10 Foods with High Iron Content

Iron is one of the most essential nutrients required for our body. It is essential for building healthy muscles and healthy body. It is important mineral for energy boosting. The main task of iron is to help oxygen from the lungs of our body to other organs like muscles. With the deficiency of iron, consuming of oxygen is little bit slowly. It provides immune to the body. It helps red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. If iron contents are low in your body you may face general problems like fatigue, irritation and headache. Also, its deficiency may lead to anemia. Hence, we must take iron food in our daily diet to live a healthy, prosperous and perfect life. Here are the top 10 best food which contains iron mineral in abundant.

10. Lentils

Lentils are basically pulses and beans. They come in different color and form like brown, French green, Masoor (it is brown skinned lentils and are orange from inside), Eston green, Richlea and they can be with or without skins, whole or splits. Dry lentils 100 grams contain 58% of the iron contents. They are also rich in proteins, fibers and vitamin B1. Health magazines have selected them as one of the healthiest food with large contents. It is a good source of iron. You can also eat them by making sprouts by which phytates can be reduce by soaking lentils overnight in warm water. Sprouts make a best salad.

9. Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap Molasses is a dark colored, dense liquid which remains after the extraction of sugar from the sugar-cane.  In this process, the third boiling of sugar yields blackstrap molasses. It contains high amount of iron. It is good source which contains iron, which is found in major, and other important minerals like potassium, manganese, calcium etc. It contains from about 17-18% of iron contents. It is basically a sweetener that is actually good for health. Blackstrap molasses provide assimilated carbohydrates, which increase your energy level by replenishing the stored iron in your body. It provides more iron for less calories. And it is totally fat-free source. Hence, it is good iron source to include in your diet.

8. White Beans

White beans are a good source of iron. One cup of white beans can provide 40% of iron in diet. Well, white beans contains phytic acid which do not let you to absorb the iron contents, hence it is important to soak the beans in warm water for the overnight. This will reduce the phytic acid in your beans and then the bans will be a good iron source. You can make a salad of white beans with tomatoes. It will make a perfect iron rich salad.

7. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are very popular diet in East Asia. Pumpkin seeds contain 15 mg of iron content. These make the dish so tasty. You should make easily digestible by soaking them into water for 6 to 8 hours. The nutrition in pumpkin seeds increase with age. Well, it is found that, pumpkin seeds which are stored for 6 to 12 months are high in iron and protein than they were before. So, if we store them first for 6 months and then take them, it will be beneficial for health and body. Pumpkin seeds contain high calories, for about 560 calories per 100 grams.

6. Soybeans

Soybeans are great source of iron. But soybeans are only high in iron when they are fermented. It contains phytic acid which helps in absorbing iron in our body. It improves the intake of certain important nutrients like iron, which is in abundant, and vitamin K, calcium and magnesium. Soybeans which are green in color, 1 cup contains 49% of the iron contents. It is a cholesterol free food, which is good for your heart and health. It is also found that including Soybeans in your diet may prevent cancer. You must eat them daily at one time and these are easily available at food stores.

5.  Organ Meats

Organ meats include beef, liver, heart, tongue, sweetbreads and onions. Organ meats are a pack of nutrients. Liver is the most consumed organ meat, which is high in iron, Vitamin A, folic acid, copper and CoQ10 which work all together. These nutrients are good for cardiovascular functions. These organic meats are less expensive. These enzymes also help to absorb the stored iron in the body and increase the oxygen consumption from the lungs. These meats including red meat are generally low calorie meats and good for health and heart. Hence Iron is the main constituents of the organ meats and we can easily include them in our dinner.

4. Oysters

Oysters are best low calorie food with major iron contents. Smoked Oysters act as a good food with protein, iron and Saturated Fat. Iron in abundant. Also it is a low cholesterol food with only 53 mg of cholesterol. You may eat them with lemon juice and it is a perfect low calorie, healthy food. Also it is useful for weight loss purpose. Smoked oysters provide vitamin b-12 which plays role in red blood cells and neurological functioning. Hence, oysters are good source of iron and other useful nutrients.

3.  Cereal

Breakfast cereals or generally cereals are found to be rich in iron contents. Iron is so good nutrient; it is often added to our food. Breakfast cereals are rich in iron in order to maintain the body for whole day. Canadians have good supply of cereals in their body. That is why they have higher contents of iron in their body rather than any other nation. It will be good if we prefer whole wheat or whole grain bread than white bread. Because it contain more iron than that of white bread. This iron content in cereals is useful for respiration, oxygen transport and electron transport. It is responsible for adequate supply of oxygen to the whole body from the lungs.

2.  Egg Yolk

Yolk is the yellow part of an egg. Yolk of newly laid egg is firm. Yolk of one large egg contains approximately 6 mg of iron contents. It is gives much energy to the body. Calories are high in egg yolk. It contains various fatty acids too. It is responsible for healthy supply of oxygen to the body from the lungs. Hence, egg yolk with cereals in breakfast would be perfect diet in the morning, with more iron and more health.

1. Spinach

Spinach is best iron rich green leafy vegetable. It is good source of vitamin a, iron, calcium and other important minerals. It is useful for building up the muscles due to high iron content present.  1 cup of spinach contains 15 mg of iron and 25 calories. It is best and good source of iron among all green leafy vegetables. Spinach also contains iron absorbing substance, in which oxalate is found in high amount, which is use to bind the spinach to form ferrous oxalate and can render the spinach that is left unused in the body. Hence spinach makes a best diet with more iron contents.

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