Top 10 Wedding Decoration Ideas & Themes

So, wedding season again? Even if it is not it matters little because for you, your wedding is enough to make it wedding season. Everyone wants their marriage to be a lifetime memorable affair. So do you. So, what special are you planning for it? Still deciding the themes and decorations? Read this out, it will surely help you to a great extent. The top ten wedding decorations and themes:

10. Traditional theme

In India, as said, culture has a variety at every ten mile and every culture has something new and unique to offer. Every culture has its own way of wedding ceremonies. Your culture will also have one for sure. In wedding there are different dresses, different decorations, and different food with every different tradition. So you can go for your traditional marriage. Also, you can try some other cultural marriage which you think is the best according to you. Do a brief research on traditional weddings and you will soon get the wedding theme of your choice. Take help from the local people of the particular tradition selected to help you out with the preparations. Go for it.


9. Spring Theme

Spring is the season of love. So did you met your partner during the spring season and bonded for lifetime? Set the stage in the same theme then and feel the nostalgia. Flowers and happiness blooming all around. Set the stage as colourful as your lives became when you met each other. Spring season bring love and happiness so does your marriage. So, go for it without a second thought. It’s going to be perfect for sure. The fragrance of spring will fill your lives with prosperity and tranquillity. Spring is a symbol of regeneration, start your new life with an essence of it.

8. Beach

It is one of the unique themes for a wedding. Though, rarely practised in India but if you are planning a day time wedding and want to stand out of the crowd and do something unique, this is the perfect theme for your wedding. Give something different to your friends and relatives as well to remember your wedding throughout their lives. So keep it in your list of choices when you sit down to decide your wedding theme, it’s definitely going to catch your eye and heart as well.

7. Candles

A candle light dinner immediately comes to your mind when you think of doing something romantic for your partner. So isn’t it a great idea to set up your wedding night like that. Candles all around will give a fabulous look to your wedding venue. Don’t worry about who will wander around to light up the candles again and again. Candle theme doesn’t mean you have to light up with fire. Now a day there is a wide range of beautiful electric candles available in the market. So, just go for it.

6. Stars

Stars add to the beauty of the night. While commitment, you promised your partner to get the stars for her. Make it true; set your wedding stage as in the sky. Decorate the venue with stars. The bright stars will add to the glamour of your D-day. Dress up as one of the most beautiful fairies of the heaven and add magical happiness to your partner’s life. Add to the brightness of your wedding day by decorating it with golden and silver shining stars. Make it no less beautiful from the sky at a clear night.

5. Romantic

Who would not love to give a romantic touch to their wedding?  Well, probably everyone wants to. So set up the theme of your marriage as romantic as you together make as a couple. Set the stage with hearts all around, you can also add a colour theme to the theme. Use balloons, stars, candles and everything that can add to the look. Make your wedding the most romantic and beautiful one of the season. Set a trend for the people around and give your partner something to brag about your special wedding.

4. Vintage

So, do you want to wear your grandma’s or grandpa’s beautiful wedding attire at your marriage as well. No, it’s not a bad idea at all. In fact, it can prove to be one of the best themes for your wedding. Give a chance to everyone to wear their grandma’s or mother’s outfits they have always cherished wished to wear once. So don’t give a second thought to the wonderful thought, go for it. Keep in mind the decorations as well; get an idea from your grandma’s wedding pictures to get the perfect retro look.

3. Flowers

This is always in fashion. One of the most approved wedding themes. And why it wouldn’t be? Flowers are everyone’s favourite. Mere view of flowers adds to the happiness of a person. Make your guests happy by decorating the venue with your favourite flowers or flowers of your favourite colours. Flower is not just one theme. It provides you with so many options. The number of varieties of flowers gives you a variety as decorations as well. You can go for a single flower with different colours or different flowers with same colours and even all at once. Just keep in mind that you do not end up messing it all.

2. Colour Theme

Not only for marriages, this theme is popular for every other occasion be it a birthday party, New Year’s party or a Valentine’s Day celebration. Add to the happiness of your bride by deciding her favourite colour as the theme of your marriage. Arrange the decorations in combination of your favourite colours. Ask your designer to design the best possible outfit for the day with the colour you have chosen as the theme. Don’t forget to choose your wedding invitation cards in the same colour(s). If you cannot manage to colour the food items you can simply add on crockery with the colour theme. Not as much difficult to arrange. You can easily go for it.

1. The Royal Wedding

An all time favourite for bride and bride’s groom. Living a royal life is everyone’s dream. And when it comes to once in a lifetime occasion like marriage, a royal marriage is the most wished and preferred. Most of the couples want their marriage to b themed “Royal”. The theme actually makes you feel Royal. From the decorations to the outfits and even the menu gives a Royal feel. The bride and groom are made up as king and queen. The antique decorations add to the glamour of the wedding. Even the menu is decided while keeping in mind the theme. Most of the recipes are from the emperor’s kitchen. Sounds grand right? So, looking forward for the royal wedding? Have a great wedding then. Live your life king size at least in one of the most important days of your life.

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