Top 10 Best Healthiest Breakfast Cereals in the Market

Cereals are the best remedy to have reduced fats and to lower the content of cholesterol, and sodium. For the following section of write up, I have taken in to consideration the best cereals from the world, for the growing ones which is best in the aspect of the growth, nourishments and total change. Here is the list of such cereals which are best in the world and the list continues as :-


10.) Cheerios

The best and the 10th most used cereal product is Cheerios in the market. It is the best remedy to have reduced cholesterol and fat in your diet. In a single serve of an average cup, It is more refreshing, filling and tasty. They don’t need any surplus nourishing additive in them for taste or for filler. For its single serve, it contains 120 calories, 3g of fat and total of 25g of carbohydrates content in it. It is the 10th best in the world.


9.) Shredded Wheat

One of the most classic product of cereal in demand is Shredded wheat. Its the most ancient one still in use and the demand among the growing ones is the maximum and loved by all. Although, serve size is not more than 2-3 biscuits, and people might confuse only 2-3 but to my view, they are enough to consume in a single serve for it contains 165 calories, 0.5 g fat and total of about 40g of carbohydrates, which contains some natural fiber in it making it the best in use for time now.


8.) GoLean Crunch – Kashi

It is the cereal product from Kashi, and the most common in houses of everyone. Everyone believes in it and so I do as well. It is the healthiest cereal in the market to have for the growth for secured way. In a single serve of 1 cup, it will provide about 250 calories, 5g fat content and a total of 45g carbohydrates making it the best in use. Although, the diet is heavy but some extra servings can be taken as well simultaneously.


7.) Kix

Kix is the heavy in demand cereal among all the cereal. Since it is loved from kids to all, it is one of the highest in demand cereal. With a simple serve size of an average bowl, rather than a cup, it will provide a total of 135 calories, 2g fat and whooping 30g of carbohydrates and the taste is so tasty that none would love to share it with anybody. 😉 😛 😛 .


6.) Rice Chex

This is the healthiest cereal product in the market but to remind it to you that it is only good in health wise. It is in fact not a much tasty cereal and one who will be having it for the first time will be having some feelings of vomit out, but to remind you also, how healthy and nutritious it is. A single serve of an average cup of Rice Chex cereal will provide a total of 130 calories, with fat free content and total of 30g of carbohydrates. Although, the kids don’t like to eat much, so this is the best alternate, they won’t eat much, yet it will fulfill their basic body demand and growth ingredients.


5.) Rice Krispies

Another kids cereal product at number 5 in the list is Rice Krispies. It is another best cereal in demand with greater among the kids. A normal serving of this pack will be providing the eater with a total of 125 calories and 30g of carbohydrates. There is not fat in it and the best alternate for fatty kids. So what is the wait for, go and start krispieing.


4.) Grape Nuts

One of the most competitive cereal in demand is Grape nuts. Although, with a very small serving size, the nutrition count is the largest in this case. It is the dense in content with a total nutritional value of 200 calories, with a high demand of more than 50g of carbohydrates and only 1g fat. Since, it is high in rank, which is the reason of because of its content.


3.) Total Corn FLakes

The only cereal in the list with the most demanding nature because of its high mineral and vitamin content over all. It is unlikely than the rest, provides a total of 120 calories and 30g of carbohydrates. The best thing about it that it is fat free. The only best cereal fat free in demand in the market is none other than Total Corn Flakes. Although, the choice is not bad but not compromising as well. So go for it and have it and enjoy.


2.) Kashi Puffings.

The only diet of cereal with the least content of carbohydrates in demand is kashi puffs. One who is allergic to carbohydrates can surely choose the package and enjoy the deal with this cereal. One of the best manufacturing company Kashi manufactures it, so there is not compromise with the content, nutrition and quality. This is the 2nd best cereal which is in demand for now-a-days.


1.) Quaker Puffed Wheat

The best of all, the gem of all and the king of cereal product is Quaker Puffed Wheat. It is the best in market with the best cream of crop, machete in demand and most importantly, it is exactly similar to kashi puffs, which allures the growing kids and teenagers in taste. A large serving provides only 50 calories, and only 12g carbohydrates, which makes it the highest demanding and the healthiest cereal in this range. This is fat free and can be consumed by all. The only worst thing about the cereal is its availability. It is not easily found in the market. One of the most amazing and magnificent diet of cereal it Quaker puffed wheat. It is available with a reasonable low price in the market but subjected to availability.

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