Top 10 reasons why China is a Serious threat to India in Future

China has been growing rapidly since the past decade, it’s infrastructure, and economy has grown to a new heights and China today has evolved as a World’s major economy. China today has vast resources which includes both Physical and Economical resources. It is the World’s largest Exporter and second largest Importer of Goods.

All these things definitely states China’s growth but is serious concern for Indian’s both Militarily and Economical. China is growing at such a fast pace that it may just turn out to be India’s biggest threat in the upcoming years. We below state 10 reasons why China is a serious threat to India.

10. Indian Software Industry

China poses a serious threat to Indian software industry in future. Software industry is a major source of income for India and is expected to grow more in the coming years. China currently hasn’t been able to compete with Indian software industry and that is primarily because of  their low level of English and heavy accents. But this issue is getting resolved pretty quickly since Chinese government is advocating the usage of English and giving special preferences to English teachers. China has almost negligible US, UK and Australia outsourcing BPO partners currently but as the level of English increases the BPO’s too would grow.

Also Chinese government was advocating and giving benefits to manufacturing houses which encouraged people to set up a lot of manufacturing units but now they are encouraging Software industry far more and this would enable to set a lot of Software Companies in near future.

9. Control of Pakistan

China has been a close ally and has supported Pakistan since decades (1962). China has sent it’s top level diplomats to Pakistan regularly and for a variety of agreements. China has aided Pakistan both militarily by supporting them with top war weapons and economically by giving them aids regularly. Now this is a major threat to India since Pakistan has never had good relations with India after the partition and China can indirectly remotely power a war of Pakistan and India. And if China decides to support Pakistan during the war it could turn horrendous for India.

8. Control of Oil

We being Indian’s all know the value of Oil (Petrol price in India is Rs. 74/litre) and China has direct control of Oil since it has extremely close relations with high Oil Producing countries (African countries and Middle East Countries) and this in future can turn out to be a very serious threat for India. Today a lot of things are directly or indirectly controlled by oil and if the Oil prices increases at a quick rate than that could affect India’s economy badly.

7. Recent Close relations with Russia

China has been recently busy building close relations with Russia, a country that has supported India through out for a long time. If they become successful in building great relations with Russia than that could be an issue for India. Since India gets Economical aid and imports a lot of military Artillery from Russia and that could direct affect India’s security. Also during a war if Russia doesn’t supports India then Indian army wouldn’t be able to withstand China’s huge Army in any way.

6. Cyber Warfare

China has been upgrading it’s technology and is currently one of the most technological advanced countries of the world. It had all the economical and physical resources to invest in technology and that could harm India’s internal security. It could directly affect India’s internal security since important and sensitive information can be intruded. It could also affect Guided Missile Systems and defense shields of any country.

5. Biggest Domestic market and Boom of Jobs

China can sustain any major slow down or global recession because of it’s domestic market which is the biggest in the World.
1st in number of mobile subscribers.
1st in number of  internet users.
1st in number of global food consumption.

The list goes on.

4. Energy

Energy is required by a country to carry it’s daily manufacturing tasks. China has abundant energy resources but it is bound to get depleted in the near future. And once that happens China is bound to get to its neighbours with high natural resources for energy through either mutual agreement or empowerment.

3. Enviromental Threat / Energy

China has been famous for it’s unidentified and without any permission nuclear tests. But this is not the only reason why Chinaposes a serious environmental threat for its neighbouring countries. China has substandard chemical plants which pose a big threat and it’s flaws have been covered by various international newspapers in recent pasts but it has hardly affected China. Also they have no proper management of waste control which gets dumped.

2. Indian Manufacturing Industry

Chinse export industry has quickly become World’s number 1. China is manufacturing everything from textile cloths to technological advanced air crafts. Chinese good are no longer substandard and are made of high quality and durable items and most importantly are cheap. Chinese goods have afftected Indian export industry and more over even the domestic market and by the way they are growing it is sure to affect the indian manufacturing industry even badly in future.

1. Nuclear Weapons and War

Due to all the above or some more reasons China could rage a war again India at any instant. India is in no way competent enough to shield itself from China. The political system in India itself isn’t stable and the politicians in India are far more corrupted than anywhere else in the world. Thus the allot expenditure for Indian army inst utilized completely and thus making our army even more weaker. On the other hand China has one of the world’s most deadly weapons and army. It has close to 200 active nuclear weapons as compared to India’s 80 nuclear weapons. Their nuclear weapons are more sophisticated and can be a lot more dangerous. Thus it would be kind of impossible for India to win a nuclear war against China.



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