Italian Chianti: priced between $8.95-39.95

It is an European wine named after the place where it is known to be manufactured. Italian Chianti is produced in the domain of Chianti in Tuscany situated in Italy. This red wine is made from Sangiovese grapes. Due to its extraordinary flavors it is very much relished by novices too. For a wine to keep the name Chianti it has to contain at least 80% of the sangiovese grapes.

7.) Californian Zinfandel: priced between $8.99

California Zinfandel is produced in Napa valley. It is name after the most versatile Zinfandel grapes. This American wine comes in two renowned and great flavors one is the light wine that has fruity flavor and the strong one with thick berry tang. Zinfandel is known to give deep red wines. It has a reviving flavor with hints of pepper and berry.


6.) Cabernet Sauvignon:  priced between $13-1700

Cabernet Sauvignon is an internationally recognized wine. It is mainly produced in Chile, Napa Valley and Bordeaux. It is globally recognized for its signature taste and it is manufactured from the premium grape collection available on this planet. To make a amazing mock tail blend it with Merlot and relish the taste.


5.) Australian Shiraz: priced between $8.95-108

Australian Shiraz is very dark in color and is made up of dark colored grapes. Also known as Syrah, it has a wild blackcurrant flavor and a peppery ting taste. This wine tastes best with stew, steak, beef and roasting meat. It is very well known wine consumed in many countries. Priced below 20 dollars this wine is one of the finest wine available in the world.

4.) French Bordeaux: priced between $11.99-84.56

French Bordeaux is manufactured in three prominent wine manufacturing provinces situated in France and it comes in variety of flavors. The range varies from table wine to the most esteemed wines. Produced mainly in Bordeaux this wine has a very different and compelling taste. The most prominent French Bordeaux wine is the Vintage wine with a very unique flavor.


3.) Merlot Wine: priced between $2- 9,995

This wine contains alcohol in a larger proportion as compared to the others. They are manufactured from Merlot grapes grown mostly in the Bordeaux province of France. They are also grown in Australia, America and Europe as well. They have a taste resembling black cherries and sometimes even like mint. It has extremely rich and full bodied flavor and is one of the best vintage red wines available throughout the world. Famous for its great taste, suppleness and volume this wine easily mixes with other wines and is liked worldwide.

2.) Malbec Wine: priced between $5-120

Malbec wine is one of the most interesting wines available on this planet. It has a very rich violent color owing to the Argentina’s signature purple grapes it is made from. It is among the most popular wine tasted among red wine lovers and tasted extremely amazing with Italian, Mexican and Indian cuisines.

1.)      Barbera Wine: priced between $10.99-19.99

Barbera Wine has a very silky and smooth looking texture and is the most known and versatile wine available on this planet. Majorly produced in Italiy this wine is also manufactured in California and can be easily paired with American, Asian and European dishes. It has a low content of tannins and has a higher content of acid. When not very old these wine have the aroma of red berries and black berries.

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