Top 10 Ultimate Movie Bucket List Ideas

Study, learn, research, phenomenon, experiments, inventions, discoveries, hard work, duties, responsibilities; in a nut shell work work and work, this is what our life is all about. We need a beeline to follow, a motive in life and that’s what we do, we set a target and then put our heart and soul in achieving it and when we consummate that thing we set a new target, another journey and the same story continues.

Remember when you were in school, you used to waits desperately for the bell to ring so that you can go out of the class and enjoy the recess; you went to school for 5 days a week and then you get the weekend off and then you also get the summer vacations and winter vacation. Ever thought why? Because we need a break in life; be it on daily basis, weekly, monthly or annually but we do need time off in our life. Consistency and dedication is a good thing but continuity is a not a good thing. It is essential to take a nap.

No one likes to sit at home like a loser but when you work hard the entire week, all you want to do on your off day is to sit at home like a loser; when you are struggling so hard in life to become someone then on a holiday you feel like sitting at your sofa in front of TV and relax like you are a nobody. When you become a part of this busy and bustling world which runs like the clock, never ceasing, never taking a break, never pausing then there are times when you want to stop that clock with your hands and have some time alone; you want to do something which will take away all your worries and reduce the pressure which has been building on your mind. You want to go another planet, into another life and feel like watching a movie. There are millions of movies to watch but it depends on your taste, but if we speak in a generalize way then the ten best movies to watch are:


Action, Romance, Comedy, Thriller; if you want to watch all of these together then movie, “knight and day” is the perfect name for you. Directed by James Mangold and Starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Daiz is the story of a young normal girl who accidently gets involved with a secret spy and other agencies; what the girl didn’t know was that a little flirting with a handsome guy at the plane can bring such a massive change in her life and when she finally gets clean of all this mess, she learns that she has fallen in love.



The best thing about being insane or retarded is that you don’t have to worry about anything. You do things the way you want but the problem begins when the same retard starts following his heart. This is where the problem begins when 3 retard go out there in the real world to earn some money so that they can save their orphanage. Directed by Peter Farrely and Bobby Farrely is the ultimate comedy “the three stooges”, starring Sean Hayes, Will Sasso and Chris Diamantopoulos.

8. GONE:

When you witness something really horrible in your life, you try to keep the people you love from going through the exact situation once you did. When the young girl, who was the only one who has managed to run away from the grip of the sick kidnapper, realizes that her kidnapper has returned and he accidently took her younger sister instead of her, she turns the world upside down and does everything within her power to rescue her sister when the cops refuse to believe her. Directed by Heitor Dhalia and staring Amanda Seyfried is the Thriller, “Gone”.


All our lives we run, we run from the truth, from our guilt, from our weakness, from our fears, from death and from ourselves. Three childhood best friends plan to go on a road trip and they do things which they have never done in their lives before. This road trip helps them in clearing the mist which has earlier surrounded their lives, they learn to forgive, they fight their fears, they learn to love, they face death and above all they learn to live again. Starring Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar and Abhey Deol and directed by Zoya Akhtar is a journey, “Zindagi milegi Na Dobara” which changes the life of three best friend forever.


Opposites attract and it is which love binds the opposites, we have seen two people of entirely different natures or of different religions or of different races and cast falling in love; even the age limit has nothing to do with love. History is bestowed with some absolutely unique love stories. But no one has ever witnessed the love between the past and future. Yes the story between two people (a doctor and an architect), among them one belongs to the present and the other belongs to the future; they have nothing In common except love and a mail box at the Lake House which connects the past to the future. Starring Sandra bullock and Keanue Reeves, directed by Alejandro Agresti is the mesmerizing love story “the Lake House”.



First love is something which a person can never forget in life. An old woman, receives the answer of her letter from Juliet, the letter which she wrote decades ago asking for advice regarding the man she loved. Now when she receives the reply for her letter, she realizes what mistake she made by leaving her first love years and years ago. She starts her journey with a young intelligent female writer and her charming grandson, to find the man she lost decades ago; only to find that her grandson is making the same mistake she made earlier after falling in love with the young writer. Director Gary Winick presents the Drama and Romance “letters to Juliet”, starring Amanda Seyfried, Gael Garcia Bernal and Vanessa Redgrave.

4. 3 IDIOTS:

When you step out of your house, there are 90% chances involved that you won’t be able to return home because this world is an unreliable place, there are risks involved everywhere. Nothing you do offers 100% security. Life is unpredictable and we know it, yet we run after things only to attain a secure life. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani and starring Aamir khan is the ultimate comedy and sarcasm on people who think that a degree can provide everything in life. The movie 3 idiots is the story of guy who goes against the system, yet the system fails to find faults in him; this is the story of a guy who taught his friends to follow their dreams.


Our lives are just like a dark valley, these are the memories and moments which make your lives colorful, beautiful and exciting; we are the slaves of our memories. It takes years to build relationship but what will you do when you one day wake up in a hospital in an unknown city only to learn that you have lost your identity and your own loved ones have refused to recognize; you have nowhere to go and you are a nobody.  Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and starring Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger is the thriller and action, “Unknown”, in which the man thrives to get his life back but instead he finds something else.



This movie is based on a classical novel by Jane Austen which was published in 1813. A mother with 5 young daughters has only one desire in life, seeing all her daughters happily married, the story revolves around the love life of two eldest sisters when two rich young men arrive in the neighborhood. The story easily comprehends how love changes people’s attitude. Starring Keira Knightley, Matthew Macfadyen and Brenda Blethyn is an epic classic love story, “pride and prejudiced”; directed by Joe Wright.

1. SALT:

Whenever you do something, there is part of you which tells you if you right or wrong. There are many thing which changes in a person with the passage of time but there are few things which never change; among them is the goodness of a heart. Salt is a story of courageous CIA agent who is on run because she has been accused of betraying her own country. Now the safety of millions depends on her as she continues to fight against the agencies. Directed by Phillip Noyce and staring Angelina Jolie Is one of the best movies ever realized in the History of Hollywood.

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