Top 10 Most Searched Celebrities on Internet 2012

Life of a celebrity is full of advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that you are rich and you afford everything you want but the main disadvantage is that you have no privacy. People are always interested about your life and they want to know everything about you. In order to do so they search everywhere and follow celebrities but the easiest way to get informed about somebody is to search on the internet .For example millions of people search on the web for some celebrities. In this top you will see the most searched celebrities on internet in 2012:

10. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is well known for his roles in big movies like Snatch, Troy and The curious case of Benjamin Button. On average in every month 2.74 millions of people search him on the web. Because of his acting skills Brad will not be forgotten in movie industry and almost everyone knows him for his job. 2.74 millions of people are the number of the population in a big city, and this means Brad is very important for his fans.

9. Kristen Stewart

Every month Kristen Stewart is searched on the web for 4.09 million times. She is a very controversial actress because she acted in Twilight Saga, a movie that doesn`t bring a good name for the actors. The movie is not so good and actors can not play well to get their skills emphasized. Maybe the fight she had with Robert Pattinson increased the number of monthly searches for Kristen Stewart. She has many fans but a lot of people tell that she can not act, and this statement is false because you can not evaluate an actress` skills if she didn`t play in some good movies.

8. Angelina Jolie

5 million people search every month for the beautiful actress Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie played in a lot of movies that highlighted her beauty and her acting skills like Mr. and Ms. Smith, Lara Croft and Salt. She attracted a lot of attention from people by adopting numerous children from poor countries. The reasons why she is searched for 5 million times every month is her beauty and her kindness, you can not be a mean person and adopt children from poor countries and give them the chance to a better life. One of the most certain things about Angelina is that she has a lot of attention from people.

7. Madonna

Madonna is recognized as being extremely good looking and beautiful for her age. Maybe this is the reason why there are 11 million searches monthly for her. 11 million searches is very much, but because of her great tribute to music and many concerts she has got a lot of public attention. Another reason she has so many monthly searches might be the people who want to download her music or check her concerts schedule. When you are a worldwide known singer people are interested to know things about you, especially when you will launch a new album. Because she sings for many years and she is very beautiful, she is searched for 11 million times every month.

6. Eminem

Eminem was named as the best rapper in the world, and maybe this is why he has 11.2 million of searches every month. Many people are interested to know his story, how he developed and made incredibly good music in a very dangerous environment for him. He had to work, take care of his mother and sister and to write lyrics. This man is incredible and a lot of people search on the web for his music, story, new album releasing, movies or upcoming concerts. Response of the public at his music is very positive, and many people look today even for the movie about his life.

5. Michael Jackson

People search monthly 13.6 million times on the web for Michael Jackson. Crowned as the king of pop culture Michael`s song are listened even after his death. His original and attractive music truly makes Michael the king of pop but there are many roomers about his death or his life and people search to check if they are true or false. I am very sure that people are still looking for his discography and this is one of the main reasons Michael is searched 13.6 million times on the internet. Even though he died some time ago people respect him and wish him to rest in peace!

4. Barack Obama

United Sates of America represent a very big country and its president is searched 15.43 million times on the internet every month. This number is very big but it doesn`t mean all the searches come from people who live in the USA. Barack Obama achieved a thing that seemed absolutely impossible 300 years ago: he is the first afro american president of USA. This thing sounds unbelievable but he achieved it and many people are interested in his story and the way he earned his function. I am sure that a major percentage of 15.43 million searches comes from people who live in USA because every citizen is interested about his president.

3. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a well known singer with a very different style which brought her 16.6 million searches every month. She also has a huge number of listeners who are interested about her and her story. At the beginning she was a songwriter for other artists and after she discovered her talent she launched an album which was accepted by the public.

2. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is one of the biggest stars from Disney Channel and 20.4 million searches are made for her every month. Many kids are attracted by her style and wish to buy her albums or to see her movies. She is well known for her many songs and the role Alex Russo.

1. Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber is the most searched celebrity on the internet, his global search volume counts monthly 30.4 million searches. People are frequently interested by the way he started his career: he posted videos on YouTube  which were spotted by his manager and he set Justin a meeting with Usher. After that Justin launched some hits that conquered the public.

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