Top 10 Best Beers World 2012

Beer is a low alcoholic beverage ( content can be as low as 3% to 4%) which is the most popular form of drink throughout the world. The history of beer dates to the olden eras in B.C. It is said to be the earliest fermented product. A beer is nothing but a fermented sugar product which is then flavored to give a crisp taste and an aroma. Various brands of beer are available which use different ingredient’s to form their beer. And by various I mean around thousands of beer companies are out there. So in order to rate a beer a criteria is needed. Over here I am stating the top 10 beers in the world in terms of business they have had. The volume of that particular brand that was sold in the past year. So following are the top 10 beers brands in the world.

10. Asahi Super Dry.
Asahi super dry is a Japanese beer produced by the Asahi Brewers Ltd which is the leading beer company in Tokyo. It was launched in the year 1987 and turned out to be the most successful deal for the company making them the leaders of the beer market in the country. Asahi brewers hold about 40% share in the Japanese beer market. It is soon gaining popularity in Europe as well. The sales for the beer in the last year was around 12.3 million barrels making them the best selling beer in the whole of Japan.


9. Brahma


Brahma was initially launched by Comphania Cervejaria Brahma in the year 1888 but now it is manufactured by the leading brewing firm AB InBev. It is a Brazilian beer but its global distribution started in the year 2004. There are various other products launched under the brand name. It contains about 4.8% of alcohol by volume and thus has gained acceptance in the American market. It sold around 17.4 million barrels in the past year. The AB InBev have called on board the Brazilian Beauty Jennifer Lopez as the brand endorser.


8. Miller lite.

Miller lite is a larger beer containing 4.2% of alcohol by volume. It was produced and launched in the year 1973 by Miller brewing company in the USA, Chicago and Illinois. It is the most popular brand produced by the company. It is pale in color and due to its low alcoholic content it is getting very popular in the States. It sold around 18 million barrels in the past year. It is the fourth largest selling beer in the states.


7. Coors light.

Coors light is one of the products produced and distributed by the Coors brewing company . It was produced in the United States in the year 1978. It is a larger beer having an alcoholic content of 4.2% by volume. Since 2008 Coors light is the official beer of NASCAR replacing the notable brand Budweiser. It is the second most popular beer in the States selling around 18.2 million barrels in the last year.


6. Heineken.

Heineken is an international brand of beer that originated in the year 1873 in Netherlands. It is manufactured by the Heineken International which is a Dutch brewing company. Heineken has an alcoholic content of about 5% by volume and is a pale larger beer. The ingredients of the beer are closely guarded and are a secret. Heineken has a slightly sweet and grainy flavor but also a little skunky. The brand sold about 26 million barrels of alcohol in the past year.


5. Skol.

Although not originally from the country of Brazil; Skol today is sold as a Brazilian beer worldwide. It is also manufactured by AB InBev. It is the world’s largest brewing company. It is a larger beer introduced in the year 1964 with an alcoholic content of only 2% by volume. The Skol brand has received the 2012 World Quality selection’s Gold award 2 times. This shows the refined quality of the product. The Skol brand sold 29.5 million barrels of beer last year.


4. Corona extra.

Corona extra is a Mexican brand of beer produced in a series of breweries by Cerveceria Modello. It a pale large beer containing about 4.6% alcohol by volume. It is largely known as corona. Corona is one of the top selling bears worldwide having a market in over 170 countries  In America and Britain it is served with a slice of lime or lemon. The piece of the fruit is inserted into the neck of the bottle adding a tint to the beer. Corona sold around 30.4 million barrels in the past year and is the top selling foreign brand in USA.


3. Budweiser

Budweiser a brand name popular worldwide belongs to the United States of America. It came into existence in 1876 as a pale larger beer. It is developed by Anheuser – Busch InBev. Even today it is one of the top selling beers in the United States. In addition it has 20 plus markets worldwide. Budweiser contains about 5% alcohol by volume. It is prepared from rice and topped with hops and barley malt. It is produced in the United States as well as in many other parts of the world. It sold around 38.7 million barrels last year with the sales in foreign market increasing by about 20%.


2. Bud Light.


In the year 1982 Budweiser launched its new product “Bud Light” which is one of the top selling Budweiser beers. It contains about 4.2% alcohol by volume. It is flavored with hops and malt extract. Bud light is a clear straw colored beer with slight foam on the top. It is the top selling beer in the U.S and also hold a considerable market worldwide. It sold around 45.4 million barrels in the past year. Although the Snow brand which is topping the list sells a lot more than Budweiser it is mainly localized in China only. Budweiser having a market worldwide is indeed the number one when we talk about totality.


1. Snow beer .

Snow is a range of beer having about 25 sub products belonging to the country China. It is brewed in conjugation by SABMiller and China Resources Enterprises known as CR Snow. This is a type of beer that is fermented at low temperatures known as larger beer. It was launched in the year 1991 and now holds the major market share in China. Yes it is not sold in western countries. Still it is the number 1 selling beer because the Chinese alone gulped down around 50.8 million barrels of Snow in the year 2011 making it the number 1 selling beer. Snow is pale in color and very light. It has a malty taste and is often used by Chinese in restaurants with spicy foods. Although it is quite bland for beer lovers from western countries.

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