10 Small Tasty Meals that you can Cook Quickly

In this industrialized and mechanized era hardly we find time from our busy schedules to feed our stomachs and remain healthy too.

Its really important especially  for these young generation, people working in corporate world do not spare a single minute to feed themselves, they are deeply engrossed in their official works. They should eat healthy and appetizing meal should their body and mind work in synchronization. These type of people work for long durations and hence leave their office premises late night. These people when reach their respective homes are really starved for hours. They really need to prepare something really quick and which could act as a good appetizer. Hence I have gathered few of those dishes that could be prepared easily and quickly also. These dishes are enlisted below-


Idli is considered as the most famous south indian dish which is really easy to prepare and health too. Idli can be prepared by two different ways. At first, we can prepare it by using the ready made batter powder which is available in any general store. MTR foods, gits, aroma, etc. instant idli mixtures are available almost everywhere. To the ready made mixture add 1 tbs(tablespoon) of oil(it can be any edible oil) to 1 cup of ready mix. Stir the batter properly so that there are no lumps left in it. Pour the batter either on idli stand of in microwave oven’s vessel which is specially designed for the same. Give 2-3 steams to the batter and your instant idli is cooked.

The second feasible way could be you have to keep the rice grain soaked in water and keep them for fermentation. After it has fermented churn the mixture in the mixture grinder and prepare the  batter and then follow the same procedure as we have followed in the case of instant mix.

Serve it hot with green chutney.


This can be the most nourishing and appetizing dish that could be prepared in a very very less time provided you have kept the dal for many hours to get it soaked or even this takes a longer time, you can take the amount of dal you want to prepare and boil it for 2-5 minutes or just give it a steam in a pressure cooker so that it becomes edible. Sieve the water and dal and put dal in some another vessel , add salt, lemon, pepper according to taste and you may also chop onion into small pieces and garnish this dish with green chilli  and tomato cut into  small little pieces. Serve it.


This is also appetizing dish and delicious too. It would take the least time in all the mentioned dishes. Take a certain amount of puffed rice(parval). Chop onion, tomato very finely. Add to the puffed rice, mix them thoroughly. You make also add aloo bhujia if you need extra taste or any such add ons. Add salt, pepper according to you taste and then garnish the mixture with green chilly sauce and sprinkle lemon over the dish. It would come out to be the most enticing dish ever had.


This is also a delightful and quick snack that can be prepared very easily. Boil the corns for 5-8 minutes in a boiling pan. Let it cool for sometime. Then add lemon to it. Mix it properly. Add salt, pepper according to your choice. Then add butter(for diet conscious butter can be avoided)  and mix it properly. Garnish it with chat masala and serve it.


Boil the ready to cook vermicelli in a boiling pan for 3-5 minutes.  Add maggi masala to it, you may also add some boiled vegetables like peas, finely chopped carrot,potato, capsicum, olives,etc. Add salt and pepper according to your taste. Garnish the dish with coriander leaves and green chilli and tomato sauce.


This dish is really very very easy to cook . These are plain potatoes cut into long strips and then deep fry them. They are really very easy to cook. You just need to cut long strips of potato after peeling its cover. Then pour oil in the frying pan, let it get hot and then slowly slowly place these potato strips into the pan, fry them until the colour becomes brown. Then serve them hot with tomato and chilly sauce.


I guess this is the favourite and easy to cook dish of most of the youngsters. It a good stomach filler when we really have a very little time and we are very much hungry. As always said maggi means two” minutes to cook “, not exactly two minutes but yes we can say it takes very less time. All you need to do is boil water in a pan and then immerse maggi into it. After you feel like it has been cooked and sprinkle the maggi masala into it and stir it gently. You add special flavours to it you can add oregano to it and you may also mix in it some finely chopped vegetables like carrot,  capsicum, cabbage, tomatoes etc. Serve it hot.


Soup can be prepared by two different ways that is one can be an instant way and another can be all things home made. Both of them take less time . The instant ready mix is available in every general store , knor soups, maggi soups and mtr soups. All you need to do is boil the appropriate amount of water and add the soup contents into the boiling water and let it boil for 2-3 minutes and serve it hot. Garnish it with white butter and coriander leaves. Secondly, it can be prepared by boiling tomatoes and then draining them in a sieve and then prepare it .


Porridge is a very nutritious food and appetizing also. You can take boiled oats in a saucepan and add water to it, let it boil for 5-6 minutes ,add milk to it and again let it boil for few minutes ,you may add bananas and cinnamon and let them boil.  Add sugar to it according to your taste and serve it hot . You garnish it using dry fruits like cashew nuts and almonds.


This is also too nutritious and nourishing   also. You can prepare it by using semolina(suji) , chopped vegetables like potato,capsicum  , carrot, frozen peas , chopped onion , dal. Sift the suji using a muslin cloth and a little amount of oil in a pan and let it heat for few minutes, then add suji and fry it for 2-3 minutes. Add chopped vegetables to it and add fried curry leaves to it. Serve it hot with green and red chutney.


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