Top 10 Unique Ways to Wish Someone Happy Birthday

Friends are the most important part of every person’s life so their birthdays are too very important. Since for every individual, birthday is a precious day of their life. Therefore everyone would try to make that day memorable. And the day can be made memorable either by family or friends. There are many ways to wish birthday, but the best 10 ways to wish are:

10. Wish the person at sharp 12 o clock

Each and every person would love to be wished at sharp 12 o clock since this shows that how many cares for him and how many of your friends and family actually remember you birthday. In fact to make middle night wish more shocking and effective, then get a cake and go at his place. That person would definitely get startled and then pleased for getting such beautiful friends. You can play prank too by scaring him some ghost material too since the ghost came out at 12 o clock only.

 9. Unique facebook post

facebook birthday post

Simple happy birthday wall post will not be so effective. If the person who you are wishing is very close to you, then this simple facebook post will not work out. In this case you must collect all the glorious picture of the person and make a great collage of all the pictures and this collage should be posted along with the post. This beautiful happy birthday along with all beautiful photos on the wall will make that person realize that he/she is very special for the respective person. Make the birthday person feel that his friendship has not at all turned old and in fact it’s growing stronger and stronger by the time. Also one can send personal message of greetings because wall post is too public and also since some of the posts could be skipped by the person while traversing so in this case your personal message will definitely make the birthday person to look at your post first.

8. Surprise facebook party

Give a beautiful surprise to your friend by creating a birthday fan page for that person an invite all his close friends on his facebook birthday party. On his birthday lift the curtain and make that person happy by showing your facebook birthday party preparations. This page works a lot when all friends are staying in different cities or are gone out of town. That person will enjoy and share all old memories which will indirectly make him feel that his all friends are around him. This is another unique and also very uncommon way to wish someone on birthday.

 7.  Send a facebook gift

Facebook is the place where one can have many applications not just to keep in touch with the people but also to wish someone on birthday. Facebook gift is another unique application through which one can wish his close ones easily in a presentable manner. In this application you must know about the favorite asset of the birthday person. So if you have the idea about the list of things which the person likes then you can send the favorite thing of the person as a facebook present to him. The facebook gift on facebook will make the person feel that he is very special. Your facebook gift will also showcase your love and affection to the person.

6.  Prepare a presentation

When birthday boy or girl is very special then one can prepare a beautiful presentation for that person. That presentation will be having all beautiful and unforgettable memories. The presentation comes out to be a great surprise for the one. This presentation should be displayed at best location and. This presentation always works whenever one doesn’t have words to express his feelings.

 5.  Set some sweet unknown plans

Every person likes to get beautiful shocks and surprises on his birthday. So you can set some shocking plans for the birthday person like you can take the help of strangers so as to wish the birthday person. You can forward a bunch of flowers with the greeting along the stranger to wish the person. The person will definitely enjoy these naughty prank since that person is going to feel that whole world is interested in making his day special and wants to enjoy his birthday party with her at full.

 4. Prepare a song for the birthday person

Many times it happens that when a song having a person’s name is released then the person with same name considers himself to be the owner of the song. If you are required to wish someone in a unique way then you can prepare a special song only and only for the birthday person and surely this special song will that definitely touch the person’s heart. This method can be counted among the best methods to wish someone in a surprising way. This song can be displayed to the birthday person by using the mediums like youtube or facebook. Personally singing the song to the birthday person will also catch a special amazement of the person. You can even record his reaction to keep it as a memory for the person. This will make that person to feel special when through facebook and you tube whole world will see his very special birthday celebrations. It will definitely have a long lasting effect.

3. Prepare a surprise party

surprise party

Some naughty pranks will definitely make his day special. One prank can be like pretending to forget ones birthday by not showing any curiosity towards that particular day, and in fact ignore wishing the birthday person at night. This will really make that person sad but your whole and happening surprise birthday party will definitely going to rock ones mood. It’s in human nature to always love small, naughty pranks and so this strategy will definitely work in surprising that person even more.

2. Prepare a big handmade card

Now a day’s markets are flooded with all kinds of card. But if the birthday person is special then it is necessary to take some workload for the one like making a big full size card containing all past happy memories. Handmade cards can be made out of colorful sheets and ribbons and different textured photos will enhance the card more. Different effects to photos like black and white and many will enhance your hard work.

1. Each hour roses

happy birhday greeting

Everyone love roses and so you can use roses in many different ways. You can provide roses to the birthday person according to age of the person or in an interesting and mysterious send a rose to the birthday person at end of every hour. So in total throughout the day you will send around 24 roses to the birthday person which will make the person curious to know about the mysterious sender. Take the last rose by yourself and surprise the birthday person. So this is how you saw that it’s too easy to wish someone happy birthday in top ten unique ways. These ways will make the birthday persons day a very exciting day.

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