Top 10 Scariest Movies of All Time, Dont See them Alone.

These are the movies that does not let us sleep and make our nights scary like hell. Their images sneak into our hidden thoughts and change the way we feel about the dark corners of our lives and make us feel of someone’s presence around us. All these movies have been successful in some or the other ways creating a terrifying impact in the minds and the soul of the viewers at a very large level. Everyone has their own top 10 films as per their views that scared them the most.

Here is the list of Top 10 Scariest Movies of All time:


10.The shining: (1980)

Some of the moments in the film will stay with you for your lifetime scaring every time you see it. Jack Nicholson puts in a wonderful performance and proved himself a great actor and justified to his role brilliantly. Even Torrance has made the marvelous appearance in the movie.He slowly gets disturbed and goes mad by the resident evil spirits present in the hotel, who wants him to finish his family. He starts getting pathetic dreams about his family.
Few scenes in the movie are so weird and crazy as hell.

9.Psycho: (1960)

Psycho is identical with the horror genre. There is a character in this movie who is the master in building suspense and varying points of view from dramatic to scary. All of his tricks are displayed in this film to include strange voice that Marion Crane’s listens as she goes through the day.

The movie still includes factors like jealousy, madness, and many creepy moments.

8.The Ring: (2002)

At first, you wouldn’t think that you could watch a tape and then die seven days later nobody would really believe this. The movie is so scary, that it brings up the idea of someone being able to control your mind by knowing all your thoughts.  After watching this movie the news came that many people have stopped watching television late night alone in the night. That is the impact that this movie had in the viewer’s mind.

In this movie for me, the little girl in this movie was a symbol for someone being able to get inside your mind and tell you things to do or something like hypnotise. Of course, the movie was more about the little girl having unresolved issues of her death and this was a way to resolve them by telling other people.

7.A Nightmare on a Elm Street: (1984)

It is one of the few classic horror movies and one of my favorites. In this movie the story is about getting inside your dreams and that’s really scary. The woman shown in the movie was so scared because Freddie gotten inside her thoughts. It was unbelievable that this is the image scared that woman like anything. I know that sometimes nightmares can be really true and terrifying.

6.Let the Right One In: (2008)

It is about a complicated love story between a vampire and a boy ensues, as there are  many disturbing images in it. The setting of the movie was in dark snowy store which is a perfect background for a dark movie. There are lots of scary moments that will make you hold, there is lots of sadness and true beauty in this story as well.

5.The Silence of the Lambs: (1991)

Anthony Hopkins plays the role of the maniac “Hannibal Lecter” in this film better than one could think possibly did. He is outstanding throughout the movie. There is something so haunting and scary about this film that it surely deserves a spot in the top 10 horror list at least in my top scariest movies of all time.

4.The Strangers: (2008)

Nothing is scarier than a loud knock on the door of your house in the middle of the night. Being in a cabin in the middle of nowhere it’s damn scary. This knock sends this scary and weird film into a terrifying mode. It is virtually impossible to watch this film and not be scared especially watching it alone. Fantastic acting, directing and music make this an excellent film. It’s a must watch.

3.Jacob’s Ladder:  (1990)

A strange movie that skips between in time of Vietnam and New York. This film has so many delicate moments that you may need to watch it a couple times to appreciate its true complication. Although it’s very scary and haunting, this movie does not completely bind all of its loose ends. Highly recommended movie to watch out for.

2.The Haunting: (1966)

Forget the dumb 1999 remake and watch the original directed by Robert Wise in 1966 is the truly scary one. Julie Harris and other characters are induced to stay one night in an old house that is presumed to be haunted. The Creepiest scene was when something pounded on Eleanor’s door and she asks roommate Theo to stop squeezing her hand so tightly… but Theo was across the room!

1.The Exorcist: (1973)

This film was made in 1973, it’s the most horrifying movie of all time. This film is based on his 1971 bestselling book of the same name directed by William Friedkin from William Peter Blatty’s script. The plot includes a 12-year old girl in Georgetown being possesed by a devil. The voice and sounds emitted from the girl are the scariest part of the movie. The deep voice of the devil keep rising in the little girl’s mind mixed with various weird animal noises. It’s a worth watching movie.


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