Top 10 Most Reputed Film Awards of the World

No matter whether the deal is with small theater or big theater, people extract full package of entertainment from both the sides. Home television screens entertain them while sitting at home but movies provide them opportunities to enjoy big screens at theaters with family or friends. Film industry is the biggest source of entertaining people on a large scale though they contain all types of stuff like thriller movies, comedy movies, horror movies, art and literature, romantic junk, etc. The award functions itself generally serves all above purposes which in turn encourages world to watch it live. Popular actors or actresses host the event amusing audience in all manners they can. Here are top ten awards famous particularly for film industries all over the world.


The MTV Movie Awards are one of top film award events since 1992 which appreciate popcorn type of movies immensely enjoyed especially by young audiences. The result does not as such involve only public participation but also the executives and directors at MTV are bestowed with full powers of deciding the winner. It is very popular among teens due to its unorthodox categories (like best kiss, fan voting, film spoofs, etc.). It has many times cracked the records of most live watched award functions due its top musical acts and celebrity’s presence. Instead of summer it is going to be organized in April, 2013 this time. MTV presents 35 awards including life time achievements awards.


Asianet Award function is a huge platform for Malayalam films. Asianet is basically a television channel of Kerala. Asianet Awards are occurring since 1998 and currently the title sponsor is Ujala. Ujala honors through more than 50 awards for the extra ordinary creative work and technical excellence. Despite of being an award occasion of Malayalam film industry, it is watched by lakhs of people all around the world. Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala was the first film which won the Asianet award in 1998 for nearly 4 categories.


IIFA stands for International Indian Film Academy which came for the first time in the year 2000. IIFA awards are held by International Indian Film Academy once a year in order of appreciation of Bollywood film industry. This award function presents 11 special awards, 14 popular awards, and 14 technical awards. The award ceremony is organized in various part of the world that is there is no fixed place for this event to occur. This is the only award function which takes place not only for single night but continuously for three days with the active participation of Hindi film industry.


The British Independent Film Award is an annual event designed to showcase independent British film. Film Festival Guild organizes this award ceremony so as to encourage and support independent film-making to a wider public audience. These awards were shaped in 1998. Only those films are eligible which satisfy all the set requisites. Around 19 awards are presented every twelve months out of which British Lion Award is in the list most special award.


One of the India’s most prestigious film award ceremonies is National Film Awards. It is Indian government’s Directorate of Film Festival who directs this great award event. This occasion is meant for the excellence in Indian cinematic achievements under the categories of feature film, non-feature film and best writing. National Film Award was first presented in 1954. In addition to all the awards for above categories, one special award called ‘Dadasaheb Phalke Award’ is bestowed for exceptionally contributing to Indian cinema. There is set jury panel which takes the final decision of the winner.


Palm d’Or award was first hosted in 1955. A very famous award festival known as Cannes Film festival take all honor to present this big award every year. The organizing committee which present Palm d’Or award is Festival International du Film de Cannes. This highest prize award is given to the director of the best feature film of the official competition. The Palm is wax mould casted form of 24 carat gold within a case of blue morocco leather. Until 1954, that before the existence of Palm d’Or award, the ‘Grand Prix of the International Film Festival’ was awarded by the Jury.


Golden Globe Award is again a most renowned Hollywood’s key award ceremonies (of United States) appreciating the best work in film and television. They first stepped into existence in January 1944 in Los Angeles. The award winner is judged by only 93 members of the committee known as Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). It is one of those famous award functions which is watched live by the people of more than 168 countries. Despite of facing very much criticism as well as 2008 disruption, it has fulfilled all what is required for an event to be liked and appreciated by the audiences, Hollywood Foreign Press Association presents 27 awards for proficient roles and noticeable work each year.


Clare Awards or Filmfare Awards are the most prominent and reputed film awards of India. It was year 1954 in which the filmfare event first took place. The Times Group presents this award annually. This award function not only honors the artistic brilliance of the Hindi language film industry but also the technical specialists belonging to that industry. Including the board members, public is also eligible to vote for the awards. The statuette which is awarded to the winners refers ‘The Lady in Black’. More than 37 awards were presented in 2012 and more roughly 5 more are under planning for 2013.


British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) organize British Academy Film Award annually since 1976. Earlier before merging with BAFTA, it was actually The British Film Academy (founded in 1947) who used to host the award function. It focuses to honor the UK theatrical release film with best work on British screen during the preceding year. BAFTA has more than 6,500 voting members. BAFTA is now replacing its three-round voting system with two-rounds only and will be held before Oscar awards in 2013.


Oscar Awards are the most popular and valuable awards for all cinema achievers in the world. Over 6,000 members of academy vote in a secret ballot for the Oscars and more than billion people worldwide watch its live televised episode. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) present this annual award to the films released in the previous year. Oscar statuette is the best known Academy Award of Merit. Statuette awarding was started in 1927 but the first award was presented in 1929 and now AMPAS has completed its 84 years till 2012. This award is the only award of which every film director and producer dream of but the best film having uniqueness in most respects secure this award.


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