Top 10 Things to do When Drunk

Everyone is waiting for Saturday and Sunday for parties and outing. Generally the main and important things of parties are beer,alcohol, vodka and lots of fun. Sunday is fun day, so enjoy your life in small sweet moments.  Here is a list of top 10 things to do when drink.

10. Dancing:

There are some people who love to dance, and there are some who hesitate to dance. But after drink everyone think himself Michel Jackson. Just burn the dance floor with your bad ass. Your dance will entertain others and there may be chances that all of them will join you. The best thing in clubs and discos are that the loud music will cover your bad singing skills. Dancing on your favorite track is best feeling. You will never bother about dance style, you just start dancing. The best moment is when a non dancer start showing her/his skill in public that is too funny by god that is a laugh out loud moment.

9. Calling:

The most common thing after drinking is calling to friends or to call any stranger. By god!! its real fun and everyone should try it. 😛 But calling to your ex after drinking is very bad idea. Now you will ask why? this is because after drinking you are not in your control, there may be chances that you can say unexpected  things to him/her like i am missing you right now… i still love you…..i can’t live without you…. i need you back… blah! blah! blah! then after hangover you will realize that it is  fatal mistake. Calling to your boss or co-worker who is feeling jealous of you is also bad idea. Cal any stranger or friend is good idea and it will entertain him/her as well. Mostly people used to sat on calls that You are my best buddy…. I can do anything for you…. I will always be there for you blah! blah!  which is very funny.

8. Eat rich meal:

After drinking you can go to some of your favorite hotel or restaurant and place a huge order. Many people usually go to dinner in late night for enjoying delicious meal. Always prefer that place which serves for drunk people, so that it won’t be disturbing others. Rich meal will help you to overcome from hangover problem at some extent. You can invite your friends to join you for dinner. Sometime spending time with  your friends is a good idea to refresh yourself.

7. Go for some action movie:

If you want to do some stuffs full of action and stunts its better to go for action movie rather than to try it by own. Movies are often best viewed drunk, and on the big screen so go for it. Make sure you choose a night show for it because that is a best to go for movie, prefer your best buddies with you rather than girlfriend. Because the fun which you can experience with them is not the same with your girlfriend/boyfriend because close friends knows your each and every secret which are sometime not known by girlfriend/ boyfriend.

6. Go to amusement park:

Experiencing roller coaster after drinking can help you to overcome from your hangover. hahahaha!!! because its something which is kinda horrible and mind blowing. But sometime after drinking roller coasters seems to be tempting, but the fear of throwing up makes them look unappealing so, next option is bumper cars which will add up your fun level. Smashing, attacking, racing and driving on high speed with those little cars is really very interesting. The best thing for bumper cars fun is that there is no any sort of danger in driving them. I m sure that driving these bumper cars with your friends is good idea rather than to drive car on main road after drinking.

5. Shout on people:

HAHAHAHA!! this is kinda funny but you will love it… after drinking every person is in some other world, he/she doesn’t care for anyone. He/She is thinking him/her as a king/queen of the world. Shouting or yelling on people is generally seen by us many time on roads at night by a large group of friends from their cars windows. yelling at people is a ton of fun if they are strangers, but sometime we have to pay if that person is someone known to you. When you see people walking on the side of road than just lean out the window and scream at them. 😛

4. Full rest:

Sometime if you consume too much of alcohol then best option is to take rest. Don’t try to make some other plan after too much drink. Just go to your residence or go to your friend’s flat and take proper rest. Always try to go at near by place/home. Sometime over consumption of alcohol leads to some dangerous situations. So. to avoid those its better to adopt this option for you.

3. Video games:

After the party, if you are found of games and all stuff  than video games are best option to add up the fun. Competitive games on X-box, Play-station is do a lot for you. Now days there are lots of play station opened in market, if you want to enjoy them all then invest on it and enjoy. There you have lots of options with you. Bowling, snooker will  be pass your time with good memories and ton of enjoyment.

2. Swimming:

Swimming is good idea. You will surely like it because of the weightless sensation that water usually produces is amplified and it will let you feel extremely relaxed. It is known by each and everyone that after drinking you are on some unexpected height. But the main thing is that you should take some sober friend with you because the chances of drowning is so high in the state of drinking, don’t ever think to dive alone it will be dangerous for life. Choose pool or hot tub rather than ocean or sea.

1. Maintain yourself:

After drink you are not in a state where you can handle yourself so, you must maintain your mental state. As alcohol can cause dehydration so you should drink water as much as you can. After consumption of alcohol in large extent try to push yourself for break from drink.Alcohol is dangerous for liver so break for some days or for a week is good for health. Don’t use sugary mixer in alcohol avoid red bull, fruit juice having sugar in it. Use water or fresh juice( sugar free ). Please don’t mix wines it will effect your stomach a lot. I know that some people don’t want to hear me on this point that DRINK LESS! Its not for my benefit , try a favor for yourself. Last but not the least try to eat something while you drink because it will help your body absorb the alcohol correctly.

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