Top 10 Ways to Enjoy with your Friends

Friends are an integral part of our lives !! We can’t live without them. Be it a good news or bad we want to share it with them. We want them to be a part of our lives.  Each one of us in this busy life have at least one friend who is capable of making you smile no matter what. This individual ,though not related to you by blood,  is somehow the most special person around. A friend has his own unique way of getting you out of your problems and fill your world with laughter .  It won’t be wrong to say that a place is not fun ; the companionship of your friend makes it pleasurable . Although there are uncountable ways to have fun with your buddies ; the following re the easiest ways to have fun with them.

10. Go for lunch or dinner.

Isn’t it just lovely to have the company of your chosen people when enjoying a lovely meal. It is a perfect way to hang out with your friends at your favorite dining inn. Be it the Mc.d or the Dominos its a perfect place to hang out with friends. Order in a lovely meal and enjoy the of life.  If you running short on money then simply visit your friends place or invite him over. Have a friend time with family food. Isn’t it economical and fun filled. Enjoy the chocolate chip cookies and a cup of milk . Chat over with your friend , get nostalgic etc.

9. Celebrate a special day.

The world is full of occasions  and festivals. Be it a birthday or friendship day ; be it the first day of the college or the beginning of summer holidays ; a tiny reason is enough to gather up your friends and have a blast . Plan a surprise birthday party for your friend, make for him a hand made gift and make for yourself a memory that stays forever. Your friend got a girlfriend or boyfriend well that calls for a celebration doesn’t it?  Such are the friends they even need a break up party. Its the last exam today ; then we are not going home … its time for celebration!

8. Play games.

The best part about playing with friends is that there is no fear of win or loss . its simply about the game and your gang of friend. Its football season out there..well you have your own team ready to get into the dirt with and sweat it out.  Try all sort of sports with your friends. Be it marathon or chess ; be it pool or swimming pool , you enjoy the true essence of sports with your friends. Its a hot day take your friend to the nearby pool and enjoy he dive. a new game has  launched in the market; go for it; try all your gaming skills and beat your friend to the next level. Have a blast with your friend over your favorite game .

7.  Go for a drive.

We all love going on a long drive on a cool evening. The charm of your gang simply adds to the fun of the journey. your friend got a car ; or your dad gave you permission to drive his car well call up your friends its time to speed out. Go on pick up your friends from their places and head out . Sing your favorite songs , enjoy the cool breeze , grab your favorite snack on the way and chill out with your gang . But remember safety comes first ; no drink and drive . Be safe and enjoy your long drives longer!!

6.  Plan and gossip. 

Oh come on there is no denying that gossiping is a very entertaining habit. and although its a feminine trait but the latest trend says that even men are equally interested in gossiping. You got some leisure time well settle down with friends its time to share some general info.  Be it the latest buzz about celebrities to the latest hook ups and breaks up about your fellow mates ; you wont even know when your cheeks start aching with the constant pull of laughter. Your friend can be quite a social animal..getting him talk can be very entertaining.

5. Pranks. 

I am sure all of have a list of pranks we have pulled up against someone along with our friends. No matter what age w still love to do that. Be it in the office or at the college we always are ready to fool some innocent soul around us. if you have a grudge on someone ; or you simply want to have fun then what are you waiting for ? Kill the boredom with your friends. Run your brains and play a prank and then sit back and enjoy the show. You will have a great time with your buddies throughout and a lot more after the plan has worked and you have succeeded !

4. Picnics.

We all spend pretty hectic weekdays . We all await impatiently for the weekends to arrive . You can add to the weekend magic by planning a picnic with your friends . Plan yourselves wit respect to the location ; a beach or a resort or simply the nearby public garden.  What could be better than having all your mates with you a midst the greenery of the garden or rushing waters at the beach. Make a snake and share your weekdays stories . Play like kids watch the sunset thanking god for a great and fun filled weekend.

3. Hiking.

If you and your friends love nature and are adventure lovers then there can’t be anything better then hiking. Take a leave for a few days or utilize your vacations in a healthy and fun filled way. Take out your hiking gear and march to the region of your choice. Try not to use private vehicles .keep your luxuries at home when on hiking.  Reach your favorite spot and get ready to explore nature with your gang. Climbing the mountain or crossing the river; setting up a tent or lighting fire ; each activity is fun filled when you camping out with your friends. See the stars in the sky and share tales . get nostalgic and have a great time with your friends.

2. Shopping.

This mere word is enough to get your spirits high. With so many malls and shopping stations around ; with so many brands and commodities around ; shopping is the ultimate fun filled task. There is no who your tastes and preferences better than your friend . Save your money for the shopping spree . Try out new outfits let your friend be your critic ; suggest your friend the color or stuff that will suit him or her . prepare yourself  for the coming festive season and have a fun filled riot shopping out with your friend.

1. Watch a movie.

Nothing beats a movie when its about having fun. A movie is the best option when you plan to gather and wish to spend some quality time. Go for the latest release of the week and enjoy the show with your gang . Stuffing in the popcorn and sipping in the drink ; laughing at the hilariousness or shedding tears over a scene; nothing beats a movie in the manner of fun time it gives. Can’t go the theater does’t matter . gather up at a friends place . Get the DVD of your favorite movie and enjoy the show over crunchy wafers and lemonade.


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