Top 10 Best Chinese Restaurants in USA

It is very general to have a round around the globe once a year. One of the most important aspect of  a successful travel is the successful food. It is essentially important to have the knowledge of some good restaurants, in advance, when you are moving at a  foreign destination. So, here is the list of the most trusted Chinese restaurants and fun villas where you must step in, especially for the Chinese food passionates.

10.) Din Tai Fung, California

Din Tai Fungh is popular for its specialization in Xaiolongbao i.e. small steamed buns, chicken soup, seaweed, bean sprouts and mug bean noodle which is called as Xiaochi in Chinese. Din Tai Fung has been ranked as one of the world’s top 10 restaurants by The New York Times, in 1993. It is an award winning restaurant originating in Taiwan. It has spread its branches in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, US and Thailand.


9.)  China Garden Restaurant, Houston

China Garden

This is the Hotel running successfully since 1969.

“I travel often Throughout the US and have not yet found Chinese food as good as … The best Chinese food i have had in a while. This is the best place to have Chinese food i have ever eaten in Houston. … basically the best place in terms of food, service and hospitality. ”

This restaurant has given  life to the Chinese food  lovers and now has become the Houston tradition. This was established by David and Maria Jue in 1969 fo the first time. With a consistently fantastic flavour and a “home-away-from-home” feel, CHina garden’s success looks to continue for years to come.


8.)  ChinaTown, Houston

Chinatown, Houston

The first business of Chinatown was opened in 1983. In 2005, Chirsty Chang, who manages the Chinese Tours said that it is no more a pure Chinatown but has become an Asia Town due to the presence of various ethnic groups. It is spreaded over 16km.sq. area. It  serves many kinds of cuisines including Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Laotin, Malaysian and Thai. It also contain many fusion cuisine restaurants.


7.)  N.Y.Noodletown, New York

This restaurant lives upto its billing with expertly prepared Cantonese cuisine that attracts locals and tourists. The front dining is dedicated to the roasted meat eaters, a Hong Kong speciality. The roast pork and wonton noodle soup are succulent dumplings filled with sweet whole shrimp. It is  a night-eater place.


6.)  Dumpling Inn, San Diego

“This is one of those places that is allowed to be rude to its customers, due to how delicious the food is and how crowded the restaurant can be during certain times of the week. Dumplings are meant to be eaten hot and they are only at their peak just after they finish steaming. I was pretty surprised by how much i could not stop eating.”

No more praises required after reading the above lines as quoted by one of the customer. It comforts you with  the best and most authentic Chinese food in the whole of San Diego.  It is best known for its Xiao long bao and pan fried dumplings. Although it is quite small restaurant in area comprising of only 10-12 tables but its quite vast in its taste and leisure.


5.)  Panda Express, Thousand Oaks

Panda Inn is the fastest growing Chinese restaurant chain in North America.  It operates mainly inside the United States, in casinos, shopping malls, toll plaza, supermarkets, airports, stations, strip malls, theme parks, stadiums, college campuses and The Pentagon.  Panda Express has 1500 restaurants covering 42 States and Puerto Rico. There used to be Panda Express locations in Japan earlier.

It provides the variety of cuisines such as Orange chicken, Beijing Beef, Mandarin Chicken and Kung pao chicken. These meals are served with fried rice, steamed rice, chowmein and mixed vegetables. Panda Express has its headquarters in Rosemead, California.


4.) P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Austin

P.F Chang’s China Bistro is an Asian-themed American casual dining restaurant chain owned and operated by Centerbridge Partners. It stands for Paul Flemming (P.F.) and Philip Chiang, who founded it in 1993. The first restaurant was opened at the Scottsdale Fashion Square in Arizona. On 2 July, 2012 Centerbidge Partners have purchased this restaurant.

It basically specializes in American Chinese cuisines. It also provides special drinks, Asian beers, cappuccino and espresso. It is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, it operates 204 restaurants in United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Middle East.


3.) NBC Seafiood, Atlantic, Monteary Park

This is a crazy place on weekends, but worth a trip. It has gradually expanded its varieties and has opened many new branches. It is considered as the greatest hits of dim sum. It offers 5  shui mais in one order which is great to attract a large group. It specializes in  Cantonese sea food. It also manages  banquet events and large parties. It provides a pleasant ambience even to non-Chinese people.

“The food is highly delicious and reasonable at the same time. Service is always fast and friendly. The total experience is great. ”  as quoted by a visitor.


2.) Shandong, Portland

Shandong is a restaurant situated in the Hollywood district of North East Portland. Its speciality lies in Northern Chinese dishes. The restaurant prides in itself for delivering fresh and high quality food to its visitors at nominal prices.

” It has the best food i have ever had. I had the kung pao and shrimp and it was excellent. The food was cooked perfectly keeping in mind the balanced nutrient value. ”

The restaurant is pretty small but is well managed and decorated with bamboo tables and pale green booths. It appears like a house remodelled for a restaurant use, this contributing to a homely environment. The ambience is delightful and amiable. It has excellent and varied menu of authentic Szechuwan, Beijing and Hunan Chinese dishes. It is mostly packed during the dinner time.


1.)  Lai Lai Dmpling House, Houston

The restaurant ranking No.1 on this list, is situated in Houston,TX.  If you are looking for authentic  home made Chinese food and don’t want to spend much money at all then Lai Lai’s is the perfect place for you. The company’s line of business includes Eating  place and Drinking place.  The main food attractions are the large dumplings ( pot stickers )  that come pan fried or steamed. Other Chinese dishes such as General Tso’s Chicken is also well known.  The food here is quite expensive. The quantity which they give is sufficient to feed even a group. In other words, small soup bowl will feed one complete team of 6-7 persons. The atmosphere is very stereotypical Asian. Once visited,  will return over and over again. Also, they offer a “long bread” on rare occasions that too to only few guests. If you have received one, you are lucky enough! One more distinctive thing about Lai Lai Dumpling is that they don’t accept credit cards. They demand just the cash.

“Lai Lai is one of those places where your eyes can easily become bigger than your stomach. You would never be disappointed for any aspect whether it is service, quality, quantity, ambience or price. I am drooling just thinking about those steamed dumplings. Oh my god! They are just too delicious. ”  spotted as saying.



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