Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Games of All Time

Facebook is the most popular social networking service launched in February 2004, owned and operated by Facebook, Inc..  Apart from its social networking services Facebook also provides games to its users which are slowly but surely becoming equally popular among the users of the Facebook.  Till July 2012, Facebook has over 955 million active users.  And if a research is to be believed than 53% of the Facebook users have played at least one game on Facebook while 25% of the users play on a daily basis.  Here I am with a list top 10 most popular games on the Facebook.  These games have been given the ranking taking into consideration a lot of aspects like the number of users on the game, time spent by users on the game, how user friendly is the game, at what rate the number of users have increased in the game and many more.

10. Mafia Wars

This game from facebook will take you to a different level of gaming. If you were a fan pf games like God Father, GTA, Scareface etc, then this is a game you would love to play. It is a text based social game in which you have the option of making your own virtual  mafia and compete with others. In this you can do all those type of criminal works that is done in real life. This game was started in US but after its popularity it was released all over the world, also it has added some local mafias and gangs which makes this game more interesting.

9. Café World

If you are a food lover then you will certainly love this game.  The best part about this game is that you are the Chef and can cook what ever you want. So in other words one can say that you are the owner of a restaurant.  You can choose from the dozens of dishes to cook, top it the way you want, add extra items to it and make it more attractive.


08.Words With Friends

Every one must have played the word game in their childhood in which we had to make some new world from the alphabets already on the board, this game is some what similar to that. It is a multi player game. It was first started for IOS and android but after its popularity now it is on Facebook. The best part about this game is that you can play at your own pace and also with a random partner. This is one of the oldest Facebook game but very popular.

7. Garden of Times

Garden of times is a very interesting game  from Playdom Company, the game was developed in 2011. It is award winning game. In this you have to find the hidden objects using your Time Machine. This game won the award for the best social network game for 2011.

6. CityVille

CityVille is a game from Zynga. This game is all about how creative you are.  In this you can build a city of your dreams. You are the Boss of the city, you can make changes in the city, you have to run the city. In this game you have to start building your city right from the ground level,i.e first you have to grow crops, supply to the newest stores and eateries and earn rent from your houses. So you have to expand your business and earn more and more money.  You can expand your business to your friends cities also. So in a nutshell one can say that you have to develop your city and make it the best among your friends. It is one of the newest Facebook game but one one of the most popular one. So start showing your creativity and build your city of dreams.


5.Texas HoldEm Poker(Zynga poker)


Once again a game worth playing and again from Zynga. The game is know as Zynga Poker. This game is actually Poker made easy.At one time it was the game played by most number of users in a single day, more than 7 million users played this game daily.  The best part about this game is that you can play this with random users also. You can earn Chips by playing daily and can also help your friends using those chips.


4. CastleVille

Once again the name is Zynga, it is another master piece from Zynga.  In this game you have to build your own kingdom and expand it as much as you can and the ultimate goal is to make your kingdom the best.


3. The Sims Social

Build A home

Build A relationship

Build A life

This is a very popular game designed by the Playfish company in 2011.  In this game you can enjoy every type of relationship.  This game was first of all designed for PCs and mobiles but now this  has come for the Facebook users too. Create unique Sims and live out their dreams, stir up trouble, develop relationships, befriend and fight, date and cheat, love and betray.

2. Draw something

Presently the most popular game on Facebook.  This is the newest game in this list but still the most popular.  This game has attracted the Facebook user at the fastest rate ever. This the fastest growing social drawing game game.

In this game two players alternate turns between drawing a picture to convey the guessword for his/her partner to guess.

1. FarmVille

Ask someone about Facebook games and if he name a few, one of them will certainly be FarmVille. It is a virtual Farm game. In this you have to  plant and harvest crops, trees, feed cattle. There are various levels in this game which keeps on coming one after another and it keeps on getting more interesting . This is one of the finest game on Facebook.  So I suggest you to give it a try—60 million players  can’t be wrong.



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