Top 10 TV Celebrities That Have Donated Most Money

Charity is something that gives inner pleasure. We as an individual must donate some amount of money so that the people who are not that much privileged as we are so that they can be helped by the different charity trusts and organizations. Charity is a very noble cause and today a number of people are actively involved in donating money to the charity organizations which in turn help the needy people. A donation that you give can be anything ranging from money, to provide food and shelter, services etc. often this noble cause is praised by one and all. Here we are taking about such TV celebrities who are actively involved in this noble cause. So here is the list of the top 10 TV celebrities that have donated most money to the needy people around the world.

10. Alec Baldwin

Alexander Rae Baldwin III is an American TV artist who has worked in number of TV serials such as Knots Landing, The Simpson, Friends, Johnny bravo, Las Vegas, 30 Rock and so on. Alec Baldwin was born on 3rd April 1958 in New York City, United States. He has been a successful actor and has also performed roles in different movies. The best thing about him is the charity work that he has done for past so many years. He has been actively involved in some of the charities and foundations such as PETA, HELP USA, Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, Carol M Baldwin Cancer Research Fund, Creative Coalition, Habitat for Humanity and many more. He has constantly funded all these charities and foundations.

9. Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Caroline Bündchen is the Brazilian supermodel who has been a very popular face on TV. Gisele was born on 20th July 1980 in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. With her charming attitude she has collected praises from all over the world. She is also the goodwill ambassador of the United Nation for its Environmental Program. Apart from being successful in the industry, she is also known for the generous work which she has done in different charities and foundations.  She donated 150,000 US dollars for the Brazil’s Zero Hunger Program. She has also been an active donor in charities such as RED, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, WWF, Zero Hunger and many more.

8. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew David McConaughey is another American TV actor who has worked a lot in the field of charity and foundations. Matthew was born on 4th November 1969 in Texas, United States. Matthew David McConaughey has supported various foundations and charities such as BID 2 BEAT AIDS, Children’s Defence Fund, JK Livin Fund, Mississippi Animal Rescue League, The Art of Elysium, Entertainment Industry Foundation and Dennis Quaid Charity Weekend and so on. He once signed a wooden dog bone which was later auctioned for the Mississippi Animal Rescue League. He is been praised all over for his noble work. He donated lots of money for all these organizations.

7. Barbra Streisand

Barbra Joan Streisand is one such lady who has always been ready to help the needy. She has been an active donor from the entertainment industry. Barbra was born on 24th April 1942 in New York City, United States. It is reported that she donated a whopping 16 million US dollar to various charities and foundations that look after the environment, education and other major concerns. She even has her own foundation named as Streisand Foundation that looks after the environmental issues. She has supported programs such as American Foundation for Equal Rights, Oceana, Society of Singers, and Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, Streisand Foundation, Davis Foster Foundation and many more.

6. Jerry Seinfeld

Jerome Allen Jerry Seinfeld is a renowned TV actor and producer who has worked in various TV show such as 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Marriage Ref and many more. There are lots of charities and other foundation with whom he has worked in order to help the needy. His association with the foundations such as Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, memorial Sloan Kettering, Autism Speaks, National Parks Conservation Association, Stand Up For a Cure has been a wonderful one. He has donated a lot of money for these charities and foundations.

5. Marcy Carsey

Marcy Carsey is a TV show producer who was born on 21st November 1944 in Massachusetts, United States. Marcy Carsey along with her husband John Jay Carsey has been very active in donating money for the charity organizations and foundations. There is various charity works that are being done by the gifted couple. She has pledged to give back something back to the society with the help of whom she has managed to achieve the feat where she stands today. She has donated a lots of money for various charities.

4. Meryl Streep

Merlyn Streep is a famous TV celebrity who is admired worldwide for the work she has done. Merlyn Streep was born on 22nd June 1949 in New Jersey, United States. She has done a remarkable job for the women and helped a number of charities that work toward this noble cause. She is an active member of National Women’s History Museum. She has donated a lot of money to this organization which works for the betterment of the girls and women. Moreover she has also funded charities and foundations such as Artists for Peace and Justice, heifer International, Prince’s Trust, Stand up to Cancer, The Rainforest Foundation and many more.

3. Sam Simon

Sam Simon is a famous TV celebrity who has worked as a producer and as a director. Sam Simon was born on 6th June 1955 in California, United States. His series The Simpsons has a huge fan following all over the world. He has a foundation which works for the food and shelter of the stray dogs. Hi foundation is called as the Sam Simon Foundation. He is the one who funds the foundations. Apart from this he has also been actively involved in other charity organizations. He has donated a lot of money for this noble cause.

2. Jami Gertz

Second in our list is the TV actress Jami Gertz. Jami Gertz was born on 28th October 1965 in Chicago, United States. She has been a successful actress throughout her career and has been praised all over for her skills. She along with her husband Ressler Gertz donated a whopping 10 million US dollars for the charity work to be carried out by the foundation formed by her husband. She is a celebrity who is known worldwide for being so generous towards this noble cause and has helped in every possible way to help the needy.

 1. Oprah Winfrey

The first place in our list is for famous TV personality Oprah Winfrey. She is an active TV actress and producer. She was born on 29th January 1954 in Mississippi, United States. She is one of the most influential women in whole world. She has founded a charity herself called as the Oprah’s Angel Network. This foundation supports different charitable projects that are being carried out in different parts of the world. She has donated millions of dollars for the noble cause in one or the other organizations. She also has two more foundations called as The Oprah Winfrey Foundation and The Oprah Winfrey Operating Foundation. Apart from funding her own foundations, she has also helped and funded many charity work such as Clinton Foundation, Project Cuddle and much more.


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