Top 10 Best Beer Brands In The World

Beer is the third most consumed drink in the whole world after water,tea. Also it is the best alcoholic drink in the world and is very popular among people of all age groups. It is made up of malted grains like wheat,barley and maze. Also malted rice and other low cost cereal grains are used to reduce the cost. Apart from these some other flavours and preservatives are used in the  preparation of beer. The  process of beer preparation is know as brewing. The amount of alcohol in beer varies from company to company, generally it is 4-9 % and can go up to 40%.

Now a days beer has become a part of our culture and is used in all type of events and celebration. Also beer is the best thing to hangout with whether your are alone or in any group. It is quite common among youth and they celebrate all their moments in their life whether big or small with beer.  Now a days people are taking beer as an alternative of wine and soft drinks.

There are many brands of beer in the market different flavours and taste. Here I am with the list of top 10 of them and hope you have tasted most of them and if not just give it a try.


10.  Becks :

Becks is German beer brand owned by Interbrew . It is the best selling German beer in the whole world and is sold in almost 90 countries.   Becks is very popular in Germany and apart from Germany it is famous in USA, UK, Italy, Australia and Russia.

It tastes very smooth and is a very good choice when you feel fancy.

09.  Carlsberg :

Carlsberg beer is owned and manufactured by the Carlsberg group which is a Danish brewing company founded in 1847.  The Carlsberg group is the worlds 5th largest brewery company. The company main beer brand is Carlsberg but it also produces Tuborg for the local market. It is one of the most famous beer brand in Russia with around 40%  market share.

Carlsberg is one of the most lightest, sweetest and smoother beer in the world.

08. Brahma :

Brahma is one of the Brazilian beer brand which is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. It was started by Companhia Cervejaria Brahma in 1888.

Brazil is a tourist place with a lot of beaches and thus it has a very big market for beer and it is believed that  Brazil is the fourth largest market of beer in this world and Brahma is one of the famous beer brand here.

07. Miller Lite :

Miller Lite is a beer from the Miller group of USA. It is a light beer and is good for starters. It contains 4.2 % of alcohol by volume. It has a great test and goes down the throat easily.

It is the biggest domestic beer in American and is quite cheap as compared to others.

06. Guinness : 

Guinness is a Irish beer brand manufactured by Diageo. It is one of the most successful beer brand in the world. It is brewed in nearly 60 countries and is sold in almost 100 countries. Around 850 million litres of Guinness is sold every year. This beer is very common among Irish people all over the world.

One unique feature of Guinness is its burnt flavour which is derived from roasted  unmalted barley.

Guinness has 4.2% of alcohol by volumes.

05. Foster Lager :

Foster Lager is a product from the Foster Group. It is a Australian brand brewed all over the world. In India rights of Foster Lager is owned by Sabmiller.  It is very popular beer brand among the Asian people but not so popular in Australia.

It contains around 5% of alcohol by volumes.

04. Corona :

Corona is beer brand of Spain which is owned and manufactured by Cerveceria Modelo at many breweries in Mexico.

It is a light beer which contains around 4.6% of alcohol by volume. It is one of the most sold beer in the whole world but it is most famous in Mexico.  It is sold in nearly 170 countries.

03. Heineken :

Heineken is a pale  larger beer produced by the Dutch brewing company Heineken International.   Heineken is made up of yeast, purified water, hops and barley malts.

Canada is the major beer drinking country and Heineken is the most popular beer in Canada.  It also the  most popular beer brand in USA, Australia and some middle east countries.

It contains 5% alcohol by volume.

02. Bud Light :

Bud Light is a beer product from the American company Anheuser-Busch InBev. Anheuser-Busch InBev is the biggest brewing company in the United States with a market share of 49.2 %. The has around 30 running breweries all over the world, out of which 12 are in United States.  Many different versions of Bud Light beer has been launched in the market with different flavour, taste and packing and is quite popular.

It is the beer of common people and is available every where. It is cheap and light and tastes good.  It has 4.2 % of alcohol by volume.

01. Budweiser :

The best beer money can by is Budweiser. Ask any beer lover and he will surely take the name of Budweiser. It is american larger produced by Anheuser-Busch InBev. It was launched in 1876 and since than it is one of the best beer.

It is a filtered beer which is made up of  Rice, Barley Malt and hops. The best selling beer in America .   It contains 5% alcohol by volume.  It is available in drought and as well as in packed form.

It is a real beer with a real taste, if you have not tasted Budweiser than you don’t know the taste of beer.

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