10 Things Everyone would Love to have, Except Sex

Humans are born with wants and desires, few which they manage to accomplish, few which remain as desires only. Many of us are planning from our childhood as to what we will buy first form our salaries, who already are receiving salaries maybe saving them to use them fruitfully in the future. But do we always manage to get what we want? DO our wants and desires ever full fill? Read along the top 10 desires every human has, few may become reality while many stay a part of their dreams!!!

10. Latest Mobile Phone:

Whether you are a girl or a boy surely you will have a desire to buy one of the latest mobile phones in town & thanks to the never ending market of mobile phone handsets, this desire seems to be never ending. After providing so many utilization in one box mobile phone has become a must have in today’s era. Some have their eye on an apple phone while many want androids. The reasons seem to be never ending and so is the want.

9. Beauty Products:

We are surrounded by a polluted environment and to save our dear body it becomes even more necessary understanding the pressure it takes onto itself with each passing day. Beauty products and skin care products become a must have for many of us. In the news papers as well we regularly read articles about fairness products and age-reducing skin creams. They all are able to make their business strong due to our never-ending wants.

8. Diamond:

Lustrous, glossy and shiny, a small piece of stone can bring million dollar smile on any girl’s face. If you wish to impress your dream girl then diamond is the first choice. It is a want for both, who wish to gift and who wish to get. Diamonds last forever and as they say “are a girl’s best friend”. In our country, a sharp decline in Gold market has been observed in this year, today the new era women does not desire wearing something that is traditional and heavy, but prefers light, classy and modern Jewelry and as diamond fits this criteria best it is every women’s want. The size, shine, design and carat’s range have taken the diamond’s cost to sky high, increasing the desire to buy it even more than ever before.

7. Home:


Four walls and one ceiling equals a house, but managing to get that equals a want. In a recent survey, 30 lakhs people every day try their luck to find a suitable place to live in Mumbai, few make it while many leave it. How strange is it that different people from different walks of life have a same want – to build their dream house. Every thing today has become a status symbol, so is the case with home. After buying a suitable accommodation, people and their desires seem to never end, with interior decors, furnishing and so many other accessories – sky becomes the limit.

6. Designer Cloths & Jewelry:

“You are what you wear”… Gone are the days of Mahatma Gandhi where people wore Khaki, now is the epoch of  our cinema world, if an actor wears something on screen for few seconds it becomes the latest trend for months. But, then expensive bags, jewelry, cloths does not fit in every teen’s pocket thus, becomes his want. Buying expensive shoes, having a huge collection of cloths, bags is the new trend. But all these desires rarely fit one’s budget. Where staying hep and fashionable is a must, matching up to its standards often results in un full filling wants.

5. Extra Money:

Every month our bank accounts are credited with money, for many of us it is fixed salary income that is dropped down in our accounts. Strangely, we still hope that the amount is a little more than usual, hope that we are paid a little more, but that never happens. Until and unless we do something magical for the entire month we will not be paid extra. Our eyes often creates illusions for us, many of which remain unexplained. Want remains a want.

4. Sports Car:

This may appear to be more boyish, but every girl would flaunt her boyfriend more in front of her friend’s when he glides in his posh sports car. For boys, a car that races with the speed of sound, talks to air and burns the road behind it… Super Sporty Car. Thanks to its topnotch prices, it remains a want for most of us. Have you not heard good things are only expensive things?

3. Liquor:

That beautifully designed bottle, holding the worst kept secret inside itself safely, who does not want to taste an expensive alcohol? For every and any occasion, mild or heavy alcoholic bottles become a great companion as well as a good gifting option. It has that magical element it that makes you happy, gives you an inner high, but the price tag comes with loads of taxes. Definitely, buying a good liquor is every man’s true desire.

2. Luxury Holiday:

Breakfast with butterflies, lunch at the beach, laid back afternoon sleep, snacks at a 5 star restaurant, late night parties, and a good night sleep in a warm cozy king size bed. Who doesn’t want to go out and enjoy a holiday, take a break from their routine and live life king size? We all fantasies’ to visit this and that city when we grow up but these fantasies never become reality. Due to many reasons they stay in our want’s list and seldom manage to become a reality

1. An All Expenses Paid Life:

Think about it, you do not need to pay your electricity bills, telephone bills, anything and every thing that comes under the category of “EXPENSE” is made free for you. What a life would that be? You earn you spend on yourself! Who does not want to live a life without any worries and tensions? A life where everything comes at an easy price! Well a life as such is very difficult to get, but very east to desire. Thus, topping the chart.

Concluding,” dreams are not the ones which you see when your sleeping.. they are the ones which will never let you sleep” by APJ Kalam.


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