Top 10 Pleasurable Nightclubs in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not just famous for its gambling entertainment; this place is home to some of the most hottest and high class entertainment nightclubs in the world. It’s no wonder this place is considered to be the entertainment capital of the world for it offers gambling activities like no other places can, its nightlife could be the wildest if you want it to be, the nightclubs offer not just an unforgettable party but a complete package of fine dining experience, live performances and the best DJ’s in the area. If you want to find great deals on shows, tours and attractions, the Best of Vegas is a great source to help plan your next Las Vegas vacation. For now, let me take you on a tour on the top 10 pleasurable nightclubs in Las Vegas.

Top 10 Pleasurable Nightclubs in Las Vegas

The Hyde Nightclub of Bellagio

One of the hottest and most visited nightclubs in Las Vegas is the Hyde Nightclub. This club comes with an oversized balcony where you’ll see the beauty of its Tuscan styled garden and the beautiful Bellagio Fountains. Here you will enjoy your night out for it offers party goers with a spacious dance floor/bar, about 40 VIP tables, the craziest Disc Jockeys, live performances and of course light foods to eat. Nothing could get better than the Hyde nightclub if you want a night out that will give you a blast!

The Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub

A nightclub venue that comes with multiple floors to give party goers enough space to do their crazy moves and multiple rooms to give some groups privacy and a party of their own. This nightclub is also a dayclub with a roof top pool to give guests maximum enjoyment.

The 1 OAK Nightclub

This nightclub is a must see for the party held here every night is superb. It provides guests a taste of celebrity party, art and fashion parties anyone should not miss. The venue lies on a 16,000 square feet area where it houses 2 separate rooms. Each room has its own DJ to boost the energy of the place and its own full service bar to cater the needs of each party goer.

The Hakkasan Nightclub

This is an Asian inspired nightclub which was recently opened in April 2013. This nightclub made its name mainly because of its 5floor levels lying on an 80,000 square foot area that offers not just a bar and a dance floor but also a restaurant.

The TAO Nightclub

Having a 20 foot Buddha in the vicinity makes everyone safe as they party in this nightclub. Here you will find not just a chic lounge; it also offers a fine dining experience for it comes with a restaurant. This nightclub has a style combination of Las Vegas and Asia which effectively blends the Asian Culture and the Modern Las Vegas lifestyle.

The LAVO Nightclub

If you want to enjoy your vacation or forget about your heartache, there’s no other place to go but the LAVO nightclub. This place measures 4,500 square feet, giving guests enough space to party on the LAVO restaurants 2nd floor level. The place is ornamented with beautiful designs and decorations imported all the way from Morocco. Because of its dance floor, VIP guest area, professional DJ’s and amazing audio system, visiting this nightclub will give you nothing but the best.

The Chateau Nightclub

A nightclub found in the heart of the Paris Hotel & Casino, nothing could top the Chateau nightclub when it comes to drinks, views and of course music. This club measures 10,000 feet which transforms into a beer garden during day time and a dance floor during night time. This club could also bring you an unforgettable experience.

The Rain in the Dessert Nightclub

A beautiful and energetic nightclub which comprises of relaxing cabanas, skyboxes, and even water booths to give a 100% entertainment like no other nightclubs in Las Vegas. If you want to party here, a reservation is needed however doing such thing is all worth it. It has attractive lighting systems, concerts and other sorts of entertainment.

The Foundation Room Nightclub

Who wouldn’t want to party in a nightclub located right at the roof top of Mandalay Bay? This club offers lounge and a restaurant that will make your night pleasurable. Guests here will enjoy the music, the ambiance and most of all the view of Las Vegas! In this club you will find yourself at the highest club lounge in the area, visiting this place will surely amaze you for the rest of the night.

The Coyote Ugly Nightclub

Believe it or not, this place is a blast from the past. Here you will feel more like a college student partying till you drop because of the sexy women bar tending while giving a jaw dropping entertainment. Sexy dancing bar tenders while pouring drinks to all guests will be the highlight of the club, the best entertainment one could get in this place is the interaction provided by beautiful, young, sexy and talented women in the bar.

Plan your Las Vegas Trip Now!

The 10 nightclubs mentioned are just few of the nightclubs found in Las Vegas; however these 10 are the most visited clubs because it can offer guests unforgettable experience that will make them keep coming back for more. The drink, food, music, ambiance and entertainment are what these top nightclubs prioritizes thus earning the spot on our top 10 pleasurable nightclubs in Las Vegas.

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