Top 10 Best Chocolates In The World

Chocolates are the best desert item in this world.  It is the best taste changer and the mood changer. It is not confined to a certain category of people, every people in this world of all age groups like chocolates. There are various advantages of chocolates apart from its good taste, chocolates help you live longer, chocolates makes you feel better, chocolates wont cause acne, chocolates can aid in whiter teeth and many more. Chocolates are also believed to be the best gift for someone, also  it is a very romantic gift.  There are various types of chocolates available in the market which differ from one other in taste, composition,cost,colour,brand etc.

Here I am with list of top 10 most popular chocolates in the world.


10. KitKat:

KitKat is a wafer biscuit bar covered with chocolate .  It was created by a British named: Rowntree.  Nestle took over Rowntee in 1988 and produces the chocolates world wide , except in united states where it is made and sold by Hershey company. The chocolate comes in a 2 0r 4 finger set. The name KitKat is taken from the 18th century when mutton pies know as KitKat were served at the meeting of the political KitKat club. Presently this chocolate is produced in 21 countries under Nestle.



Mars also known as Mars bar is a chocolate bar manufactured by Mars incorporated. It was first produced in 1932 in united kingdom.

It consists of nougat and caramel covered in milk chocolate. It comes in different packing styles.  Also its logo and some of its ingredients were changed in 2002 to make it more popular among the people.  Some of the limited edition variants Of Mars have been released in different countries by different names, some are:  Mars Almond, Mars Dark and Light, Mars midnight, Mars Gold, Mars Lava, Mars chill. Also one of its version named Mars World Cup was introduced during the Fifa World Cup 2010.


08. Galaxy:

Galaxy is a milk chocolate produced by the Mars Incorporated.  This brand was first launched in 1960 but in 1988 it was bought by Mars. Galaxy covers a wide range of products, like: chocolate bars, milk chocolate, caramel, fruit & nut and many more. This chocolate is very popular among children and women.  There are various quality and types of galaxy available in the market, some are: Galaxy Dark, Galaxy Caramel, Dairy Galaxy.  Throughout the course of its existence it had many rivals, among which Dairy Milk was the most famous.


07. Cadbury:

Cadbury is a Confectionery company which is owned by Kraft Foods and is the worlds second largest Confectionery in the world after Mars incorporated.  The company operates its branches in 50 countries world wide.   Cadbury is one of the most famous chocolate brand in the world. It produces many different types of chocolates, which comes in different flavours and different packing. The best thing about cadbury chocolates is that they are comparatively cheaper. Cadbury Dairy Milk is one of the most famous chocolate by the company. Now a days Dairy Milk also comes of different types and flavours , some of them are:  Dairy Milk Crackle, Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut, Dairy Milk Shorts, Dairy Milk Silk etc.




Toblerone is another chocolate brand owned by Kraft Foods which also produces other chocolates like cadbury. Actually Toblerone was not stated by the Kraft Food but they took over Toblerone from its former owner Jacobs Suchard  in 1990. It is a famous chocolate but it is more famous because of its shape, it has a prism shape. The chocolate bar ranges from 10 cm to 1 m.  It  also has a very attractive packing which differ in colour and shape.



Patchi is a chocolate brand from Lebanon, established in 1974 by Nizar Choucair. It is now sold in more than 20 countries. Patchi produces some of the most expensive boxes of chocolates. It is the most famous and leading chocolate brand in Middle East.Patchi uses some of the most finest cocoa for its chololates. Its paking is really awesome and quit attractive. If some one wants to gift chocolate to someone then this is the best one as its packing is just like the gift box and also the taste is out of this world.

The best part about Patchi is that it produces chocolates customized to local taste and for local events and festivals. Also patchi is the winner of best quality management award.


04. Guylian:

Guylian is a famous Belgian Chocolate manufacture founded by Guy Foubert in 1960. Its name is derived from its founders and his wife’s name: Guy(from Guy Foubert )+lian(fromLiliane: wife of Guy). Guylian is famous for different types of chocolates but it is most famous for its Sea Shells Praline with different fillings.  Guylian sells pralines in gift boxes, individually wrapped chocolates, chocolate bars etc. In 2005 Guylian established the Guinness world record for the largest chocolate sculpture of an Easter egg.


03. Ghirardelli:


It is a chocolate company in in united states which controls every aspects of its chocolate manufacturing process. Ghirardelli chocolates are available in market in different forms. It is one of the top chocolate selling brand in united states of america and this is due to the reach cocoa beans used to make these chocolate. To maintain high quality of the chocolate the manufacture rejects 40% of the cocoa beans shipped. These chocolates can also be bought online.


02. Lindt Sprungli:

It is a Swiss chocolate company. It is  also known as Lindt.  Lindor is one of the famous chocolate from this company which is a hard chocolate shell with a smooth chocolate filling. It comes both in a ball and bar shape. There are various variety of this chocolate which differ in flavour, colour and packing. Some of its famous flavours are: Milk, Mint, Peanut Butter,Mocha etc. It is one of the most sold chocolate brand in Swiss which is famous for its chcocolates.


01. Ferrero Rocher :

This is the best chocolate brand in this world, anyone who has some knowledge about chocolate must have heard about this chocolate brand. It is made from roasted walnut and hazelnut and hazelnut milk cream. It has thin layer of wafer coated with milk chocolate which simply melts in mouth and fells awesome.  This chocolate has a very high demand in the market and the company has started to bring different verity of this chocolate which are in different flavour and packing.

I would suggest everyone to try this chocolate once and trust me you would be addicted to this.


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