Top 10 Most Popular Music Channels in India

There was a time when we wanted to listen to songs then we had to wait till Sunday morning to catch our favorite show Rangoli which was telecast ed on Doordarshan. At that moment there were not many music channels in India. But over the years there have been so much launch of TV channels specially Music channels that now we have this in abundance. Be it Hindi music channel, English music channel of regional music channels. There has been tremendous amount of war between the channels to be on the top. Just switch the channels and listen songs according to your choice and mood. Here is the list of top 10 music channels in India.

10. Music India

Music India is one such music channel in India which is watched by a number of people. This music channel was launched in the year 2006. It is a twenty four hour channel that provides viewers with good songs and music. A lot of programs such as ‘Retro’ in which old melodious songs that takes you to old times,  ‘Lago Raho’ in which songs that matches young generation choice, ‘Aaja Nachle’ in which songs that makes you feel like dancing and ‘Just Trailers’ in which trailers of new movies are shown are aired on this channel.

9. Mastiii

Mastiii is a newly launched music channel in India. It was launched in July, 2010. According to the reviews of many magazines it quickly gained popularity with its fine choice of songs and jokes that are played on this channel. This music channel is owned by the Sri Adhikari Brothers Television Network Limited. It is available on almost all set up boxes that are available in the market today. It is both music as well as a comedy channel. Many famous persons such as Annu Kapoor, Raju Srivastav host their shows on this music channel. It has a lot of viewers.

8. Sony MIX

Sony MIX is also a relatively new music channel in India. This channel belongs to the Sony Entertainment Television (SET India). This music channel was launched on 1st September 2011. Only being approximately one year in existence this music channel has stepped into the top 10 music channels in India. It is available on all the providers of cable service. The songs that are played on this channel are really good to listen and enjoy. All heart touching, devotional and melodious songs are played on this channel.

7. B4U Music

On the seventh place in our list is the music channel named as B4U Music. This music channel is aired into many countries all over the world. This channel belongs to the B4U group which is jointly owned by a number of entrepreneurs. A lot of programs that has particular type of songs are aired on this channel such as Bollywood songs, International songs, Bhangra songs and others. Apart from these a lot of interviews of the celebrities and movie reviews are also aired on this channel. A lot of people watch this music channel.

6. Zing

Zee music is called as the Zing channel now a day. Before that this channel was called by the name of Music Asia. This is probably the oldest music channel that is aired in India. At first this channel was launched by the name of Music Asia way back in 1997. It was remodeled and aired with many changes and with a new name as Zing in the year 2009. A lot of programs that suit different taste of different people are aired on this channel. One such show is called as the ‘Chillax Mornings’. In this show all the new songs which are recently released are aired.

5. Channel V

The number fifth position in our list is for Channel V. This is a music channel that is very famous among the youths. Channel V is aired in many countries throughout the world under the Channel [V] network. This channel was launched in the year 1994. Many video jockeys have touched new heights with this channel. Over the years this has become more like a youth entertainment television channel. All varieties of songs and music videos are played on this channel.

4. ETC

ETC music channel is at the fourth place in our list. This channel over the year has gained a status of being an official channel of Bollywood. All new movie songs, new music videos are telecast ed on this channel moment after being launched. Apart from providing viewers with incredible music this music channels also airs shows such as ETC Bollywood Business, ETC Box Office Collection, Top 10 Chart Busters and many more that talk about Bollywood and the movies that have been released recently. All the movie’s reviews, critics’ comments and its box office collections are also aired on this popular music channel.

3. VH1

VHI India is a music channel that was launched in India in the year 2005. It is owned by the same company that owns MTV India music channel. The name of its owner company is Viacom 18. VH1 is a kind of pay channel and is available on all leading cable providers that are present in the country. This music channel generally plays International music. All newly launched International songs and Music videos are aired on this channel just the moment they are launched. Many LIVE telecasts of various Hollywood award functions are also aired on this particular channel.

2. MTV

MTV is one of the most popular and most watched Music channel in India. MTV India is a part of MTV network that is aired into many countries situated in different parts of the world. Many MTV India shows have been revolutionary. This channel provides perfect music and reality shows that the people of today’s’ generation like. Due to this, it is criticized by many critics. This music channel is a collaboration of Network TV 18 and Viacom Inc. This channel has one of the largest viewers in India. Many video jockeys have flourished under the flag of MTV India. This channel is popular because it airs different songs and music videos that are very much of the on-going trend and demand.

1. 9XM

Undoubtedly 9XM rules this list of top 10 music channels in India. This is a twenty four hour music channel. Right from its launch in the year 2007 this channels has had a lots of viewership. Apart from the latest and trending music that are played on this channel, it is also famous for its animated cartoon characters that pop up in between and crack jokes. Bheegi Billi, Badshah Bhai and the most popular Bade and Chote are loved by everyone. Their jokes, way of speaking and the way in which they make fun of each other are just amazing. They just bind people to the channel. It is one of the main reasons why this channel is so popular throughout the country.



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