Top 10 Best Food Magazines in the World

There are quite a few amazing food magazines that are published keeping in account the people who love food and more over cooking. These food magazines are a perfect place to find about food, new cuisines, blogs about food, different types of recipes and many more. Food and cooking loving people actually look forward to the new editions of these magazines that are published on certain intervals. So here we are going to talk about the top ten best food magazines that are published in the various parts of the world.

10. BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food is the number one food magazine in the United Kingdom and in our list it is at the number tenth spot. This food magazine is for every people who is into cooking and loves different kind of food that is served in different parts of the world. Good Food is published by the BBC magazines and is available not only in UK but also in various parts of the world. Each year a total twelve number of issues are published. Each issue has at least 80 new recipes in them which are famous in different corners of the world and also have the recipes by the renowned chefs. Each recipe that is provided in the magazine is tested and has tips of BBC Good Food team. The magazine is popular as it also contains food blogs from various known faces.

9. Everyday Food

Everyday Food is another famous food magazine that we have in our list. The first issue of this highly popular food magazine was published in the year 2003 and from then on it is being regularly published. Each year 10 Everyday Food magazine is published. The Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is the parent company that publishes this magazine. A TV show has also been started by the company having same name as the magazine’s name. Each issue that is published has a variety of new recipes and knowledge about different food items. This is a perfect magazine that covers all the family and home cooking food items and their recipes. There are a lot of people who are a regular reader of this magazine.

8. Fine Cooking

Fine Cooking is a bimonthly published food magazine, which means each year only 6 Fine Cooking magazines are published by its publisher named as Taunton Direct Inc. This magazine has readers who have lots of interest in creating new dishes each time they enter kitchen for preparing some food. Each edition of the magazine has man recipes, cooking techniques and lots of other essential information about the food and eating habits. There are a lot of people who desperately wait for magazine’s issue to get into market so that they can learn something new and interesting each time they read it.

7. Food & Wine

It is almost 34 years now since the first issue of this popular magazine called as the Food & Wine first came into market. Started in the year 1978 in United States by Ariane and Michael, this is one of the favorite food magazines of many people all over the world. The magazine is published by the American Express Publishing house. Each year a total twelve different issues are published. Dana Cowin is the editor in chief of this highly popular magazine. Each issue of the magazine has new recipes, reviews about popular restaurants all over the world, cooking advices and articles about the world’s renowned chefs. The magazine also covers information about the different varieties of wines that are sold in different parts of the world.

6. Cook’s illustrated

Cook’s illustrated is a widely admired food magazine published in the United States. Currently Christopher Kimball is the editor in chief of the magazine. The first edition of this magazine was published in the year 1993 and from then on this magazine is published bimonthly every year. Most interestingly the magazine is deprived of any kind of advertisements and covers all the necessary knowledge that are should be known to the people about the food. The magazine also tests different recipes and then provides readers with the valuable tips from their end. Even the chefs recommend this useful magazine to the people who love cooking and want to learn something new in this field.

5. The Art of Eating

The Art of Eating is another famous food magazine which is published keeping the food lovers in mind. It has been more than twenty five years now since the first copy if this magazine was published and from then on it is regularly published with all the new recipes and different techniques that are required to cook the tasty and healthy food items. Various new chefs act as guest editors for this food magazines. They share their experience and the new methods to cook different foods.

4. Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit is an American food magazine which was first published in the year 1956. In total each year there are twelve issues of the magazines that are published. The magazine Bon Appetit is published by the Conde’ Nast Publications which is based in the New York City. The editor in chief of this magazine is Adam Rapoport. It was M Frank Jones who first acted as the editor and started this magazine. This magazine covers all the new varieties and recipes of the food items and also contains reviews about the different varieties of wines. Each new recipe that is published in the magazine also contains photographs which teach so as to how to cook it.

3. Cooking Light

One of the best food magazines which was first published in the year 1987, Cooking Light has added more readers to its list with each edition that has been published till date. Scott Mowbray is the current editor in chief of this magazine. Cooking Light is in fact a monthly magazine which is published by The Time Inc. Magazine Company. This magazine gives importance to the nutritious food and the ways in which those items are prepared. The magazine has articles on various topics ranging from fitness, eating habits and so on.

2. Saveur

Saveur magazine is at the second spot in our list of the best food magazines in the world. This magazine was started in the year 1994 by the Meigher Corporations in United States. Each year there are nine issues of this magazine which are published. James Oseland is currently the editor in chief of this highly popular magazine. World Publications Inc. is the publisher of this magazine worldwide, which is also known by the name of Bonnier Corporation. This magazine has a perfect mix of recipes, different food blogs and other articles about food.

1. Gourmet

This magazine was started in the year 1941 in United States by R. MacAusland. Although this magazine is no longer published and was last published in November 2009, this is the best Food and Wine magazine which was ever published. In fact Gourmet was the first magazine to get published in the United States which was totally based on food and wine. This magazine had various recipes, tips about cooking and other articles regarding about food in its every issue. This magazine has a renowned reputation in this field which no other magazine has been able to attain so far.

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