Top 10 Best Foods Delicacies of Asia

There are thousands of delicacy but there are a few which can everyone favorite. Some might prefer the one which some hate. Its all about taste but there are some which can anyone feel good while eating. Talking about ASIA, the continent where, there are cuisines available in just too much way. Be it Indian, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian or else, every country has got its best food. Here is the list of concerned food which is a must eat for everyone while in Asia.


10.) Kaiseki

It is a ceremonial dish arrangement in which it is full of delicious eatables and it is a high form of hospitality shown through it. It is actually a traditional Japanese dinner offered at night time to guests. It is actually a collections meals in it. To my view, once one in Japan, must eat it. It contains Sakizuke, Hassun, Takiawase, Su-zakana and soups with all together in the dish proposed.


9.)  Chinese Desserts

Chinese Desserts are famous all over the world. These are the sweetened foods and dishes which are served with some soup available and often with tea, after the meal. Generally, desserts are prepared from cane sugar, malt sugar, nuts and fruits along with honey all mixed. After desserts of sweetening comes the term of snacks, Guo or Gao, a snack food from baking of rice.


8.) Legumes

One of the best and the significant vegetable in Korea. In fact this is the revolutionizing veg of Korea which has been in trend to eat for centuries. In History, legumes have been mentioned and not only this, but their extracts have been found in archaeological surveys as well. It is used to make many veg items and sweet items. In reality, legumes are eaten raw and is tasty but to taste it depends, it is also cooked and served. Taking concern of health, it is a must eat in Asia.


7.) Butter Naan

This is the food from India, a flattened and fluffy bread made in cauldrons and it is originated from Punjab province of India and in North India. It is a very tasty and daily found food in the common as well as in class people. It is flavored with garlic paste and often with butter for a taste. It is served with chicken and gravy veggie. Anyone visiting India, must eat once in his/her stay. ?


This was the concerned about the making and now being very specific, here are the list of continued foods and dishes, one must eat while in Asia.


6.) Massaman Curry

This is basically a Thai cuisine and as known to all, Thailand is famous for its sweet, spicy and delicious foods over the world. Basically, they are best in making curry and same is the case of Massaman Curry, a delicious and very thick soup made from meat, dish of coconut milk in it freshened with cashew, nuts and many other items altogether. Along with it comes some spices like cardamom, cinnamon, sugar, fish-gravy. In fact for the meat, beef is traditionally used and it is a flavored soup after all to consume.


5.) Pho

It is also a king of curry cum food served with meat in it. It is from Vietnam and a breakfast type food costing for less than $ 1 even, it is the cheapest and the best to eat in Asia. It is a mint-flavored dish soup available almost in entire Asia, except a few countries. I guess, this is the best thing to have while to start your day with a fresh way.


4.) Curry Laksha

Malay food (Malaysian) have its own distinct class of offerings. Basically Lasksha is a mixed variety of food that is a coconut based cuisine and a curry soup. It is prepared with the rice noodles and are available everywhere including those roadside streets and served with fish, chicken, tofu or spicy chili paste, or full with some veggie leaves to have enriched flavor.


3.) Amok

It is a dish prepared from freshwater fish of which it includes basically catfish, and surface fishes. It is a very thick mass dish, favorite from the place of Cambodia. It is often enriched with Cambodian spices in it to have an added taste in it. It is offered with fresh and steamed banana leaves or coconut dish. It is not bad for health and in fact the spices are not bad for kidneys and lever.


2.) Chicken Tikka Masala

The heavy cuisine from the Asian continent and the favorite of all class irrational of the origin. It is made and found in entire Asia. Be it Indian, Chinese, Japanese Malaysian or of any country or place, all have a distinct taste and the best choice of all. It is in fact a mixture of all taste. It will give a pleasing taste of all cultures and taste of Asia. Blended with Indian spices, Chinese gravy, and Malay chicken it is the best thing to enjoy. The most famous and delicious of all however is the Malaysian Chicken Tikka Masala. It is smeared with spicy cream along with fresh tomato and veggie leaves. It is served with naan, roti, chapati and in Asian countries often offered with rice and pulaw. A must try food of Asian Countries.


1.) Nasi Goreng

The best present food of Asia is Nasi Goreng from the Indonesia. It is actually a pleasant and tasty fried rice. It is a very cheap and enjoyable food available in Asia. Yellowish in color usually it is mixed with garlic, coriander and chili. The taste will freshen up with the culture and taste of India. Along with it, comes a fried egg masala and shrimp crispy cracker which just will make you feel heavenly. It has no social limitations and is loved by everyone. It is found in the best of the restaurants to the poorest of the villages. One interesting fact about the dish is that President Barack Obama was also given the ” NASI GORENG ” when he was on visit to Indonesia.

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