Top 10 Advantages Of Buffet System

In social events, food servicing style is generally arranged either table services or as buffet service style. But it often appears difficult choosing within these two. Table service is more formal and methodical and for small gatherings, whereas the buffet system is ideal for large gatherings. It conserves both time and space of the fast-track, modern world. Still it is found to be difficult to make a choice between a plated and a buffet service. Both the systems have their advantages and disadvantages but it is still preferable to order buffet service to avoid unnecessary chaos especially when it comes to serve those guests with dietary restrictions.

So Here Are The Top 10 Advantages Of Buffet System-

10. Table service method is a highly disciplined method. It consumes a lot of time, and is favorable for short meets. So, in large gatherings, buffet system is a must, to complete the absolute process without sacrificing the time of the visitors.

9. The buffet system increases the variety of dishes served which is restrained in case of table service. You can judge the item with its name and appearance, and taste it accordingly; while this seems a bit confusing in the table service system.

8. As buffet system is the self servicing method, invitees serve their own as per their want, choice and reserve themselves once-twice or more without bothering others.

7. In buffet system people serve themselves as per their appetite. It reduces the unnecessary wastage of food.

6. Buffet system is preferred by those guests who are in hurry by allowing them to enjoy what they want to eat without wasting time.

5. Unlike table service, in buffet you need not have to wait for the dish to be served. And, moreover, you can inspect the food before taking it and take the quantity you prefer. The choice is entirely up to you and you may repeat a particular dish a number of times without any hesitation.

4. You can have the food while moving around, talking, and chatting with friends or relatives spread here and there. But, in table system, you have to complete the food sitting in a particular sit, and with the same persons around you.

Buffet System

3. In table service it feels very awkward when one has to wait until a batch finishes eating and the table is cleaned up and ready for the next diner to be served. So it is time-consuming. But in buffet you can serve yourself whenever you feel like without waiting in the queue.

2. In table service system, wide space of area is needed to arrange the sits and tables for the huge mass gathered considered to buffet service system. Foods are placed in a row one after another along the borders, ready to get served.

1. Buffet system cuts down a lot of your budget as fewer servers are required compared to the table service system. And the extra charge of tables and linens are also cut down. So, now a day’s, buffet systems are more preferred in social gatherings like marriage ceremonies, birthday parties, meetings etc.

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