Top 10 New Year Party Themes 2012-2013

The whole year passed away, bad for some, awesome for many. So how was it for you? Did it pass at the blink of your eye? Or it was long as a decade? If it was good carry on the good memories with you and nothing to worry if it wasn’t good enough, just bury your bad memories of the year. So, New Year is on the door again. Are you all set to welcome it with full zeal? What plans have you made for the New Year’s party? You must be planning to do something rocking to start your New Year but are you confused what to do? Don’t just party this year; plan a theme for the party to add to the show of the night. There are a whole lot of popular ideas to make your party memorable at least till the next New Year bash. Gather up and decide the theme and other things to be decided before hand to avoid last minute running. There’s a huge rush in the market for bookings and other things at the New Year’s time so set your shoes now and arrange your party. Here we are helping you with the top ten themes to celebrate your New Year’s party with. Here we go:

10. Karaoke Theme

Speak your hearts out this New Year. Do not care if you are a bad singer, the one you are singing for is always going to love it. Don’t spoil your party mood just because you think you are not that good a singer, start singing and every not-s-good singers present there will follow your path. So don’t shy out sing your hearts to the highest volumes. It’s your day like everybody else’s around.

9. Glow-in-the dark

It is one of the not-always-seen kinds of themes. The idea is creative and interesting as well. The idea of the theme is that nobody can see anything expect what the other wants them to see. Don’t get confused, we are talking about neon lights glowing in the dark. Decorate the place with neon lights, stars and other things. Dress theme is simply black with neon accessories. Try this; people are going to like it for sure.

8. Cocktail theme

Is fun dry to you without drinks? Or you are a drink lover. Start your New Year with your love then. Set up a cocktail party for the coming New Year for your friends. They are definitely going to like it. Be nostalgic about your college days when you used to go in big groups for the cocktail parties. Music and lights add to the theme starting your New Year with a bash. Cheers to the New Year.

7. Mask Theme

This is one of the other most known themes for a party. A mask theme is really interesting. The masks may vary from funny to scary or any other expressions. People really enjoy getting some mask on their masks and roam around identifying people and acting according to the expressions of their masks. One more advantage is if your two friends are foes to each other, they do not get to see each other’s face, and you are saved.

6. Fancy Dress Theme

It is one of the most popular and loved themes of all time. A fancy dress party is the one in which none of your friends can complaint that they are confused what to wear according to the theme. Because in a fancy dress party everyone is free to follow their own themes and dress according to that. So if you want to save yourself from the blame you know what to do. In addition, it is one of the favorite themes of the children, in case you are planning a family party.

5. Love Theme

Are you looking forward for couples only New Year’s party so that no one is single around to ogle at you when you are busy with your soul mates when the clock strikes twelve? Nice idea isn’t it? So, if it’s a couple only party the theme needs to be love. When you are staring at your partner silently promising to be like this for every other New Year’s of their lives, the ambiance needs to be romantic. Isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Start preparing to add one more special day to your lives, after all New Year comes after a whole year. Starting of the year can’t be dull, make it the most romantic New Year for your partner till now.

4. Underwater Theme

This is one of the unique and beautiful themes for a fun-filled party. Don’t worry we are not referring underwater, we do not mean it literally. You need to do the arrangements on the land only. You just need to keep in mind the decorations according to your theme. Decorate your party place with decorative pieces like starfishes and jellyfishes hanging around. You can also rent some aquariums to add to the theme. For the dance session you can arrange some blue lights waving around the floor. Unique and beautiful as well, celebrate your New Year under water.

3. Balloon theme

New Year Party is all about having fun. And a balloon theme will surely switch on the playful mood of the people. Balloons also have a large variety, like you can use multi colors  of different shapes, etc. You can also go for hydrogen filled balloons which just stick to the ceiling effortlessly or you can go for normal balloons scattered all over and people playing with it during one of the game sessions of the night.

2. Color Theme

It is indeed one of the favorite themes for any occasion. Be it a marriage, a birthday party, or a New Year’s party. A color theme party is always good to eyes. Mix and match your favorite colors and you have a fantastic theme ready for the party. Get decorations and furnish the venue with the colors decided. You can also get the New Year cake in the same color as decided for the evening. To add something beautiful and different you can try laser lights matching with the colors of your decorations.

1. Beach Theme

Well, for a new year’s party nothing can be better than a beach party. Do you remember some of the scenes shown in the televisions of New Year’s celebrations? If you remember a little scene it will remind you of people dancing like mad at the beach side, loud music, fire crackers in the sky and it seems like every one is wishing the world a New Year. Won’t you desire to experience such a moment? Of course anybody will. So, make your mind to do what you always desired to do and do your bookings and other necessary things to celebrate your New Year at the beach side.

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