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Animated series are the animations of characters which are hot favorite among the people and have been in their daily routine. There are lots of anime series running currently in the television world. Be it action, sports based, love interests, sex-oriented or be some other category, every anime series is having its own distinguished placed in the TV. Here for the following section of Write Up, I have reviewed for the best sports anime of the TV world and the list is continued as:-


10.) Big Windup

This is a sports anime series especially based on Baseball. The hot favorite characters from the series are shouen-ai-ish who is too cute and the reason is just unknown. His style of acting and the way of representation allure all to love him. Basically girls love him much and the boys can find him irritating and robust some time. Mihashi is other key character of the series. This series is monthly series from Asa Higuchi.


9.) Dan Doh

One of the hot favorite of all is this golf based sports anime Dan Doh. Anyone who is having keen interest in golf can prefer the show and the show rocks the world wide with its smile shot way of presentation of animations. The character of Dan DOh is simply amazing and surprising that it shows how anime is too extra ordinary and super natural as well. Basically a fantasy based sports anime, this is the 9th best sports anime series running on TV channels. Written by Nobuhiro and originally illustrated by Banjou.


8.) Whistle

Originally a Japanese Manga Series based on Soccer play theme. It is written and illustrated both by Higuchi and of all writings, 39 have been telecasted in TV show anime series. The story revolves about a school boy who has been transferred from his native school to Joshui Junior High School and there he hopes to do well in sports and ultimately making himself in his school soccer team. This is a story of a player dedicated although he is poor in game.


7.) Eyeshield 21

This is an anime series based on American Football sporting. Originally a Japanese Manga Series written by Inagaki and illustrated by Murata. This is the story of a very shy and introvert guy named Kobayanakwa. He is in start the secretary of the sports division but after being irked by his Hiruma, he takes his player identity in as a player wearing eyeshield with number 21. This is the 7th best sports anime series.


6.) Hajime No Ippo

basically a boxing based anime series which created dhoom worldwide is at number 6 in the list of best sports anime. In fact  this is first fighting based sports anime named also as Fighting Spirit also known as “The First Step” in Japan. It was created by Morikawa and was brought in to serials by Kodansha in Magazine. Then on the series began to come in TV and became overall hit. The other same version of the series with other names are Knock out in Philippines.


5.)  Hungry Heart : Wild Striker

A Japanese manga based anime series revolutionizing the art of soccer in the world is Hungry Heart. It was written by Tsubasa and was created by Takahashi. It was first serialized by Shoten in a weekly Magazine and then was released in to animation TV series by Animax. The very first series came in 52 episodes. Again a story of a boy transferred from his school to some another school and under the pressure of a soccer player brother, he is in game while to make perfection. He lost his passion for always being in the shadow of his brother’s style and name.


4.) Major

Originally a Baseball anime of kids, first serialized in a Magazine was telecasted as a anime series on TV by Mitsuda back in 1996. The story follows up with lead character father being the pitcher between the major and minors of NPB and Goro, the lead always wishes to be the best baseball player in the world. His teacher Hoshino and his friend Sato helped him always while he is busy with his dreams and passion.


3.) Slam Dunk

A Basketball theme based anime written by Inuoe and first telecasted by Toei Animation was the best animation which created dhoom while in 1990-1996 in Japan. Story of the series revolves around a young and athletic guy although hated by girls and loved only by Akagi. Sakuragi is the boy who is passionate about games and for girls as well but he finds Akagi that she is not intimidated and scared of his looks and physique. The series is based on the intimacy of twist between sports and love girl. This is the 3rd best sports anime.


2.) Initial D

A sports anime first written by Shigeno and then on published by Kodansha. It was first telecasted by  Studio Comet and became popular for being the best running anime show in Japan and North America. Actually a racing oriented series, is set basically on the actually hot locations of Japan and story starts with street racers Red Suns challenging Mt. Akina’s Local winner team. The plot this way continues further.


1.)The Prince of Tennis

Written by Takeshi Konomi and first published by Shueisha, this series of animation was first telecasted by Manga Series, Japan. The story is plot between the lead of the series named RYoma Echizen the tennis pro, who is becoming a legend tennis player within a short span of time in Japan after defeating numerous top and leading players. He is now set to scope for national championships for which he needs more deterministic and real strength while facing the world class players further one. He ultimately develops his own unique style of playing and discovers his intimate bonding with the tennis. 🙂 🙂 .

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